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TireRack Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2020

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$70 Prepaid Card With Goodyear Tire Purchase
$50 Or Less For Gifts!
Method Wheels Are 10% Off
Get $60 Back When You Buy Firestone Tires
Up to 50% Off Lighting And Wiper Products
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  • Online Sales
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  • $ Off
Offers: 2
Redeemed offers: 2
Potential savings: $50-$70
Discount Details Valid until
$70 Discount $70 Prepaid Card With Goodyear Tire Purchase Up to revocation
$50 Discount $50 Or Less For Gifts! Up to revocation

More about TireRack

TireRack is based in South Bend, Indiana, with offices in Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota and Nevada. The company was founded in 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana. TireRack bills itself as “Your performance experts for tires and wheels”, but the company sells more than just tires. Customers can input vehicle information to see products specifically created for their cars. Car mud flaps, batteries and wipers are also available. With 2.4 million square feet in distribution space and inventory from 22 tire brands and 61 wheel brands, TireRack offers a diverse selection sure to help meet each customer’s individual need.

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Key facts about TireRack

  • Founded in 1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Retailer for tires, wheels, mud flaps, batteries, and wipers

  • Sells products from over 22 tire brands and 61 wheel brands

Save money with a free TireRack coupon

Any car fanatic knows that TireRack is the premier place to purchase car equipment. You can find car parts for most makes and models at TireRack. Not only does TireRack have a large selection to choose from, but they are also reasonably priced. You can find incredibly low prices on any one of their products. TireRack receives all of their car equipment at wholesale values, and they do not place huge markups on their products. If you need high quality car parts for a low price, TireRack is the place to shop. Although you can already find incredibly low prices at TireRack, there is a way to receive even lower prices at their webstore. If you use a TireRack coupon code found on PromoPony, you can take advantage of incredibly promotional prices. Simply enter the TireRack coupon code found on PromoPony into the TireRack checkout page to receive your discount.

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How do I place an order with TireRack?

TireRack allows you to sort products by vehicle and brand to help narrow down options. Each product section also has a general description so that you may understand why the part or accessory is an important component of a vehicle. To avoid unnecessary error when ordering online, the website has a form where you can provide the make, model and year for the vehicle you are shopping for. Then, the website is able to show products that would be a good fit for that specific car. If you select a product that isn’t compatible with your car, an error message pops up with a warning advising you to choose something else. 

Each individual product page also shows ratings from previous customers, and each item is rated on a five-star scale. The product page includes information like warranty, specifications and the different sizes available. It also allows the customer to see whether a product is in stock and the estimated delivery date for a given zip code. You can either save an item for later or click “Add to Cart” if you are ready to make a purchase. 

Next, you are automatically redirected to a page that asks where the purchase should be shipped. You can ship their orders to a TireRack recommended installer, a personal address or a TireRack distribution center. When shipping to a recommended installer, you will see whether a TireRack coupon is available for use. Once a customer chooses a shipping destination, you will be prompted to create an account or use guest checkout. Next, the site automatically redirects you to a page with fields for shipping information. 

TireRack accepts most major credit cards, including Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. You can also use PayPal to make a payment. If you have a TireRack coupon, you can click the gift certificate option and input the code from the TireRack coupon. Customers are able to use multiple TireRack coupon codes on one order. After a payment method is selected, you must fill out your billing information and continue to a page to review the order before submitting. The website will provide an error message if the TireRack coupon code is invalid. After an order is placed, the company emails a receipt as order confirmation. 

Delivery conditions at TireRack

TireRack offers free shipping for eligible orders that cost more than $50. Even if you do not have a TireRack coupon, you are able to receive free shipping. Customers are also welcome to pick up their orders at distribution centers across the U.S., including locations in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota and Nevada. If an in-store order isn’t picked up within two weeks, the order is cancelled. Customers who choose this option should be aware that the credit card holder must be the person who picks up the order. 

International shipping options are not listed online. Non-U.S. customers are asked to contact a specialist by phone or email with the following information: Vehicle year/make/model, billing address, shipping address, a telephone number and a complete list of products to purchase. A sales specialist will then work with the international customer to find the most efficient shipping option. International customers also do not benefit from TireRack coupon offers, as most manufacturers only offer discounts for those in the U.S.

For customers in the U.S., shipping charges will vary depending on how far the customer is located from a distribution center. For example, a customer in New York City can expect to spend about $10 in shipping costs when buying an item ineligible for free shipping if the customer does not have a TireRack coupon.

Delivery conditions at TireRack

Returns at TireRack

If an item needs to be returned within a month of delivery, a returns specialist will inspect the product. Only unused products are accepted for returns or refund. Customers who pick up items at distribution centers can return or exchange items the day of purchase for immediate help. Otherwise, the order will have to be reviewed by a returns specialist and processed in the same manner as an online return. 

Since TireRack sells products from other brands, the company helps customers who need manufacturer’s warranties fulfilled. If a product doesn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty, it is not covered by any warranty from the company. Special order items are not returnable, but you will receive a credit after returning either tires and wheels. The credit deducts any freight charges incurred. If an item arrives damaged, contact customer service at 1-888-981-3953 and TireRack will replace the damaged product.

Customers are required to provide a Return Authorization Number when returning a product, as all returns must be approved by a returns specialist before being shipped back to the company for a refund. The company’s website also provides helpful diagrams for returning tires and wheels. If a customer is not careful when packaging wheels and tires for return, the product could get damaged in transit. TireRack also asks for feedback from customers and invites them to share why the item did not meet their expectations. 

TireRack customer service

To reach out to the company, visit the website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Us.” You can call customer service at 888-981-3953, and the customer service office is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, the company is reachable from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The customer service office is closed on Sundays. 

For less urgent concerns, you can use an online contact form. After the online form is submitted, you can expect a response within two business days. You need to provide a name, email address and order number in order to receive a response. 

Before contacting customer service, you can also read an FAQ page that includes in-depth information about tires, wheels, brakes, suspension and more. The site provides the number of people who found an FAQ answer helpful to allows you to weigh in on whether the company is sufficiently addressing consumer concerns. The FAQ page also includes general car-related knowledge, which helps consumers as they navigate the website and decide which products to purchase. A “Special Offers” section includes information for customers who have a TireRack coupon and provides information about whether purchases are eligible for use with a TireRack coupon. 

TireRack coupons 2020

TireRack is the one stop shop for anybody needing to do work on a vehicle. TireRack offers a large selection of car equipment to choose from for incredibly low prices. Most consumers will be able to find car equipment for their particular make and model from TireRack. Although TireRack already offers low prices on all of their equipment, you can find even lower prices by going to PromoPony. PromoPony has access to all of the latest TireRack coupon codes. TireRack coupon codes can get you prices that you did not think were prices. You find find promotional discounts on any one of their products, ranging from car tires to windshield wipers. You can find a current TireRack coupon code on PromoPony for June 2020 here.