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More about Sweet Tomatoes

Soul Plantation, also known as Sweet Tomatoes, is a chain of restaurants operating on the concept of providing farm fresh food to the customers at the tables in a buffet fashion. Dennis Jay conceived the idea of opening a restaurant in which healthy food was presented to clients. The first hotel was opened in 1978. As of 2016, the company has 124 stores all over the United States. The headquarters of the company is located in San Diego, California. The most expert farmers with years of experience work to bring you fresh vegetables and fruits. The company offers many options for mouthwatering food with innovative recipes. Also, some of the menus will not make you even count your calories. With such taste and health, the company offers all meals at affordable prices. However, you can further reduce costs by redeeming Sweet Tomatoes coupons at checkout.

                                             Key facts about Sweet Tomatoes

Key facts about Sweet Tomatoes

  • Founded by surfer named Jay Dennis in 1978
  • Is located in San Diego, California
  • Company has diversified food items related to bakery, salads, and soups
  • Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation owns the Company

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Eat healthy food at discounted price through redeeming Sweet Tomatoes coupons

In the modern world where food is mostly made up of chemicals and what not, the company's goal is to give you the opposite. The company has farm fresh food and menu made from the starch for you to give you the healthiness you deserve. The effort that is put into bringing such food to you becomes priceless when you enjoy the taste as well. The company believes in healthy food should be reasonably priced. So, it allows customers to redeem Sweet Tomatoes coupons at checkout for discounts on the meals they want to eat. All you need to do is select the meal you want, redeem Sweet Tomatoes coupons at checkout, and enjoy healthy food at discounted rates.

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Offer 2: On the purchase of gift card of worth $50 get a free meal pass.

Gift cards at Sweet Tomatoes

Gifts are always known to bring out the smiles in friends, family, and acquaintance. Sweet Tomatoes knows that there is no better way to someone's heart but through their belly. Therefore, you can always give your loved ones its gift cards. Doing so is easy. You just have to select the card and amount you want to gift. You can give them a digital card one or physical one. Also, when you gift your loved one a gift card that is worth $50 or more; you will also get a free meal pass. You can also reload money into your gift cards if you want. You can use Sweet Tomatoes coupons to get discounts on gift cards as well.

Products at Sweet Tomatoes

Products at Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes serves a very different menu. You can choose a combination of vegetables and fruits on your plate. The company implements innovation in its recipes. In addition to the regular menu, you will also find new intriguing dishes. The major dishes of the company are Bakery, Salads, and Soups. If one looks at the menu, the following entrees are the highlights:

  • Caesar Asiago Salad
  • Tuna Tarragon Salad
  • Wonton Happiness SaladVG
  • Joan’s Broccoli Madness w/ Bacon & CashewsGF
  • Blue Cheese, Pear and Walnut SaladVGGF
  • Creamy Cauliflower & CheeseVG
  • Chicken Jalapeno Tortilla Soup (12/8 – 12/29)GF
  • Big Chunk Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Deep Kettle House ChiliGF
  • Santa Fe Black Bean ChiliVEGF
  • Provencal Green Bean & Potato SaladVEGF
  • Classic MacVG
  • Spaghetti with Vegetarian RaguVG
  • Penne with Tomatoes and SpinachVG
  • Cheesy Garlic FocacciaVG
  • Quattro Formaggio FocacciaVG
  • Wildly Blue Blueberry MuffinVG
  • Buttermilk Corn BreadVG
  • Gluten Friendly Gingerbread MuffinVGGF
  • Candy Cane Lane MuffinVG

There are also a lot more meals for you to choose from. Just don't forget to redeem Sweet Tomatoes coupons at checkout for discounts.

The menu is dependent on seasonal fruits and vegetables, and so it can be different in various seasons. The most unusual factor of the company is that the vegetables are fresh. If one looks at the menu, it can be observed that all the items mentioned are super healthy. Those who like only vegetables can also savor their taste buds with the only vegetable-based dishes.

Your health is dependent on the kind of food you eat. That is why the restaurant has calculated calories for you, so you do not exceed your calorie intake. This is especially useful when you have to follow a diet plan. The menu can help you achieve your desired body to the maximum. You can stick to your diet plan and can purchase the tasty entrées at economical prices through Sweet Tomatoes coupons.

