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Straight Talk Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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Get 50 Free Minutes!
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Best Offer!! Get Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown For $79.99 + More
$400 iPhone 6 Plus Refurb
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Minimum order value: $200
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  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
Offers: 6
Redeemed offers: 2191
Potential savings: $100

Get the hottest deals on the latest phones and save big with the best no-contract plans around with Straight Talk.

  • Receive awesome promotions and exclusive promo codes direct to your inbox when you sign up for Straight Talk emails.
  • Trade in your old phone and get cash to use towards a new phone or whatever you choose.

Continue reading our great little savings guide, and you’ll learn all the ways that you can save each time you visit

Discount Details Valid until
Coupon Get 50 Free Minutes! Up to revocation
$100 Discount Sign-Up With Straight Talk Rewards And Save! Up to revocation
Sale Best Offer!! Get Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown For $79.99 + More Up to revocation
Sale $400 iPhone 6 Plus Refurb Up to revocation
Free Shipping Free Overnight Shipping on Phones Up to revocation

More about Straight Talk

Straight Talk started back in October 2009 as a retailer for phone plan services, without any contracts. These days American retail giants Walmart own exclusive rights to Straight Talk’s options. Straight Talk is perfect for those who demand great coverage, fair prices and no unnecessary phone contracts. We hope you gain a lot from our Straight Talk savings guide.

How do you use a Straight Talk coupon?

Straight Talk coupons are far and few between, so if you manage to find one that suits you, the hard part is over. If you need a little hand in redeeming the coupon, just follow these simple steps below and you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

  1. Start by taking note of any promo or coupon codes, “right click” and “copy” is the easiest way.
  2. Next “double click” the coupon, you should then be automatically redirected to the page you need on
  3. Shopping time, make your selection(s) and “add to cart”.
  4. Select your preferred plan and click “continue”.
  5. At this stage you can add a promo code if necessary, click “apply” once entered.
  6. Make sure you’re getting the discount that you want and that everything is looking good.
  7. “Checkout” to continue, now enter your shipping details.
  8. Make your payment.
  9. That’s it. We hope you managed to get a great deal from Straight Talk.

What should I know about saving with Straight Talk coupons?

Getting a great deal on a phone plan or the biggest discount on a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is a whole lot easier when you have a Straight Talk coupon. Here’s all you need to know.

How can I get a Straight Talk coupon?

You can get all the Straight Talk coupons, offer codes, deals and promo codes that you could possibly ever need, right here at the coupon sanctuary that is PromoPony. We make sure we only post up to date and valid deals, so your time is not wasted.

How much can I save when I use a Straight Talk coupon?

Get the right coupon and time your shopping trip right, and you can really save a lot off your next purchase. Enjoy hot deals on Apple iPhones and Motorola handsets, find plans for cheap international calls when you redeem your Straight Talk coupon.

Are the coupons the same at and Walmart?

Any Straight Talk deal, promotion or coupon that you find at Walmart, can also be found at so just pick what’s more convenient for you. Head down to your local Walmart if you prefer shopping in person.

How many Straight Talk coupons are there right now?

There will always be a good amount of deals and special offers happening at any one time at Straight Talk, you just have to choose the right one for you. At the moment there are 6 coupons.

Why doesn’t this Straight Talk voucher work?

While it can be incredibly frustrating when a seemingly good coupon or voucher doesn’t appear to work, it may just be a simple fix. If you suspect that the Straight Talk coupon or deal you’re trying to sue may have already expired, you’re probably right. Unfortunately the internet is jam-packed with old coupons. Look for an expiration date if possible, otherwise move on to another one.

Are there ways to save without a Straight Talk coupon?

While coupons and discount codes make it a lot easier to save at Straight Talk, they’re not entirely essential. Here we’ll go through all the different ways that you can save when you find yourself couponless.

Can I buy refurbished phones from Straight Talk?

In the market for a new phone and on a budget? Buying a refurbished phone is an excellent option. Get your next Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone with a decent amount of discount when you buy it refurbished, no coupon required.

Can I trade in my old phone at Straight Talk?

Yes absolutely. Use the excellent Straight Talk trade in program and get cash money for your old phone. Simply find out how much your phone is worth, ship your phone to Straight Talk and wait to get paid. It’s super easy and a great way to get money off your next phone.

Should I join Straight Talk Rewards?

For sure! Becoming a Straight Talk Rewards member will offer you many benefits right from the get go. Earn points each time you renew your service plan, save them up for great stuff like free service plans. It’s easy and it’s free, so do it.

Can I refer a friend to Straight Talk for a reward?

Once you join Straight Talk you’ll receive a unique code that you can share with friends and family. For every successful referral, both of you will receive a free month! Get 12 friends to sign up, that means an entire free year….woooo!

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Is there anything I should know about Straight Talk?

If you’re looking for a new phone, a new plan or both, you’ve come to the right place! Straight Talk offers a no nonsense approach to getting the phone and plan that you want. No scary long-term contracts, no credit checks and no surprise fees for no real reason, welcome to Straight Talk. No one likes those 2 year phone plan contracts, only retailers do. Say goodbye to contracts and hello to freedom! Save big and get that weight off your chest with the rolling 30-day plans that Straight Talk offers. Get the type of plan you need with no stress or commitment. Whether you need unlimited calls and texts or a huge chunk of high speed data, get it all for less with a Straight Talk plan. If the plan you choose doesn’t quite work out for you, change it up next month for something more suitable, ah the joys of flexibility and choice. Straight Talk is covered by all four of America’s top phone networks (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile), using the exact same towers, so rest assured you’ll have the best coverage wherever you are. You can decide to continue using your current phone, or you can treat yourself to a little upgrade if you’re feeling fancy. Straight Talk has all the latest and greatest cell phones available on today's market at low prices that cannot be beaten. Whether you’re an Android advocate or a die-hard iPhone user, find the right phone for you. Get your hands on a Straight Talk coupon and save big on the latest, new Apple iPhone. Choose to pay off the phone in affordable, monthly installments or if you prefer pay it off in one go. Enjoy hot deals and discounts on the latest Samsung Galaxy models, Motorola, LG, Google and more. Go as modern and sophisticated as you like with your new smartphone or if you prefer it a bit more old school and simple, there are plenty of basic phone options for you too. Whether you keep your old phone or get a new one, you can keep your old number and get free from your old contract….phew! Straight Talk also offers awesome plans for home phones. Stay in touch with loved ones and family the easy way, with one of Straight Talks super cheap nationwide and very affordable international plans. Call Mexico, India, China, Canada and chat for as long as you like without stressing about how much it all costs. Head on over to Straight Talk or Walmart today after reading our guide and snag a great deal on your dream phone and perfect phone plan!

Straight Talk having been their thing since 2009. They offer a no-fuss attitude to phone plans that other companies cannot provide. We highly recommend Straight Talk to those who do not like or want a phone contract. If you buy your phone outright and unblocked, Straight Talk offers a great solution, a cheap phone plan with no strings attached.

Can I use my phone and get a Straight Talk plan?

Absolutely, this is one of the many perks associated with Straight Talk. Because Straight Talk offers service from 4 of the major US networks, most phones will already be compatible without the need for any ‘unlocking’.