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RueLaLa Coupons & Promo Codes

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More about RueLaLa

Fashion boutiques and online stores are a popular venture for e-commerce. Most generic online clothing shops follow the same model of sales: they manufacture or acquire a stock of clothing and put it out for the consumers to buy. The products stay on sale until the stock runs out. If a particular product becomes popular with the customers, the company may choose to restock it over and over again. This is a surely proven strategy for increasing sales and to accrue revenue from a business. 

Rue La La blows this basic concept of sales and marketing out of the water. The company decided to bring a continuous creative influx into their store, and for that purpose, they decided to abide by the flash-sale model. This concept of sales ensures that new high-end artistic stock is offered to consumers at the very latest time of its procurement. Once the stocks run out, the store has more creative products to offer for sale, and hence the cycle of idea and design innovation keeps recycling. 

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Key facts about Rue La La

  • Founded by Ben Fischman in 2007
  • Online fashion boutique that stocks high-end brand pieces
  • Operates on a flash-sale principle where sales stay active for only 48 hours
  • Membership is not priced and totally free but is based on invitation
  • Headquartered in Boston, USA
  • Led by the e-commerce veteran Steve Davis as the CEO

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More about Rue La La

Even though Rue La La stocks high-end brands and deals in limited stocks, it is very considerate about the affordability of its products by the general populace. The company understands that most people interested in fashion are not willing to buy trendy pieces that are heavy on their wallets. With that insight, every boutique that the store features comes with its discounts on regular retail costs. To avail further reduction in price, customers are also welcome to use Rue La La coupons at the checkout as well.

The company is relatively new to the world of fashion marketing and e-commerce, but it has a decade's worth of innovation and creativity to back up its rep. Since its inception, it has catered to thousands of customers that love the time-ticking flash-sale conception on its stores. These customers are saturated in the US where the company has its roots, but there is also a fast growing international consumer base, and the number is only increasing every day. 

To deal with non-US orders, Rue operates a separate online store. This special consideration for international customers helps ease matters of packaging, shipping and handling, and especially payment when it comes to buyers from outside the US. The company realizes that affordability of its products is very important for international customers as well. Thus it holds special deals, frequent special sales and allows the use of Rue La La coupons on worldwide orders as well. Not only does is this a unique effort on the company's behalf, but it is also much appreciated by the international customers as well, and has paved the way for Rue to reach out to fashion enthusiasts worldwide. 

Impeccable customer service at Rue La La

At Rue, the most important people are not the designers or the store's management. It is their customers. The company's entire business flourishes on the bond that it nurtures with its consumers. Since the membership is exclusive in the sense that it is limited to invitation only, customer loyalty is important to the growth of the company, because only pre-existing customers can bring new customers in. This conception of exclusive membership seems odd, but considering that the store stocks valuable, artistic designer pieces, the process of customer recommendation helps bring in only seriously interested buyers. This ensures that the pieces that the company is putting out for sale are attained only by the people who faithfully desire them.

Impeccable customer service at the company

Once the customers are brought into the membership circle, they are opened up to a new and exciting world in fashion retail. Not only are they exposed to many vibrant and creative products, but they also have the opportunity to avail these pieces at affordable prices. Besides the boutiques operating on sale prices, members also have the chance to save extra on their purchases by redeeming Rue La La coupons on their checkouts. When coupled with the sale discounts, Rue La La coupons can help turn the designer products into steal fashion finds.

As members of the club, customers also have plenty of occasions to interact with like-minded individuals and hone their tastes and styles. This helps the fashion community bond stronger. Many of the customers develop a serious interest in projecting their acquired and improved sense of fashion and follow their hearts into pursuing a career in fashion and retail. 

Even if customers do not want  to pursue a career in fashion actively, they are at perfect liberty to enjoy their exclusive fashion finds from Rue. Over time, the company builds up their customers' purchase profiles and allows them first chances to be introduced to rare and valuable pieces that are custom-tailored to their preferences. No else fashion boutique or clothing venture has ever cared so much about their customer base. 

Opportunities to save at Rue La La and acquire better deals

Rue's policy of holding discount sales on the products and fashion pieces it puts out turns the offered products into real steal finds. Regular market prices, especially the costs tagged on similar pieces in designer outlets, are way too high compared to what the store offers. In addition to that, the store holds special sales whenever important seasonal or otherwise events occur. Winter pre-sales, Summer sales, and Spring collection first-reviews, etc. are not only common but popular as well. Pieces just off the runway, or inspired by the latest trends, are usually the first in the general population market via Rue. Given Rue's reputation, many designers happily prefer partnering up with the company and deliver their products to customers who value their worth. 

For any internet shopping junkie, using Rue La La coupons for reducing prices on shop products should come as a no-brainer. Most would call using these Rue La La coupons a business fluke and waste of time. That is wrong, however. For one, using promo codes lower your order costs and puts you at a certain financial advantage above other customers in the market competing for the same product. Secondly, when a customer saves money using Rue La La coupons, they are giving themselves financial liberty to purchase more products from the boutiques. This way, customers can reach out to other designers, obtain more trendy pieces, and make the most of their experience as a Rue consumer.

Ordering from Rue La La

Ordering from the company's online store is very easy. Induction into Rue's exclusive club requires membership and customer reference, but ordering from the store is comparable to ordering process of the general e-commerce websites. Customers begin by registering with Rue's using their email addresses. Following that, they can access all manner of sales running on the store website.

The store markets boutique exclusives for about two days since their inception. The home page lists all running sales with a live timer to inform potential consumers of the time left for the sales to end. As the customers select the products they would want to purchase, they can add them to their shopping bag. Once they have completed their selections, they can proceed to the checkout page where they can enter their credit card/ payment information. This is also the page where they verify their orders and enter any Rue La La coupons and discount codes if they have any. Once they have redeemed their Rue La La coupons, the final payment will be visible and deducted from their source of payment. They can then sit tight and anticipate the arrival of awesomeness in the bag!

Rue La La coupons for 2020

The store stocks valuable fashion pieces, so it is no wonder, it is pricier than the regular retail outlets. Using Rue La La coupons can decrease the original price of the products and allow customers to avail the Rue products at a cheaper cost, which would be otherwise a financially heavy endeavor.

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