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More about

The idea for this famous company was originally conceived by three young guys living in Atlanta, USA. In 2003, Marcus, Heath, and Kevin focused their collective intellect into pursuing a unique venture in which they decided to sell toilets via an online platform. They entitled this business venture as 'Performance Toilets' and proceeded to build a website for their cause. Once they were finished with the website, they put out web adverts and soon began receiving orders for their products. Within mere weeks of going online with their venture, the trio had sold its first order and had dozens more queued for further processing.

                   Key facts about National Builder Supply 

Key facts about

  • Company founded in the year 2004
  • Stores have an on-site inventory of more than 100,000 square feet
  • More than a 100 people working closely as a dedicated team
  • Lowest prices for all the products offered on site
  • Price-match guarantee available for all the products offered for sale
  • Company allows the customers to use coupons to get further discounts video

More about

By 2008, the business was quite well-established, and the company decided to expand its product range. After years of experiments, the original 'Performance Toilets' business evolved into the newer '' venture. The old website was also revamped to fit in with the firm values and product placements of the new business, which now dealt in a lot more categories than before. Apart from toilets, the venture had now expanded into faucets, sinks, kitchen equipment, light fixtures, etc. It had also acquired a new warehouse to house its supplies in-house, built a commercial and operational e-commerce website to function as an online store, and had established a customer service team to deal with its customer's concerns regarding their dealings with the company. At present, the company has contracted its official name to 'Supply,' but otherwise, it continues only to grow. There is now a larger customer base, a larger range of products and a wider supply of products belonging to a myriad of brands. The company intends to blend its services with the needs of building professionals (contractors, plumbers, and designers) as well as homeowners and become a premier destination to supply quality product for all relevant needs.

To this end, the company prices all its products within an affordable price range, and offers a price-match guarantee to ensure that it supplies the best quality for the best price deals available. To get extra discounts, customers can also use valid coupons and enjoy great prices!

National Builder Supply youtube channel youtube channel

The company owns and operates an active media outlet via its channel on Youtube. The channel features instructional videos on how to install most products if you decide to do it yourself. Apart from this, the channel also includes promotional content and introductions with its staff so that customers can become more familiar with the Dynamics, the company they are purchasing from. This helps to build a strong relationship between the company and its customers. All content of the company can be accessed from the official company YouTube page.

Order high-quality products from the company at cheaper costs than usual by using coupons

Customers can use their coupons to buy any of the products listed on the enterprise's website. coupons are applicable on all brands and models of toilets, sinks, faucets and tubs available in the bathroom section of the store. coupons can also be used to purchase lighting and fans, fittings and pipe fixtures at a reduced cost. The store also stocks niche categories of products that may be required by its diverse customer base to be employed in their remodeling or construction projects.

To order any item from the company website, visit the website and create an account as either a homeowner or a professional in the construction industry. Your specification will give you access to products better suited to your needs, and also allow you to save product favorites for further notice. Most importantly, creating an account on the website will help you track your orders right up to the point that they are delivered to you. To order the products, just browse through the categories listed on the website or type a specification in the search bar. Once you find the item you were searching for, you can add it to your shopping cart, and then simply proceed to checkout. You can then review the details on your order for accuracy, and include any coupons to get further reductions on your purchase bills. Once the coupons discount is applied and the order finalized, the company will process your order and ship it to your specified address within the specified number of days.

Conditions for product delivery at

For items which are already in stock when an order is placed for them, these items must be received by the customers within 9-10 business days. Delivery times may vary because of external factors which may cause inevitable delays, like weather emergencies. Once an order at this company has been placed, the customers will receive a confirmation email within two days with the details of shipping and tracking information. Nevertheless, the company advises its customers to wait for their orders to arrive before they schedule any contractors to assemble the items. Even though the company cannot take any responsibility for external damages caused to your order because of the negligence of the carrier service, they are always ready to help should any unexpected circumstances arise. To be in the loop about your order and its process the customers are advised to be in contact with the customer service officials and get regular updates on their orders, to ensure that the procedure is running smoothly.


Shipping policy at

The company offers free shipping in 48 contiguous states inside the United States for all orders which exceed a total of $100. This means you will not even need to use your coupons to get low rates on shipping. Additional charges will be applicable if you want orders shipped the next day, or you want to get 2-day shipping. Both the mentioned options are only applicable for items which are in-stock at the company's warehouse when orders are placed for these items. Customers are encouraged to contact the customer service if they have questions regarding any of the company's shipping policies or rates.

National Builder Supply coupons

Return policy at

Policies are different for both Homeowners and Professionals dealing with the company's products. Similarly, return policies are also slightly varied depending upon which consumer group you belong to. In general, however, customers have to contact the company about product returns within 48 hours of receiving the delivery from the company. If 48 hours are exceeded, the company will be no longer be responsible for full refunds on the return of faulty products, even though the store may order partial refunds on the products. In most cases, the company usually sends replacement products to the customers if defective products are reported to make the situation considerably easier.

Customer service and help center at

The company stays in contact with its customers via multiple platforms. It responds to queries via emails although these may take longer than the phone calls because of inboxes swamped with spam and irrelevant messages too. Customers can call before 6 pm EST to talk to customer service representatives about any issues they face concerning the site's operations or the usage of coupons. There is also the option of contacting the company via a contact form embedded into the company's website. The customers also have the choice to chat with a customer representative via the live chat box if they wish to get resolution for their queries without talking on the phone. The company makes sure that during its working hours, at least one if not all of these services is operational to maintain an open line of immediate contact with its customers. coupons for 2022

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