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With over 1,300 stores in both the United States and Canada, Safeway Inc. was founded in the year 1915 by Marion Barton Skaggs in a small town called Idaho of the American Falls. Skaggs, an industrious young man, purchased a small scale grocery store from his father. He used his precious business strategies to offer his customers quality products and kept narrow profit margins, a strategy that proved undoubtedly successful. Safeway is among the top largest food and drug retailer in all of the United States. To date, all Safeway stores still open on a daily basis so they can offer their customers the products of their choice at a fair price, with tenderness, love and care. 

Safeway Coupon Codes

Key facts about Safeway

  • Was founded in the month of April 1951.
  • Was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs
  • Has over 1300 stores
  • It is Subsidiary of Albertsons 
  • It is in the retail/grocery industry
  • It is a food and drug retailer company

Main Safeway categories are:

Safeway Deli

Safeway Deli Coupon

At Safeway Deli, you’ll be able to find all that you need, ranging from ready-made meals, extending to the finest, tender meat and cheese.

Safeway Meat

Safeway Meat Coupon

All the premium meats and poultry you ever desired are exclusively available at Safeway Meat. Not to forget the rarely available AAA Canadian Beef that is fed on grain, aged not less than 14 days to reach perfection, and handpicked is 100% certified at Safeway.

Safeway Produce

Safeway Produce Coupon 

Safeway doesn’t just pick their produce, but rather they choose the produce. They makes it their business obligation to provide customers with fresh, and high-quality products. All the locally grown, fresh from the fields organic produce that is both affordable and incredibly delicious  is made available to you for your consumption.

Safeway Seafood

Safeway Seafood Coupon

Ranging from fish to crabs, Safeway has you covered when it comes to your ocean needs. Not only is Safeway’s seafood fresh from the seas and oceans, but it is also known and recognized by Seachoice as the best option for sustaining your needs. Safeway prides itself with their excellent selection of seafood, making them the number one choice.

Safeway Bakery

Safeway Bakery Coupon

Safeway’s scratch bakery major their focus in the baking of special kind of Artisan bread, pastries, cakes, pies, sweets and rolls.

Safeway Floral

Safeway Floral Coupon

Could be you had no idea about Safeway’s Floral section, well, you should know that Safeway’s floral team has something for every individual wishing for any floral product that will leave you with an ultimate “Wow” factor. In this floral section, there ranges a wide variety of single blossoms, potted flowers for homes and offices, not to forget beautiful floral arrangements just for you.

Requesting for a New Product

You have skimmed through all the Safeway stores’ shelves, and unfortunately, you haven’t spotted a product you had in mind. Not to worry, Safeway now allows you to request for that particular product so it can be available in the stores within a short time. To do this, you’ll just require to follow a simple step-to-step guide I am to give you. 

  1. On your favourite browser, copy and paste this link ( and simply fill out the form provided, and then click the button “Submit” so you can request for the new product. This should look like this:

Requesting for a New Product

  1. Having successfully submitted your details and the product description, you should see a similar page just as the one below:

Requesting for a New Product submission

Bravo! By now you are no longer ignorant, and you have successfully requested for a new product on Safeway. As soon as the product requested is made available in the stores, you rest assured will be notified via the email you provided.

How do I get Safeway Coupons and Save Lots of Money?

It is important I mention, that coupons are more like cash that allow you use to buy anything on all the Safeway stores regardless of your geographical location. There are two known ways to get Safeway coupons.

  • Sit back and wait for an email

Currently, Safeway offers grocery deliveries, as such if you happen to live in one of the zip codes that they provide services to, then worry not. This is because you’ll be able to save quite a deal of money spent on your shopping from the Safeway website. Safeway has a section full of discounts and offers and that they do not require any code to use them. If you sign up to the Safeway email list, they will send you more promotional offers to your inbox. In case you transfer a prescription to one of Safeway’s local stores, they will give you a promotional code of up to $25 off $50. The same can be applied to online orders too.

  • Manually search coupons on the web

Resolving to go searching for the available coupons over the internet, is, of course, a preferable way to getting a Safeway coupon. This option is not a sure-fire way to find coupons either, as Safeway offers are not always available on the web. In case a valid Safeway coupon code is released, then be rest assured the coupon on PromoPony.

