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Symantec Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in September 2022

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Endpoint Protection Free Trial
Ghost Solution Suite Free Trial
Best Offer! Get 50% Off On Norton Security Deluxe
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More about Symantec

Symantec is an American technology company that specializes in software, security, storage, and backup. Symantec is the most used certification authority business. The company is also in Fortune 500 and is located in Mountain View, California, USA. The word Symantec is the combination of “syntax,” “semantics” and “technology.” Gary Hendrix founded Symantec in 1982. The company was initially focused on Artificial Intelligence and related projects but due to disappointments in producing a real product it was sold to another company named C&E Software in 1984. Symantec is a renowned company in the sale of security solutions to businesses and their Anti-Virus for their customers and enterprise. If you are willing to purchase from Symantec’s online store, then you can use Symantec coupons for the best discounts available at that time. These coupons would let you shop the best security software for your company or individual for a reasonable price. So before making the decision to purchase a product from the store without a coupon code, visit the website and use valid coupon codes to get huge discounts on their products. 

Symantec Coupon Key Facts

Key facts about Symantec

  • Founded in 1982

  • Symantec is a highly successful Fortune 500 Company

  • The company successfully acquired 65 companies within a year

  • The company has more than 11,000 employees in more than 35 countries in the world

  • Symantec is competing with McAfee, Avira, Kaspersky, Bull Guard and Trend Micro in antivirus industry

  • It is one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks

  • They are offering their services to more than nine different industries

Symantec video

Download Symantec app for free

If you are a mobile phone user and carry a smartphone with valuable data in it, then you should consider downloading Symantec’s Android or iOS app for offering better security to your phone. The store is a leading security software provider that will let you save your data from hackers. They also offer an antivirus with Norton name branding. Symantec for Mobile is the best choice for your smartphone. It is available on both popular platforms like Android and iOS. If you loved the antivirus software for your phone, then you can purchase Symantec Software’s premium services with huge discounts. Just use valid Symantec coupons before subscribing, and you will get great discounts on their services. To download Symantec’s mobile apps visit their official website for links to the respective store. The company is offering different software solutions for various types of customers. Their apps include both Norton and Symantec branding. So you can download your favorite software, and with valid coupon codes, you can get massive discounts on your purchases. For Windows and other platform users like Mac, you can also get Symantec’s antivirus from their store using valid coupon codes. These discount coupon codes will help you in getting these security solutions with a reasonable price tag. Don’t forget to use Symantec coupons if you do not want to miss eye-catching offers from this company and make sure that your electronic devices, whether they’re smartphones or computers, etc. remain safe.

Download Symantec app for free


As a research and security software company, Symantec is producing high quality and industry standard products for their customers. As a software company, it is developing software with different branding including Norton. The complete list of their products can be found in the products section of their official website. There are a total of 75 products listed in their products index. Here are major product categories that you’ll find at Symantec:

  • Threat Protection Products

  • Blue Coat Products

  • Information Protection

  • Small Business

  • Website Security

Symantec is a leading threat protection and website security protection provider as it is also the world’s most used website certification software company. You might have seen many sites with Norton secured or Certified logo on the bottom or top of their homepage. It shows the quality standards of Symantec and what they have achieved over the years. These categories which are listed above have many kinds of products targeted to different types of customers. If you’re interested in shopping from this company then you can do while keeping everything in a budget by using Symantec coupons. Here is the list of the products available for sale by this establishment:

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Endpoint Protection Cloud

  • IT Management Suite

  • Email Security Cloud

  • Data Center Security

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Encryption

  • VIP

  • Managed PKI Service

  • VIP Access Manager

  • Ghost Solution Suite

  • SSL/TLS Certification

  • code Signing

  • Norton Shopping Guarantee

  • Complete Website Security

So, if you are interested in any product category or a specific item, then you can purchase any of these services or products at a low price by using Symantec coupons. These codes will let you shop from Symantec’s online store for a discounted price. If you are an individual who is a student or if you belong to any profession like being a teacher or any other job, then these coupons are helpful for you in saving money. You can save a lot of money by using Symantec coupons and then use the saved money wisely on other things. The store also offers different discounts on numerous products and by using Symantec coupons you can reduce the price even further. It’s a win-win situation, and there is no hidden cost, charges or paid email sign-ups.

Solutions and services

Symantec Software is providing their excellent services to different industries around the world. The company is an industry leader in all of these sectors. Here is the list of industries where Symantec is providing solutions by delivering their high-quality and reliable products:

  • Automotive

  • Cyber Insurance

  • Education

  • Financial Services

  • Global Service Providers

  • Industrial Control Systems

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Government

The remarkable services of this store are listed below:

  • Cyber Security Services

  • Education Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Customer Success Services

These services are widely helping users from around the world in their respective fields. The automotive industry is using their services in their cars’ software to protect their customers from malicious codes and hackers from around the world. Hackers are always looking for means to cause trouble and gain information that they can use. They can hack your devices to get sensitive information from them and then use that information against you. So consider purchasing any of the services offered by this company to save yourself from these individuals. Use Symantec coupons to get discounts if you think that these prices are too high for you. Visit Symantec’s online store and then use Symantec coupons for best prices possible on the internet by redeeming them during checkout.

Solutions and services

Returns at Symantec

The return policy of this store offers you to unsubscribe from their services or products. You can submit a refund request within 45 days from the date of purchase and if the said offer is less than $5,000. It is clearly written that returns will not be given for requests of US $5,000 or more or after 45 days from the purchase date. This return policy doesn’t apply to cloud products offered by the Symantec Corporation like Internet security protection and others. However, there are some exceptions on other products which you can read on their return policy page or contact customer support if your answer cannot be found. You can also check the FAQ section on the website for questions related to returning policy and any other products that you are willing to replace or return.

Pricing policy at Symantec

Symantec Corporation is known for their best prices and regular discounts. However, the prices might be a bit high for many customers such as students, teachers, and others. But you can get excellent offers and discounts by using Symantec coupons before purchasing this store’s products and save money. There is no additional fee and hidden cost or charges when using these coupons. No email signup is required, just visit their website or online store and select the item you want to purchase. After selection of your desired item, choose the payment method and then add Symantec coupons codes to get discounts on the high prices of the products you want to get. The prices at the end will please you and lets you save money for buying other things. Symantec Corporation also offers discounts on their products itself but to add even more of a discount Symantec coupons will help you. Don’t forget to use Symantec coupons for your own benefit while shopping. Who doesn’t want an exclusive discount on high priced products, rightPricing policy

Some services are not standalone purchases. These services need a monthly or yearly subscription from the customer. Valid Symantec coupons also work in giving you discounts for such subscriptions. You just need to put these Symantec coupons codes during checkout and you will get the discounts you’re looking for. You can select from the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium offers and use valid Symantec coupons codes for cheap rates.

Symantec coupons for 2022

If you are looking for Symantec coupons to get a discount on this stores products, then you can find these on PromoPony. These Symantec coupons are available on PromoPony along with many other offers. If you want to save money on the software that this store is offering, then visit PromoPony and get Symantec coupons from the said website. After that use these coupon codes during the checkout section on Symantec’s website. PromoPony provides discount codes on all types of subscriptions and services by Symantec. So, before you decide to purchase anything, visit PromoPony and get valid coupons for discounts on numerous products and services. Make sure that you visit the homepage regularly because there are always new coupons for you to grab. Keep in mind that discount codes can only be redeemed once. You will need to collect a new batch of discounts coupons to get exclusive discounts on your purchases.