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Skechers Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in July 2020

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Girls' Sneakers Under $50
Get $40 Discount $200+
Minimum order value: $200
Get Up to 40% Discount During Semi - Annual Sale
Offer For Limited Time! Get 40% Off On 2+ Items
Spend $200+ And Get $40 Off
Online Only! Select Winter Apparel Up to 30% Off
Limited Time Only! Select Styles of $135 Or More During Easter Sale Up to $30 Off
Minimum order value: $135
Limited Time! Cyber Flash Sale! Select Styles Up to 30% Off
Get Up to 25% Discount $100 Or More
Minimum order value: $100
Get Up to 25% Off on Kids Styles
Celebrate Mothers Day! Select Women's Styles Up to 25% Off
Get 25% Off On Kids Items
Up to 20% Off on Your Order
Discount Up to 20% on Your Order
Get Up to 20% Off on Your Order
Extra Discount Up to 20% on Your Purchase
For a Limited Time! Discount 20% on Your Buy
For a Limited Time! Get 20% Off on Your Buy
Get Up to 20% Discount When You Sign-up For Skechers Emails Updates
Toddler Tuesdays! Get Up to 20% Off on Any Skechers Kids Shoes
Grab 20% Off On Selected Regular Priced Items
Save 20% Off All Light Up Shoes
Save 20% on Any Order
Offer For Limited Time Only! Get 15% Off On Your Purchase
Get $10 Off Your Buy of $50+
Minimum order value: $50
Save 10% on Any Order
Get 100 Points + $10 Rewards Certificate + Free Shipping & Returns For Members
Free Shipping
Free Shipping With Skechers Elite
Free Socks With Orders 50+
Minimum order value: $50
Get 25% Off On $125 Or More on Selected Regular Priced Items
Minimum order value: $125
Get 25% Off On 2 Pairs on Selected Regular Priced Items
Save 25% On 2 Or More Pair
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 29
Redeemed offers: 45
Potential savings: 10%-40% / $10-$50
Discount Details Valid until
$50 Discount Girls' Sneakers Under $50 Up to revocation
$40 Discount Get $40 Discount $200+ Up to revocation
40% Discount Get Up to 40% Discount During Semi - Annual Sale Up to revocation
40% Discount Offer For Limited Time! Get 40% Off On 2+ Items Up to revocation
$40 Discount Spend $200+ And Get $40 Off Up to revocation

More about Skechers

Skechers is a well-known American brand that provides its customers with some of the best footwear options for all men, women, and children as well. It is said to be one of the top footwear companies in the world that produce shoes for people in the categories lifestyle and as well as performance. Skechers is a world renowned company that designs some of the trendiest yet the most comfortable footwear options for men, women, and children. Skechers is that one top of the line company who meets the needs of both of its male and female consumers across the globe for despite their age and size. Apart from being at the top of the footwear line, Skechers also provides for men and women’s branded apparel, some bags and eyewear, toys, and a lot more. The footwear presented by the company can be bought at discounts with your Skechers coupons provided by PromoPony. It started out as a footwear distributor that was well-known for its utility-styled boots and its skating shoes, and since then it has come a long way to claim the position of being the second largest brand in the United States that sells the best athletic footwear.

The company offers its customers with two distinctive footwear categories which run savvy for every style, age, and genre. The lifestyle division and performance footwear of the company has reached incredible heights of popularity in the United States as well as the other continents across the world. Skechers' products have been widely demanded by people after receiving a lot of praise for the great work done by the company’s team. The company also provides the customers a chance to redeem Skechers coupons with all of their products. The company puts together an effort to sustain a trendy and stylish brand image by using celebrity-driven publicity and has promoted its product with some of the most popular artists throughout the years.

          Skechers coupons

Key facts about Skechers

  • Skechers is a public company which manufactures and retails the various products distributed by the brand across the US and other countries.
  • Skechers has hundreds of company-owned stores worldwide that establish an extensive interconnected network of global distributors.
  • The company was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and Michael Greenberg. 
  • The companies headquarter located in Manhattan Beach, California.
  • The company provides some promotional offers and discount codes through Skechers coupons for affordable shopping. 

Skechers video

More about Skechers

Skechers has first started out as a public company and has been able to experience a lot of success ever since it was founded by Robert Greenberg (Co-founder, CEO) and Michael Greenberg (Co-founder, Chairman) in 1992. The companies headquarter located in Manhattan Beach, California. Since the founding years of the company, it has come a long way of hard-earned success, popularity, and name in the footwear line. Skechers is considered to be the second largest brand in the United States that has a variety of high-performance athletic footwear for its customers. The company’s success in facts and numbers has been astounding. In 2015 the company earned over $3 billion revenues this staggering number shows the appreciation and satisfaction of the company’s regular and new customers across the globe. In January 2016, it was reported that the total number of employees the company had brought in were more than around 9,200 people worldwide.