My Offers at Safeway

My Offers is a new savings and rewards feature in Safeway Inc. that allows you to load all personalized offers directly to your AIR MILES® Card. This new portal was made available, so you can save money and earn AIR MILES® rewards on the goods you buy from Safeway.

How do I obtain an AIR MILES® Card?

It is easy actually.

  1. You can just visit a local store, and request a staff member aid you to acquire one.
  2. Or you can just go online and enrol to obtain an AIR MILES® Card. To obtain an AIR MILES® Card online, you’ll need to follow the below guide:
  3. On your most preferable browser tab, copy paste this link and the page loaded should look exactly as this one:

obtain AIR MILES Card

  1. Since you don’t have the AIR MILES® Card, click on the link “I need a card” just as illustrated below:

obtain AIR MILES® Card 2

  1. Once you’re done with the above step, you should be able to be on the page where you’ll be required to fill in your details so you can request for a new AIR MILES® Card, just as illustrated below.

obtain an AIR MILES® Card 3

You’ll be then be taken to subsequent stages where you’ll be required to fill in your personal details, just before you fully enrol for an AIR MILES® Card.

What areas can I shop at Safeway

At Safeway you can visit any local store available. You can be guaranteed that all the stores are open on all working hours of the week. Safeway’s staff will be happy to assist you in case you need help purchasing any product. For those who don’t have the time and the means to travel all the way to the stores, well, Safeway has you covered. You can quickly and conveniently visit the online Safeway website at and do your shopping in any category of your choice as listed:

  1. Shop by History
  2. Shop by Aisle
  3. Shop by Recipe

One more thing to note is that to buy online at Safeway; you’ll need to create an account to enable you to sign in when you want to shop.

Safeway product delivery

Safeway Product Delivery

Safeway delivery unit has a 1-Hour Delivery Window that they service to their customers after buying goods from them. Just to note, if you order for goods approximately before 8:30 am, then be rest assured that delivery will be made the same day.

Safeway video

Safeway delivers a wonderful quality of fresh products to your doorstep. You’ll love how easy and convenient it is to have your grocery shopping done. With safeway delivery, you will save time with amazing deals like 1-hour delivery windows and many more.Safeway now allows you to shop by history, and gives you a free delivery on your first order. Be the first to enjoy this amazing quality of shopping service,by going to and order today. For more practice and experience on how to shop and have your goods delivered, please take a look at this video:

Download the Safeway mobile apps free of charge

There are three Safeway mobile applications that can be used on both the Android and iOS phones (iPhones, iPads,) phones. The applications have fresh new looks that are easier to handle and certainly use. The applications allow you order for goods and services any time of the day just at your own convenient time from wherever you are. The three Safeway applications are:

  • Safeway App


With the Safeway App, you are guaranteed of getting savings on the go. It has an easy-to-use redesign and a UPC barcode scan feature. With the barcode scanner, it is easier to scam goods, so you can check for offers and add items to your bucket list.

  • Safeway Delivery


With the Safeway Delivery app, you can order groceries at any place and time with ease. It allows you to shop by History, where you can shop from your previous in-store and online purchases. You can also check whether Safeway delivers in your area, and if not, just install and tap the ‘new to”.

  • Pharmacy App

safeway Pharmacy App

Safeway’s Pharmacy App allows you to manage your prescriptions instantly and efficiently.

Check out on your mobile phone

Alternatively, you can access via your mobile phone. With the mobile phone, you can check the available and nearest stores from your location. You’ll be able to browse the weekly ads and find out new products for release. Not to forget, you can create a shopping list using your mobile phone among many other things you can do.

Customer Service Help!

Should you have any concerns, questions or inquiries about anything involving Safeway Inc., feel free to contact our help support at the page should look very much like this one shown:

safeway Customer Service Help

Safeway coupons 2019

Make haste, and get the Safeway PromoPony Coupons at all Safeway's local stores. Upon arrival at any local store, any Safeway staff will guide through, and help you get a free coupon. You’ll be able to save at any Safeway grocery store using their free coupons. If travelling all the way to the stores is hectic, just go online and get the PromoPony Coupons on the official Safeway website. To get the latest news on the availability of new Coupon codes, please subscribe to their mailing newsletter list so that you can get first-hand information on Coupon codes. Why wait? Get the Safeway Coupons today, and enjoy shopping at low prices.