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More about Saatva

Saatva is an online luxury mattress retailer that was founded in 2010 by Furniture industry veterans and entrepreneurs Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshy. The name Saatva comes from the Sanskrit word “sattva”, which means “pure”. Saatva is considered the original and oldest mattress e-tailer in the world, serving customers in all 50 states. The company has two main locations; one that is based in Westport, Connecticut and another in Austin, Texas.

In 2014 Saatva had revenues of $28.6 million and that was followed up by revenues of $120 million in 2015. Also in 2015, the company ranked 101 on Inc’s list of top 500 retailers for the year. Saatva does not have any brick and mortar stores, as the owners opted to sell their mattresses exclusively online. In that same year, when Pope Francis was visiting North America, he slept on a Saatva brand Mattress.

Saatva logo

Key facts about Saatva

  • Saatva was launched in 2010 in Austin, Texas
  • The company sells luxury and eco-friendly mattresses
  • Saatva had a revenue of $120 million in 2015
  • Comprised of 19 factories throughout America

Save money with a Saatva coupon

Saatva sells luxury mattresses at prices that are affordable. However, mattresses can be costly items in general, and with a Saatva coupon you can offset that cost by saving even more money. When considering purchasing a mattress from Saatva, be sure to check if there is a Saatva coupon available that will suit your needs. You will be surprised what the difference in total cost will be after a Saatva coupon is redeemed. Saatva never intentionally marks up the prices on any of the products they sell, and although their prices are competitive a Saatva coupon can really help you save in the pocket book. To make the transition to a new mattress, Saatva offers to install the mattress. You may even be able to find a free install Saatva coupon on PromoPony. Saatva also has a mattress removal service, where they will take the old mattress to proper place of disposal. Once you have located the Saatva coupon that you would like to use on PromoPony, simply enter it in during your checkout process to get access to your discounted pricing.

Saatva products

Saatva sells an array of luxury mattresses, which feature a coil and innerspring system. They also sell mattresses that are eco-friendly and feature memory foam. These Saatva luxury mattresses offer more padding and cushioning for enhanced support for the spine. They also feature a euro pillow top that is more cushioning than other brands. Some of their products are:

  • Luxury mattresses that feature individually wrapped comfort coils.
  • Plush soft, luxury firm, and firm levels of firmness.
  • A range of mattresses with comfort levels of 1-10.
  • Memory foam mattresses.
  • Eco-friendly models available.
  • Mattresses designed to help spinal discomfort.
  • Ultra-premium mattress collection.

Saatva video

How do I place an order with Saatva?

There are several steps involved in placing an order with Saatva. First you must select the “the mattress” link near the top of the page. This will direct you to the first step in purchasing a mattress, which is choosing the comfort level. You will be presented with three different mattresses of varying comfort levels. After deciding on which comfort level you desire, click the “choose (model)” button. Once you click this button you will be taken to a page where you will be able to select your mattress size. Saatva has a wide array of mattress sizes that range from Twin XL up to California King size.

Next you will be able to select the “foundation” of the mattress from a Twin size 8.75” foundation, up to a California King 4.5” low profile foundation. The low-profile mattress foundations are more expensive due to their compact design. From there you can choose the frame for the mattress according to size. Next you can choose the mattress removal service offered by Saatva. Then you will be able to choose in home delivery and setup options. You may enter your zip code to get a quote for in home delivery. Finally, you may enter the quantity and click either the “add to cart” button or the “checkout” button. If you would like to continue shopping, you can add items to your cart, and when you are finished you may click the “checkout” button.

On the checkout page, you will see a summary of your order and the different payment options. Once you select the payment option, you will be prompted to enter your first name, last name and email address. Then you will be asked to enter your full name and address, along with relevant shipping and billing information. If there is a Saatva coupon available, you may be prompted to enter the Saatva coupon code. It is always worth checking to see if there is a Saatva coupon that you could use, as a Saatva coupon could save a lot of money on the order. Mattresses are expensive item, and Saatva is always trying to save customers money and a Saatva coupon is another that you could save. If you do have a Saatva coupon, then look for the area on the checkout page where the Saatva coupon might be used, and the system will verify if the Saatva coupon is valid. If the Saatva coupon is deemed valid, then you will notice a deduction in the total price caused by the Saatva coupon.

After the proper billing information has been entered and you have checked for a Saatva coupon, then you may click the “submit order” button and you will be directed to the confirmation page. Once on the confirmation page you will see an account of the items that you ordered, plus the effect that the Saatva coupon, if used, has had on the overall price. Please review the order to make sure that all of the items are listed correctly. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email that will display order and delivery information.

Delivery conditions at Saatva

Delivery conditions at Saatva

Saatva wants to make the transition into a new mattress as seamless as possible. For that reason, Saatva does not have a fee for delivery cancellation, as they want to make sure to meet any customer needs. Being that Saatva delivers and installs the mattress, you will be able to pick a specific day and time when you would like the product to be delivered. Saatva will give you a 4-hour time window, in which they will deliver the mattress. Complications with order delivery are sometime impossible to avoid, and if for any reason Saatva will not be on time, the delivery will be rescheduled for a later date at no additional cost. If you are not going to be on time for the delivery, Saatva will wait an extra 20 minutes, in order to better accommodate your schedule. If Saatva is running late for any reason, then you will have the option to cancel the order or reschedule the delivery date. If there are any problems with the delivery and it is outside of their normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday 9 am-6 pm Eastern Time, you may contact the dispatch center at

Returns at Saatva

Customer satisfaction is very important to Saatva and they will go to extended lengths to ensure that their customers are satisfied. To make things easy, Saatva offers a 75-day home trial of the mattress. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the mattress, you may return it to Saatva for a full refund. Saatva does not charge a fee for returned items, nor do they have any type of restocking fee, as they do not restock their products. An added bonus with buying a Saatva mattress is that they come with a 15 warranty, so if you have any products issues you are well covered. If you have a question about your return you may contact the returns department at 877-672-2882, and a returns customer service representative will help you find a solution to the issue.

Saatva customer service

Saatva customer service

There are several ways to reach customer service at Saatva. However, it is always recommended that you check the website FAQ page, as there are answers to many of the most commonly asked questions on that page, such as answers to warranty questions, return policies, and shipping information. On this page there are also many answers to product specific questions, such as mattress and bed frame sizes. You may also contact Saatva using their live chat option. To do so, simply click the live chat link at the top of the website, and you will immediately be linked to a customer care representative.

Another way to reach customer service, especially after business hours have ended at Saatva, is to email them. You can reach customer service by email at Lastly, you may call Saatva customer service by phone. They offer 24/7 customer support by phone, so you will always be able to reach a representative. To contact customer service by phone call 877-672-2882.

Saatva coupons 2020

Saatva offers luxury mattresses at already competitive prices and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their customers are satisfied. They also offer free returns and a 75-day full refund if you are not satisfied. Even with the competitive prices and refund policy, it is always worth checking if there is a Saatva coupon available on PromoPony, to help save more money on the order. Mattresses are expensive items, especially luxury mattresses, so a Saatva coupon could go a long way in saving money in the pocket book. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your next purchase by using a Saatva coupon found on PromoPony. You can find your next Saatva coupon for August 2020 by visiting PromoPony here.