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Round Table Pizza is a privately owned chain business of pizza parlors spread across the western United States. Even though the company's headquarters are located in Concord, California, it has hundreds of locations all over the country, and caters to the pizza needs of thousands of customers every month. The company serves its classic recipes of pizza as well as many side platters, burgers, salads and fries and is continuously on the lookout to broaden its food menu. All of the food options are moderately priced, and yet the company allows the customers to use and redeem Round Table Pizza coupons on their in-store and online checkouts so they can maximize their savings and have a more enjoyable customer experience.   


The company is publicly known for its strong community involvement and philanthropy, especially its partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation, which has earned it a strong goodwill foundation over the years. Regarding business growth, the company has experienced strong fiscal growth ever since 2011 and continued to do so even in 2016.  

Key facts about Round Table Pizza 

  • Founded in 1959  

  • Initial headquarters in Menlo Park, California, United States  

  • Founded by Willian R. Larson 

  • Current/ Active headquarters and offices located in Concord, California, United States 

  • Hundreds of busy restaurants 

  • Online presence 

Round Table Pizza video 


How to place an order for Round Table Pizza's products 

Ordering from the company’s online store is a little different than ordering while sitting inside a restaurant. For starters, the menu visibility is remarkably different than that as is in an established store. Customers can go to the company's menu at their leisure and determine their meal preference. To order from the pizzeria, customers need to go to Order Page and select which option suits them best: Home Delivery or Order pickup. After selecting the Home delivery option, and choosing their residential area, customers can then proceed to order the food.  

Customers will have a free choice to order from every item mentioned in the menu on the web page. They can even select additional toppings, or dare to order a customized pizza if they want, which is otherwise impossible to do in a restaurant setting because orders keep getting mixed up all the time. After selecting the type and quantity of pizzas that the customers would like to order, they can proceed to add other add-ons into their order as well. The prices of the selected foods will be displayed alongside their specifications so customers can see how much each component is priced at. Once the customers are satisfied with the length of their order, they can recheck their order details, and the total cost of their order will also be visible. At this point, if customers would like to make changes to their order, then can do so as well as observe the effects of such a change in order 

It is also at this point that customers will have the opportunity of copying the case-sensitive Round Table Pizza coupons code into the coupon code box. The discount will be instantly applied and redeemed on the total order amount, and customers can see its effects in real time. It should be noted however that most shops, despite being a part of the pizza chain, do not accept online coupon discounts on their order form. This does not imply that the company doesn't accept coupons at all! If customers want to get discounts on these particular restaurants, they will have to visit PromoPony, choose the coupon ticket of their choice and print a copy. They can then present this copy at the pizza locale and get their discount as the local managers process it. 

 Delivery and refunds at Round Table Pizza

The discrepancy in locations being able to accept or deny the use of coupon and discount codes is damaging the company’s adherence to uniform standards. This is why the company is working in conjunction with its IT department to implement the online order service for the stores which are a part of its chain. This will not only ensure that Round Table Pizza customers could then easily order online, but also will streamline the ordering process within the local Round Table shops, and increase the overall earnings of the store. As discussed earlier, it will also allow customers to redeem online coupons on all Round Table pizzerias which mean that the clients will be able to save more while ordering from the particular pizza joint. 

To complete the ordering process, customers will need to provide their delivery information, along with additional delivery instructions and chose a valid payment method. Once the customers receive verification for their order, they can sit tight and await the arrival of delicious food right to their doorstep. 


Delivery and refunds at Round Table Pizza

If the product delivered to your location is worthy of return or you are having other complaints linked with your customer experience, the first step would be to contact the branch where you picked up your order from (or got your order delivered from). Your issue will almost instantly be resolved, with the honest customer being awarded a refund or a complimentary meal, whatever the preference. 

In the unfortunate case that your complaint is dismissed and receives no attention, you can contact consumer service and register your complaint with proof of your bill number and order misfortunes. You can also submit a comment specifying your unsatisfactory experience, and even though the company representatives do go through the comment section, it will be a while before your issue is attended to. Please note never to give your credit card information to the company over the phone or via comments to protect your privacy.  

Customer service information at Round Table Pizza

At Round Table, the company values its customers and their feedback above and beyond all opinions of its own. If a customer has encountered the company's food as a guest, or they would like to leave anonymous feedback, they are requested to do so via the Guest Feedback form. This ensures transparency in the customer feedback process. Customers can also contact the company by writing a letter to its postal address in Concord, CA or calling their phone available on the website. 

The phone number can also be used to register complaints or to request resolutions to the problems so frequently faced by the customers while ordering from the company website. The website is also the resident location for a bank of Frequently Asked Questions, which can guide the customers through the online ordering and delivery process so they cannot get stuck at any one step. Apart from this all, the company also appreciates any engagement with different media and media platforms and has a specific Contact Form reserved for that purpose as well.  

  Round Table Pizza coupons

Round Table Pizza coupons for 2018 

The company offers tons of discount opportunities to its customers via its strategically placed product offers. These discount options allow the customers to save more on the company’s pizza and additional products. But if that is not enough, customers can maximize their savings on the delicious pizzas by using Round Table Pizza coupons. Round Table Pizza coupons are not only free to acquire and use, but can also be found quite easily on the internet on coupon enlisting websites. 

One such coupon listing website is PromoPony which provides a comprehensive database of Round Table Pizza coupons among many others. PromoPony regularly updates its database of coupons and promo codes which get rid of expired entries. This means that as customers, you are always exposed to the latest and active Round Table Pizza coupons which you can use instantly on your store checkouts. Obtaining your Round Table Pizza coupons from PromoPony also means that customers are spared the tedious hassle of scouring the internet for usable Round Table Pizza coupons, which saves a lot of time and energy. 

Employing these Virtual Round Table Pizza coupons for use is easier than using printed Round Table Pizza coupons, and that is saying something. Active Round Table Pizza coupons for 2018 are available on PromoPony right now, so customers need only visit the website to choose the Round Table Pizza coupons they deem a right choice for their order. It should be considered that most of the Round Table Pizza coupons can only be used once; some can only be used on special occasions, like Christmases and Holidays. These special Round Table Pizza coupons offer larger discounts comparatively and should be a priority choice when searching for redeemable discounts. 

Once the customers have chosen their preferred Round Table Pizza coupons, they can copy the coupon code straight from the PromoPony website into the Round Table Pizza coupons box at the store checkout. To redeem the coupon, all you need to do is click enter. Simple as that, the discount listed in your Round Table Pizza coupons of choice will be applied to your order total, and you can proceed to pay the discounted bill. Keep in mind that you’re allowed to redeem a single coupon per order. Also, already redeemed coupons can’t be used again for discounts.