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Rooms to Go Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in October 2021

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More about Rooms to Go

Rooms To Go Incorporated has a long history of dedicated owners fighting against the odds to establish an enterprise capable of providing home furniture at affordable prices. It stands today as the number one provider of furniture as befits for an entire room. The idea of selling in whole room packages has since then not only proved convenient to the company but also customers as well because they can now furnish whole rooms in their house by visiting one place. This cuts cost and exterminates time waste, and also eliminates the worry of finding complementary house furnishing items separately. The concept is hence very popular with a large customer base and makes the company a popular enterprise with many house owners. 

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Key facts about Rooms

  • Founded in 1990 in Orlando, Florida
  • Co-owned by the father-son duo Marcus and Jeffrey Seamen
  • Based on the innovative concept of 'whole room furnishing.'
  • Included in the Fortune 500 companies
  • 3rd largest furniture store in the USA (according to Furniture Today) 
  • Has only eight physical showrooms/store locations in the US
  • Sells celebrity lines designed by Cindy Crawford, Sofia Vergara, and Eric Church
  • Operates in store retail as well as online

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More about Rooms to Go

The Rooms To Go Story began in 1933 with Julius Seamen opening his first furniture store which was named Seamen's Furniture. The business increased in popularity and began doing well on sales. Two decades later, Julius suddenly passed away, in 1955, leaving the store's ownership in his oldest son Marcus Seamen's hands. Marcus managed to expand the store and kept working on it until he was hit with a massive debt in 1988, and his company was acquired by a third party in the buyout. Marcus' son, Jeffrey Seamen, shouldered the financial reconstruction responsibilities under the new buyer alongside his father, but they were both soon laid off and had to begin anew. 

Having been the strong hands to a family-run business, it was no surprise that the father-son duo decided to start a joint venture. Since dealing in furniture was their specialty, it was natural that they should deal in the same category. It was then that the Siemens came up with the idea of selling entirely furnished house rooms. The idea was to construct furnished rooms and market the entirety of the room's contents. This would help boost the company's sales and create a different experience for the buyers. Besides that, it would also allow the customers to find all their house-furnishing items in one shop and help them furnish their house better. 

The first Rooms To Go store became a reality in 1990 in Orlando, Florida. It surpassed the conventions of a traditional furniture store and doubled as a sort of 'showroom.' Conventionally, furniture shops gather similar items and display them categorically around the store. Instead, the company displayed furniture based on its compatibility to different house rooms. This was exciting for a lot of people as they could discuss color schemes and choose between room styles. It was also possible for people to furnish their rooms in one store visit rather than running across markets to find the perfect pieces for their houses. Convenience pulled consumers together, and the company began to flourish in business. Customers also had the opportunity to use Rooms To Go coupons and avail discounts on their furniture buys. In the beginning, only clipped coupons and vouchers were the main source of savings, but with the opening of the company's virtual store, virtual Rooms To Go coupons have also become popular. 

More about Rooms to Go

Rooms To Go evolution from foundation to present day

Besides cashing in on its innovative marketing and strategic product placement, the enterprise has also earned itself a solid foundation when it comes to customer loyalty. Celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Sofia Vergara are outspoken supporters of the store's facilities. Both of them have expressed their gratefulness for the service by designing unique furniture lines for the store, and are strong ambassadors of the store's concept even to this day. 

In 2016 the popular country star Eric Church designed the 'Highway to Home' collection for the company. As with other associated celebs, the collection is inspired by his lifestyle and art/music expressions. Compared to the regular store furniture collections, designer room furnishings are priced a little higher. However, they are available for all types of customers to purchase, and if you desire them heartily, you can use Rooms To Go coupons and discount codes to attain these collections at reduced prices.

Ever since its inception, the company has established a trustworthy name for itself. According to Furniture Today, it happens to one of the largest furniture retailers in the country. The company has also been included in the prestigious Fortune 500 companies in America. 

Opportunities to save with Rooms To Go coupons

The company has never shied away from proposing the best furnishing deals for its customers. The company believes that people have a right to the delights of whole room furnishings without having to pay royalties for it. 

  • Get discounts of more than 50% off by redeeming Rooms To Go coupons
  • You can search on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for Rooms To Go coupons. There are unlimited options for you to choose from, but to ensure absolute authenticity, you should visit websites such as PromoPony. The said websites will guarantee you updated Rooms To Go coupons for you to start redeeming right away. 

How to make the most when shopping at Rooms To Go

Shopping at the company stores will be an exciting experience, whether you choose to visit a physical retail location or browse online. Let’s look at the pros provided by both options so that you can design the best shopping experience for you. 

When you visit a physical retail store, you can immerse yourself into the dynamics of the room and interact with its constituent components. You can experience how it would feel to have similar furnishings in your place, and if there are certain elements of the room that do not appeal to your aesthetic and you might like to change. You can also experience an alternate version of decorating bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms or sitting rooms, so you will have alternate options to choose the right one from. 

You will also have the ability to switch up and observe in real dimensions the effect of your desired changes. If you like the standard room packages, you can directly order those for yourself without the fear of 'buyer's remorse' because you will already like the way everything in the room compliments each other. You can also avail the in-store discounts by using Rooms To Go coupons.

Since the company does not have a lot of showrooms, you might be forced to buy online if you can't make it to a physical retail store. Virtual browsing through the store will cut off the time that you may need to spend in traveling to the store and back. It will also allow you to switch between designs and styles at the click of a button, and you won't have to spend time or walk around from room to room to observe different styles.

Since all stores do not stock all of the style offerings, the website is a comprehensive brief on all the styles and conceptions put on sale by the store. You can even browse through the celebrity furniture lines and select pieces for your house. Virtual ordering and purchasing also allow you to buy at reduced costs since you can use Rooms To Go coupons and discount codes every time you want. Also, since the company will handle the shipping and handling, you can save the time you would otherwise spend on that and get involved with something else. 

How to make the most when shopping at Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go coupons for 2021

If you have selected Room To Go as your primary hub or furniture shopping, you might want to maximize your savings on your furniture purchases. This way you can have a wonderful deal in quality furniture and house decor without spending above your budget. The easiest way to avail great discounts for no cost whatsoever is to look for Rooms To Go coupons on a reliable website such as PromoPony. This way you can sift through the many Rooms To Go coupons and discounts available for you to use. 

Many Rooms To Go coupons are present on the website, and you could use them every time you make a purchase from this store. However, many of these discounts will only be a one-time deal. This means that some Rooms To Go coupons will be unique and will be valid for one-time use only. An example of these discounts are the promo codes and Rooms To Go coupons that you may receive in your email subscriptions from the company. 

You can use any of these to be applied to your final bill of purchases. However, you have to be vigilant that you use these Rooms To Go coupons before they expire. With all that in mind, you could just visit PromoPony and look for your favorite discount codes. Then you can redeem the Rooms To Go coupons for 2021 and start renovating your house right away for a more pleasing aesthetic and comfy lifestyle.