The company had initiated with the production of its utility-styled boots and skating shoes. After taking small and big steps to revolutionize the company, Skechers was diversified to the manufacture and marketing of a variety of some simple and casual wear styles for men, women, and children as well as some high-performance shoes and shoes for athletics as well. It is no secret that Skechers has always had defining relationships with bf-time personalities who have not only helped to promote the brand but have also been the elite customers of the brand. The company has always made efforts for the celebrity-driven advertising for their products. This has led the company to stand out in the footwear line because of the trendy and stylish brand image. When purchasing any of these products, make sure that you use the Skechers coupons to get exclusive discounts.

The brand has worked along with some of the most popular and internationally-loved world famous artists including, Kelly Brook, Demi Lovato, the South Korean famous boyband EXO, Meghan Trainor and lots more!

The company sells its footwear in the department, specialty, and independent stores, as well as through more than a thousand company-owned Skechers retail stores (in the US) and the official website. Beyond the United States, Skechers product is accessible in more than a hundred countries and territories including Canada, Brazil, Chile, Japan, and other 27 countries in Western and the Central Eastern Europe, as well as through combined ventures in Asia and distributors around the world. 

Products by Skechers

The company is well-known for designing about more than 3,000 different styles for men, women, and children to opt for. The reason to why Skechers is considered to be a top-notch brand for selling footwear is because of its high-quality products, the huge range of footwear that it offers, due to its different distribution channels and the easily accessible market as well. The products provided by the leading footwear company in the world are said to be worn by almost every American. These products are an example of high-end, authentic and one of a kind performance and lifestyle footwear. 

                                          Skechers products

These products can be purchased at high discounts with your Skechers coupons provided by sources such as Promo Pony which gives out discount coupons for customers to make shopping more affordable. The brands include a variety of high-performance shoe wear for people to opt for. Despite what your age and size might be you can find yourself the best fitting shoe easily from this store. After going through some customary licensing issues and proper agreements, the company introduced its very own line of branded apparel and bags, eyewear, toys, and more as well. The company has a wide inventory of shoes varying from casual to sport and everything. 

List of products provided by Skechers for women

  • Sport
  • Casual
  • Performance
  • Originals
  • Work
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Bobs
  • Wide fit shoes

List of products provided by Skechers for men

  • Sport
  • Casual
  • Performance
  • Work
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Wide fit shoes

products by Skechers

List of products provided by Skechers for kids

  • Girls casual shoes
  • Boys casual shoes
  • Girls' memory foam
  • Twinkle toes
  • Girls' lights
  • Boys' sport
  • Boys' lights
  • Boys' memory foam

The apparel provided by Skechers for men and women

  • Women's tops
  • Women's bottoms
  • All men's apparel
  • Men's tops
  • Men's bottoms
  • Socks
  • Bags

Shopping with Skechers

Skechers USA, Inc. operates more than a thousand company stores around the world. You can get amazing discounts at these stores provided you have valid Skechers coupons with you. Apart from the official stores, the company sells its footwear through various departments, specialty, and other independent stores, as well as online. The online shopping experience with Skechers can be even more fun and less expensive with valid Skechers coupons that you can redeem during checkout. For global buyers, the online shopping store has almost all of the fantastic and enduring products available at the stores. And for these products to be at the lowest of prices make sure to redeem Skechers coupons. The official website has eased the shopping experience. You can select what kind of products you wish to purchase, and then select your preferred item in your preferred color, size, and all related specs. After choosing all your items, your online cart will show your selected products, and you can proceed to checkout where you will be asked to log in with your email and password. You will then have to provide information about your preferred way of payment and the location where you would like your item(s) to be shipped. Keep in mind, the costs of your items can be reduced by a sufficient amount by using Skechers coupons. So, if you have Skechers coupons, you can redeem them for exclusive discounts.

Delivery at Skechers

The time taken for the delivery of your product depends on your location. You can check the current status of your latest order through the Track Order page, where your customer login details will show you the history of all your orders as well. Your order will normally reach you within 3-5 business days. 

Return policy at Skechers

Items can be returned to Skechers within a 45-day time limit from the date of purchase. You can return a defective and unworn show back to Skechers to get a refund or exchange an item for something else you might want to buy of similar, less, or more worth. However, you’ll need to pay for the difference if you exchange an item for something that has a higher price tag. Customers can return an item via printable UPS label. 

Customer service at Skechers

You can contact the 24/7 customer support team to solve any queries, related to shopping or delivery, that you might have. You can call a customer service representative, or you can send them an email. Make sure that you read the FAQ section present on the website because your query might already have been answered there.  

Valid Skechers coupons for 2020

Valid Skechers coupons provided by PromoPony give amazing discounts for your purchases. After you have placed your order and selected the available way of shipping of your items at checkout, your order will be processed for packaging and shipment to its predetermined location. However, before you finalize the payment, make sure that you enter the code present on the Skechers coupons that you have to get the items at a lower price during checkout. 

Remember, before you start shopping at this store, grab a few Skechers coupons. These Skechers coupons will help to reduce the total cost of your order and some even provide discounts on shipping rates. Just don’t forget to redeem these Skechers coupons at the time of checkout.