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Founded in 1982 as Softmart Incorporation in Philadelphia, Connection Global Solutions is a reliable provider of technology products and services. The company was acquired by PC Connection (hence the change in name) in 2016 and became one of the best IT solutions provider under the parent company’s portfolio. The company is committed to offering top class solutions across key areas such as converged data center, cloud, networking solutions, security, mobility and software lifecycle. The company is a certified Microsoft Licensing Provider and offers more than 300,000 technology solutions and services to all types of enterprises across various domains. Products and services from Connection can be purchased at discounted prices by using PromoPony coupons.

Key Facts about Connection Global Solutions

Key Facts about Connection Global Solutions

  • Global provider of technology products and services
  • Founded in 1982 as Softmart Incorporation and acquired by PC Connection in 2016
  • Offers multiple technology products and services to small and large-sized organizations

How to save more money while purchasing software solutions with Connection Global Solutions?

Hardware products and software solutions from Connection Global Solutions are highly efficient and 100% reliable. With the growing business need for enhanced technology tools Connection Global Solutions is a trusted source of technology-based power and competitive advantage for both small and large enterprises. However, in order to source these products and services within the allotted budget, companies and software professionals need PromoPony Coupons. Connection Global Solutions coupons from PromoPony carry promo codes that must be applied to the purchase of solutions and services from the IT provider.

What are the different types of services and products offered by Connection Global Solutions?

What are the different types of services and products offered by Connection Global Solutions?

The technology offerings from Connection Global Solutions can be categorized into the sections:

  • Laptops: From Apple to Lenovo, find laptops and tablets of different sizes and capacities at incredible prices.
  • Desktops: Thousands of desktop models and their various hardware components can be purchased at discounted prices using coupons from PromoPony
  • Networks: Networking accessories, security appliances and other related products from top brands like Cisco and NETGEAR are featured in this section.
  • Cables: Different cable types like video cables, Ethernet cables lighting cables, audio cables and HDMI cables are offered by Connection Global Solutions
  • Software: Licenses and upgrades for all types of software are available.
  • Security: Buy security solutions for your laptops and desktops and ensure that your infrastructure is well-protected.
  • Accessories: Individual customers and corporate companies can make use of PromoPony coupons to buy all types of accessories for their laptops, desktops, phones, cameras and any other technology equipment that they own.

Create an account with Connection Global Solutions

While customers can complete online orders as guest users, it is recommended to create an account with Connection Global Solutions to enjoy a whole plethora of benefits. Account holders enjoy faster checkouts, have access to special coupons and offers and can easily track the shipment of their orders too. Additionally, account holders are offered a dedicated page called “My connection” where they can store their favorite products, create their own quote list and save a complete history of all their orders.

How to place an order with Connection Global Solutions?

Placing an online order with Connection Global Solutions can be made exciting with the use of PromoPony coupons. Follow the below steps to purchase your favorite products from the software company.

Step 1: Click on the “Connection Store” tab present on the top right corner of the home page.

Step 2: Use the search field to find a particular product among the vast inventory of Connection Global Solutions.

Step 3: Customers can also use the different product categories to locate the desired product.

Step 4: Click on the desired product name to view more details about the product.

Step 5: If the product is in stock, customers can enter the desired quantity and click on the “Add to Cart” option.

Step 6: If the chosen item is out of stock, then the customer must call the customer care team before proceeding further.

Step 7: For some high-end accessories, laptops and software licenses, customers must get a quote from Connection Global Solutions. In such cases, customers must click on “Request for Quote” and fill out the Online Quote Request form.

Step 8: Some selected products featured by Connection Global Solutions do not display a price and customers must contact the support team to know the exact price of the product.

Step 9: When the “Add to Cart” tab is clicked, the item is automatically added to the virtual cart and the order summary appears.

Step 10: Customers must review the order summary and can choose one of the following options:

  • Email shopping cart: Organizations that would like a copy of the complete order list can have it emailed for approval.
  • Save as Quote: The price quotes are saved as the customer’s own quote and can be later exported to an excel sheet for reference.
  • Continue shopping: Follow the same procedure to add more and more products to the order list.

Step 11: To check out the items in the list, first apply promo codes from PromoPony coupons and then calculate the shipping charges based on the destination zip code. The cost of shipping depends on the destination address as well as the chosen shipping method.

Step 12: Review the total order value after the coupons have been applied and the shipping charges have been added.

Step 13: Enter the email address of the purchaser and click on the Checkout tab.

Step 14: The purchaser must complete the final part of the purchase by entering the required details in the five following sections

  • Shipping address and billing address
  • Contact information
  • Shipping selection
  • Payment details
  • Order Confirmation

Step 15: The customer must complete all the above section and finally click on the confirm order tab.

Step 16: A confirmation mail is sent to the purchaser to denote the expected delivery date and the unique order number.

Shipping options at Connection Global Solutions

Shipping options at Connection Global Solutions

Connection Global Solutions offers seven different types of shipping methods for its items. The cost of shipping and the available methods for a particular order is based on the destination address, the type of items included in the order and total order value. The seven shipping methods are:

  • FedEx Ground
  • UPS Ground
  • FedEx Second Day Air
  • UPS Second Day Air
  • FedEx standard overnight
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • FedEx Priority Overnight

The time taken for delivery of orders varies with each shipment method and the cost of ground shipping services is much lower than the expedited shipping options. Connection Global Solutions recommends customers to place orders before 3PM EST to ensure that the order is processed on the same day.

Customer service at Connection Global Solutions

While purchasing software products and solutions from Connection Global Solutions, customers encounter multiple questions pertaining to the use of products, technical specifications and use of discount coupons. To have all queries and concerns addressed as quickly as possible, customers must get in touch with the support team. Adopt one of the following ways to speak to support staff from Connection Global Solutions:

  • Click on the “Chat with us Live” tab from the top right corner of the web page.
  • Use the Contact Us tab to send a quick message to the team.
  • Corporate organizations within the US and with less than 250 employees can write to US businesses with more than 250 employees must write to International customers can contact the team via
  • Customers can also call the company at 1-800-328-1319 from Monday to Friday between 8AM and 7PM Eastern Time.
  • Fax queries and feedback to 1-800-423-0612
  • For all general enquiries, write to

Connection Global Solutions Coupons

Connection Global Solutions coupons 2019

Connection Global Solutions is a very reliable source for purchasing technology products and solutions. The company is customer-friendly and prices are reasonable too. To enjoy procurement of quality items at great prices, organizations as well as individuals need PromoPony coupons. PromoPony coupons are very easy to use. Customers must simply apply the promo codes from the coupons while ordering items online. The coupons from PromoPony are of different types and they never fail to surprise the users. From buying simple hardware devices to expensive computers, using PromoPony coupons is the ultimate choice for more savings. To know more about the discount offers and coupons of PromoPony for April 2019, sign up for our newsletter and we will email our coupons directly.