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Samsonite Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in September 2020

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More about Samsonite

Samsonite is a true leader in the luggage industry, and their materials can be seen around the world as the premier brand on wheels. Samsonite has grown from an American company, into one of the largest luggage manufactures in the world. Today, the company, which is public, is one of the major players in the luggage game, and wherever you travel you will see a Samsonite piece on the luggage catcher. 

Samsonite does not have a storefront but they are sold in a number of companies, and are represented in every major department store. The brand has world recognition, and they continue to be a large player in the industry. The initial offering of the company went for over 1.2 billion in 2011. The company is listed in Luxembourg, and their financial headquarters are located in Hong Kong. As well, more than 40% of their items are made in India. If you are looking for luxury luggage at an amazing price, Samsonite is the premier brand and with Samsonite coupons you will be laughing. 

Samsonite coupons

Key Samsonite Facts

  • Founded in 1910 in Colorado

  • Financial Headquarters in Hong Kong

  • Headquarters are in Luxembourg

  • Public company as of 2011

  • Luggage superstar

  • Founded by a Jewish American just before the First World War

Samsonite Video

Samsonite coupons help you save

Samsonite has seen its base grow, and if you are looking for speciality gifts, you will be enjoying the finest gifts at a great price with Samsonite. They have worked hard to become a premium brand within the luggage game, and when it comes to it, you will be able to find the perfect speciality gift. No matter if you want to order a new set for you and your wife, or a gift to a new grad, Samsonite is an amazing option. If you are going to be buying a new set of luggage, you need to attach a Samsonite coupon to save big. No matter the size, color, or type, a Samsonite coupon will make the purchase that much better. 

Shop right at home with Samsonite coupon codes

Samsonite is a brand that not only can be bought in a variety of stores or department stores, you can shop directly on the companies site. This allows a direct factory pricing that you can only find from Samsonite. The wide variety of options including; color, size and sets, this easy to use site is truly the best in the world. If you have been looking for the next set of luggage that will last you life time, the only company you should be looking at are the people at Samsonite. With a Samsonite coupon, and the great pricing that is there for sets, you will be enjoying the finest luggage at a fraction of the retail price. 

Samsonite coupon codes

Shopping online could not be simpler when you are choosing Samsonite. There are a large number of options including luggage, duffels, backpacks and even accessories. When you are looking for luggage, or really anything that carries something, Samsonite should be the first call each and every time. They are the true experts when it comes to supplying the world with quality luggage, and when you are needing your next set, make sure to use a Samsonite coupon to ensure you are getting the best price each and every time. 

Luggage, we are all hate searching for it, and yet the team at Samsonite has made it easy. They do not rest, and are always making their luggage tougher and lighter to better your experience with their product. With a large variety of options, Samsonite has a piece of luggage that will be the perfect fit for you. No longer will you have to search the mall for hours, instead just jump onto Samsonite’s site and input your Samsonite coupon. Then check out and wait for your luggage to be shipped. Yes, it is that easy when you shop with the team at Samsonite. 

Samsonite promo codes

Samsonite does more than just luggage, and with that comes their amazing set of other bags. The company has made duffel bags one of their specialities and for good reason, they are amazing. The duffels you will get from Samsonite will survive your trips to the gym, and will make for a perfect travel companion. As well, the company produces one of the bet backpacks you have ever tried on. No matter if you are looking for pack for school and travel, or something a little more rugged, Samsonite has the gear that will last you. Finally, the business side of the company showcases that Samsonite can make some truly beautiful pieces of luggage. For those who need to haul around a laptop, might as well look good doing it. If you are looking to secure the best pricing for Samsonite, make sure to add a Samsonite coupon to make things just a little bit cheaper on your wallet. 

Further to this, Samsonite also has some of the best quality accessories in the industry. With a great selection of tags, and replacements, you will absolutely love their selection. No matter what you buy, remember to add in your Samsonite coupon to lessen the financial blow.  

Samsonite site is world class, and is fully optimized for those on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones for ease of use. The online side of the business is top notch, and with a huge selection that can shipped easily to your home, you are only missing out by not shopping online. It looks great on mobile, but if you are looking to complete a larger order, the laptop site will be a better fit. See why so many have trusted Samsonite to be the top ranked snacking company. Remember, always add your Samsonite coupon to keep your cost down. 

Samsonite savings

What can I expect to buy with my Samsonite coupon promotional codes?

  • Backpacks

  • Hard sided luggage

  • Soft sided luggage

  • Wheeled luggage

  • Saddle bags

  • Over the shoulder bags

  • Duffel Bags

  • Tags

  • Replacement Straps

  • And much, much more

How do I place an order with Samsonite?

Shopping at Samsonite could not be simpler, and they have built the site to ensure you and your shopping is as simple as possible. The site is one of the top ranked sites on the web, and you will simply need to follow the below steps to complete your shopping experience. You will select the luggage you want, and add it to your cart. You can then either continue shopping, or check out. If you choose to check out, you will then enter in your billing information, your shipping address, and then of course your payment method, whether it be a major credit card or other means. Once this is done, you can then look at the final order, make sure the address is correct, and of course the billing information is correct. Now before you checkout, add your Samsonite coupon code, and make sure the right amount is discounted at the till. Samsonite is great for being there for questions, and their team is easily reachable through traditional methods such as phone or email.   

Delivery conditions at Samsonite

Samsonite makes shipping easy. It will depend on where you live for the shipping options. For purchases up to $199, a local simple delivery will be $12.50. Normally this will take one to two days, and you will need to give them one day to deal with the fulfilling of the order. When the product is over $200, you will pay $17.50. For longer haul deliveries, you have either a standard option (4 days), which is $17.50 for purchases under $200, for those over $200 it is $22.50. Expedited on the other hand is $60 for under $200, and $80 for over $200 and it will arrive in two days. 

Delivery conditions Samsonite

Returns at Samsonite

Samsonite wants to make things easy for you, and because of this, they will work with you to ensure your return goes well. The return policy is very simple. If you return an item within 30 days of purchase you will be granted a full refund. You will need to visit the site to start the process, and then send the item back to Samsonite at your cost. If you used Samsonite coupon it will not be an issue. Just simply fulfill the return process. 

Samsonite customer service

Samsonite customer service is much like any major company, Samsonite has a centralized call center and customer service reps to help you. They are accurate and will work with you, but remember you may need to go beyond the first level to get what you need. Do not be frustrated, and work with the rep. 

Samsonite coupons 2020

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