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SuperShuttle Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in November 2022

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Aaa Discount - Save $10
Get 5% Off For Airport Rides - SuperShuttle
Save 12% Off All Airport Rides
Save 10% When You Use The App
London - Save 25%
Los Angeles - Save Up to $20
Save Up to 10% With Your Shared Or Premium Ride
Book a Ride For Salt Lake City And Save 10% - SuperShuttle
Get 10% Off From Transportation To Campuses - SuperShuttle
Get 10% Off on New York Airport Rides - SuperShuttle
Get Up to 10% Off on Your Shared Or Premium Ride
Up to 10% Off on Advance Bookings - SuperShuttle
$10 Off Shared Airport Rides In The DC Area
Get 5% Off For One Way Austin TX Bergstrom Airport - SuperShuttle
Group Hotel Rates - Save Up to 77%
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Get 5% Off on Any Ride
10% Off on Shuttle, Black Car, & SUV Rides
10% Off on Shared Or Premium Ride
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  • Online Sales
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  • % Off
  • $ Off
Offers: 17
Redeemed offers: 6776
Potential savings: 5%-77% / $10-$20

Get the best prices and secure the cheapest rates on your rides to and from the airport with SuperShuttle, America’s favorite airport transportation service.

  • Download the SuperShuttle app for faster booking, on-demand airport rides and exclusive promotions.
  • Share a ride with others heading in the same direction, and save big on your fare with SuperShuttle.

Check out our page for the most up to date SuperShuttle Express coupons, promo codes and vouchers found anywhere.

Discount Details Valid until
$10 Discount Aaa Discount - Save $10 Up to revocation
5% Discount Get 5% Off For Airport Rides - SuperShuttle Up to revocation
$12 Discount Save 12% Off All Airport Rides Up to revocation
10% Discount Save 10% When You Use The App Up to revocation
25% Discount London - Save 25% Up to revocation

More about SuperShuttle

SuperShuttle was founded in 1983, by a Mr Mitchell S.Rouse. The SuperShuttle is instantly recognisable at airports throughout the US with their blue and yellow shuttle buses. Keep reading our guide for the inside scoop on where to find SuperShuttle promo codes and how to get the lowest prices on each reservation. 

How do you redeem a SuperShuttle coupon?

The hardest part is over once you’ve found yourself a SuperShuttle Express coupon, all you need to do know is work out how to use it. Lucky for you, we’ve made a little step by step guide to help you along the way. This is relevant if you’re making a reservation online, not through the app.

  1. Let the games begin! “Double click” your coupon to be redirected to the page you’ll need on
  2. Write down or “copy” the promo code if there is one
  3. On the website enter your ‘trip type’
  4. Select the airport and pick up address and drop off address if relevant
  5. Enter the departure date and time
  6. Enter a discount code if you have one and click ‘continue’
  7. Check that everything is looking good
  8. Make your payment and confirm the reservation
  9. Great, you’re all done, we hope your got the saving that you wanted

How can I save using a SuperShuttle coupon?

Getting the cheapest rates on trips to the airport or around town with SuperShuttle will usually require a coupon or promo code of some sort. Continue reading for a coupon and discount code education.

Where can I find the best SuperShuttle coupons?

If you want the very best deals and offers from SuperShuttle, there’s really only one place that you need to look. PromoPony delivers the goods time after time. Browse through the latest coupons and discount codes to ensure you get the cheapest rates on your journey to and from the airport.

How much can I save using a SuperShuttle promo code?

Trips to and from the airport needn’t be expensive anymore, when you find yourself a promo code and start using SuperShuttle. For a limited time only get a $10 Discount when you redeem a coupon.

Are there any promotions now on at SuperShuttle?

There’s no need to pay full price on a fare at SuperShuttle, when you can rely on one of their frequent offers. Right now, you’ll be able to find 17 promotions to help you save money off your next trip.

Is SuperShuttle a cheaper option than Uber?

For the cheapest and easiest way to get to and from the airport, SuperShuttle is an excellent choice. For the lowest rates, find yourself a discount code or you can opt for a Shared Ride Shuttle.

What’s the problem with my SuperShuttle voucher?

If your SuperShuttle coupon is giving you grief, try not to stress...we’re here to help. Coupons not working as they should is a very common problem. Here are some the most reliable solutions to getting the discount you want.

Is this SuperShuttle coupon too old to use?