The restaurant consistently works to improve and innovate new recipes. Therefore, promotions are offered to in which people can taste new recipes and can give their reviews about them. The restaurant cares about its customer's choices, so they also welcome feedback and reviews about their menu.


Catering services of Sweet Tomatoes and how to order

The company also offers catering services to clients. As in every individual's life, various events occur. That is why the company is satisfying its customers by fulfilling their needs and making an event special. The company's catering services are one of the best that a person can ask for. The firm is fully capable of dealing with numerous demands and offering results in time. It operates in various populated and famous regions including California, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia. The company has expertise in following areas

  • Official Meetings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Picnics
  • Holidays
  • House Parties
  • Luncheon

The Lunch and dinner package is an attractive one. It includes some outstanding products. This bundle is also a signature package of the company. It also includes various appetizing products such as:

  • Caesar Asiago Salad
  • Wonton Happiness Salad
  • Broccoli Madness Deli Salad
  • Tuns Tarragon Deli Salad
  • Baked Potatoes with Topping
  • Assorted freshly baked muffins
  • Homemade cookies

The company vowed to provide products which not only enhance our health but also allow us to help prevent ourselves from various diseases like obesity, blood pressure, etc. Some of the healthy salads offered by the company are:

  • Classic Caesar Asiago
  • Featured Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Garden Vegetables Tray
  • Wonton Happiness

The company's primary mission is to give the maximum to customers. That's why they use organic ingredients in salads from fresh vegetables. Talking about soups and pasta, they use farm raised chicken which has no added hormones. This not only makes the soup delicious but also encourages clients to return. Their pasta and soups include:

  • Big Chunk Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Deep Kettle House Beef Chili
  • Featured Cream Soup
  • Featured Vegetarian Soup
  • Marinara Pasta (96 oz)
  • Macaroni & Cheese (96 oz)

The restaurant also has made itself visible in the Baking sector. Their contribution towards this sector includes their use of fresh organic produce which makes their baked goods more delicious. In the baking area, it offers Freshly Baked Assorted Muffins, Cheesy Garlic Focaccia, Grain Bread, Pizza Focaccia and Sourdough.

If we talk about the beverages in catering, the company offers a signature beverage called the strawberry lemonade.

So, there is a lot for you to order from. Simply select the meals you want to purchase, and pay for them. You can find the nearest location from yourself by visiting the website and then entering your state, city or zip code.

Join club veg at Sweet Tomatoes

Join club veg at Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes honors vegetarians in a unique way. It has formed a vegetarian club where people who love vegetables and only consume them can join. On signing up with the club, many benefits are given to the members. The company provides them with new deals, Sweet Potatoes coupons, and promotional information. Also, the restaurant helps the cause of saving trees. You can use Sweet Tomatoes coupons through your cell phone and don't have to show the Sweet Tomatoes coupons slip. Hence, the company takes little steps for a significant cause to save trees.

Delivery policy at Sweet Tomatoes

Delivery is an important feature for the food sector. Sweet Tomatoes offers efficient delivery service. Clients can enter a delivery date, delivery time, etc. to get the meal they want. Also, you can utilize your Sweet Tomatoes coupons while ordering meals from this company.

Customer service at Sweet Tomatoes

Customers can contact the client service team by visiting the website and filling out the form that is available there. The company loves to hear customer comments, and it tries to do what it can to meet their demands.

Sweet Tomatoes coupons

Sweet Tomatoes coupons for 2020

Fresh food particularly cultivated with love and made with passion certainly don’t comes at a low price. With people awareness towards healthy food increasing, Sweet Tomatoes provides the healthy food your body needs. You can order food from this establishment by redeeming Sweet Tomatoes coupons and getting discounts. A foodie knows that their addiction to food can make them spent all of their money. However, valid Sweet Tomatoes coupons can help save your money while eating from this firm. There are a lot of Sweet Tomatoes coupons available at PromoPony. All you need to do is collect these discount coupons from PromoPony, and then redeem them at checkout while placing your order.