A classic sign to look out for when a coupon has already expired is, if you’re only redirected to the homepage with no deal insight. If you can find an expiration date anywhere, it’s probably wise you start looking for a new coupon.

Can I use this SuperShuttle promo code?

Is your promo code being rejected not doing much at all? If so, you should answer these questions below to help you find out if you’re wasting your time with a dud.

  • Has the promo code already expired?
  • Did you enter the code correctly?
  • Is the deal valid in your state?
  • Have you 100% understood the promotion?

If ‘yes’ was yes was your answer to all of the above, well done, but you need to find another discount code.

How can I save without a SuperShuttle coupon?

Want to know all the ways that you can save on your next trip with SuperShuttle, even when you don’t have a coupon or voucher? Keep reading and all shall be revealed.

Can I save with SuperShuttle if I'm a AAA member?

SuperShuttle has joined forces with AAA Discount and Rewards to offer members an awesome 10% discount on all rides to the airport. As a AAA member, entering your ZIP code will automatically apply the price reduction.

Should I download the SuperShuttle app?

If you plan on using SuperShuttle regularly, downloading the SuperShuttle app will make everything a lot easier. As well as user benefits, you’ll also be sent exclusive promotions and members only deals each month.

How can I save money using SuperShuttle?

If you’re on a budget and haven’t managed to find a coupon or offer code to use on your next ride with SuperShuttle, try the Shared Ride Shuttle. Sharing your ride may not be as convenient as the Express Ride, but you’ll get to where you need to go and save money.

Do I need an account to use SuperShuttle?

You don’t need an account to enjoy the great service that SuperShuttle provides. Creating an account does offer plenty of perks though. Making a reservation is a lot easier and you’ll receive discount and promotions on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for more deals and discounts on ride options then look no further, check out these awesome Uber coupons and save on your next journey.

Should I use SuperShuttle?

Travelling to and from the airport can be a stressful affair. Making the flight on time, security, checking already have enough on your plate already. With SuperShuttle, it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you normally drive yourself to the airport, take a taxi or beg a friend to give you a ride, SuperShuttle is your best option. With over 30 years experience and more than 150 million passengers served, they know a thing or two about great service. Why waste precious time and money looking for overpriced parking in the airport parking lot? With SuperShuttle it’s super easy, get picked up from wherever you choose and dropped off at your terminal, done! Make a reservation via or use the excellent SuperShuttle app for quicker access. SuperShuttle gives you three great options to get to your destination. Choose between the most popular method ‘Express Ride’, the cheaper ‘Shared Ride Shuttle’ and the classy ‘Black Car’. The Express Ride is private and takes you from A to B with no stops in between, get assistance with your luggage and take advantage of a 15 minute pick-up window. If you want to save money or you’re a super social creature, take the Shared Ride Shuttle. Get grouped with other travellers closeby who are also travelling to the same airport. Your driver will pick up passengers along the way and your fee will effectively be split. The Shared Ride Shuttle is a fantastic option for those travelling on a budget, it’s also a great way to meet new people too. If you demand the very best and used to a bit of luxury in your life, the SuperShuttle Black Car service is the one for you. For an affordable, luxury car service to and from the airport whether for business or pleasure, reserve a Black Car. Enjoy a meet and greet service, swanky vehicle and exceptional service all at a great price. SuperShuttle isn’t just for trips to the airport, get around town or wherever your heart desires. Enjoy upfront pricing, so you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of your journey. Let your hair down and enjoy a night out on the town, forget about having one too many cos you ain’t driving! SuperShuttle offers ultra competitive prices, especially when you find yourself a great coupon. If you need a car for longer, doing some errands, meetings around town, whatever it is - rent a driver by the hour for your absolute convenience. It’s like having your very own personal driver, without the huge bill at the end of the month. Take the stress and hassle out of travel and choose SuperShuttle.

SuperShuttle has over 30 years experience and more than 150 million satisfied customers under their belt...they know what they’re doing to say the least. Whether you require the cheapest transportation to and from the airport or you want to travel in style, SuperShuttle has the deal for you. Watch the video below for more info.

How much does SuperShuttle cost?

There aren’t any surprises when booking with SuperShuttle. Your ride to the airport doesn’t need to empty your wallet even before you’ve gotten away. Enter all your details to begin your reservation and get a quote instantly.

In what cities can I use SuperShuttle Express?

If you’re unsure whether you can use SuperShuttle in your state or city, check out the ‘locations’ tab at for a list of airports and cities where SuperShuttle operates.