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TJ Maxx Coupons & Promo Codes

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More about TJ Maxx

TJX Cos was first launched in 1919 by the Feldberg brothers, Max and Morris. They founded the country in Boston, Massachusetts as a ladies upholstery shop. As time passed, TJX Cos grew into a large department store conglomerate that now owns 10 individual chains, and it brings in $30 billion in profit annually. TJX Cos chains may be found across 3 continents in over 9 countries. Between these 9 countries, you can find over 3,600 physical locations.

In the United States, you may find the following TJX Cos chains:

  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • HomeGoods
  • Sierra Trading Post

Canada has their own dedicated TJX Cos chains called:

  • Winners
  • HomeSense
  • Marshalls

Europe is home to two TJX Cos chains, TK maxx and HomeSense, while Asia only houses one TJX Cos chain, Trade Secret. 

Between all 3,600 locations, TJX Cos has over 216,000 employees working at their physical stores. This makes them a predominant force in the retail community. Most of the TJX Cos chains are retailers who offer discount clothing and home goods to consumers. Many of their discount clothing is the previous season’s styles from major retailers that they were unable to sell. In this way, TJX Cos is able to pass the savings onto their customers even without their customers using TJX Cos coupon codes. TJX Cos is proud to offer their clothing and home goods at prices that are 20% - 60% below regular specialty store prices. They receive their inventory from over 18,000 merchants and vendors all across the world, so many of their products are top of the line brands.

TJX Logo

Key facts about TJX Cos

  • Launched in 1919 by Max and Morris Feldberg
  • Owns 10 chains found across 9 countries
  • Sells discounted designer and name brand clothing and home goods
  • Has over 3,600 locations all around the globe

Save money with a free TJX Cos coupon

Everybody would prefer to wear name brand clothing, but nobody wants to pay the name brand price. Buying top of the line clothing and home goods straight from a specialty store will definitely hurt your wallet. Companies, like TJX Cos, understand that customers do not want to pay full price for name brand products. TJX Cos offers designer clothing at low, department store prices. They are able to do this, because they receive the previous season’s clothing from their merchants. 

While TJX Cos already offers incredibly low prices on their products, you can take advantage of even lower prices by using a TJX Cos coupon. TJX Cos coupon codes may be used at any one of their 10 chain locations. You may also be able to use them across different continents. PromoPony has access to the latest TJX Cos coupon codes. You may be able to locate a TJX Cos coupon for free or reduced shipping, buy one get one half off deals, or promotional prices on certain products. Simply find a TJX Cos coupon that you are interested in using on PromoPony, and use the promo code when you are in the process of checking out. This will guarantee that you will get the discount listed on the TJX Cos coupon.

Save money with a free TJX Cos coupon

TJX Cos products

Because TJX Cos owns over 10 chains, they sell a large variety of products. Most of their products revolve around clothing and home goods. Their products are all highly reduced in price, and come from name brands stores. A few of their products you may find in stores include:

  • Designer clothing for men, women, and children
  • Fashionable shoes, handbags, and jewelry items
  • Bedroom sets
  • Home goods for the kitchen and living room
  • Home decor in the form of paintings, rugs, and knick knacks
  • Outdoor apparel for men, women, and children

You may always visit one of TJX Cos’s 10 chains to learn more about what they offer. Each chain specializes in a particular product. For example, TJ Maxx specializes in designer clothing and home goods, while Sierra Trading Post specializes in outdoor apparel. If you cannot find something at one TJX Cos chain, another may have exactly what you are looking for. You can always call the TJX Cos customer service hotline to ask about which TJX Cos chain in your area will have the product that you are searching for.

TJX Cos Coupon Codes

There are a variety of TJX Cos coupon codes to take advantage of. You can find your up to date coupon code on PromoPony. TJX Cos regularly cycles through their promo codes, so their coupons do periodically expire. The following are examples are various TJX Cos coupon codes you may find on PromoPony:

  • Free or reduced shipping at any one of the TJX Cos chain locations
  • Clearance pricing at a specific product at TJX Cos
  • A buy one, get one for free promotion on certain products
  • A certain percentage off of your entire order after your purchase over a certain amount of money

How do I place an order with TJX Cos?

Because TJX Cos is the owner of several chains of stores, you cannot directly place an order with TJX Cos. Instead, you must directly go through one of their chain locations to place an order. To locate a store near you, click on “Find a Store” in the upper right hand corner. This will automatically direct you to a page where you may find a TJX Cos chain near you. If you are located in the United States, you should specify if you are looking for a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or HomeGoods store. Once you have specified the store you are wanting to locate, enter in your nearest city or your zip code and click “Enter”. The map will display the closest TJX Cos stores in your locale.

Once you have located a TJX Cos in your order, you may physically enter one of their stores to place an order. Many TJX Cos stores have limited online ordering capabilities. Because their stores offer reduced pricing on products they receive from their merchants, they never know what kind of products they will have in stock. For this reason, you typically cannot place online orders at any TJX Cos chain stores. However, you can use their websites to get a glimpse into what products will be sold in stores soon. You can also see on their websites what TJX Cos coupon codes will be released soon in stores. These exclusive sneak peaks into their upcoming TJX Cos coupon codes can potentially save you lots of money on your next purchase.

How do I place an order with TJX Cos?

Delivery conditions at TJX Cos

TJX Cos does not directly deliver any products, because they are not a store front. One of TJX Cos’s many chains will be able to deliver your products to you. You should go to a TJX Cos chain location to inquire about their specific shipping fees and conditions. Each TJX Cos chain will have different shipping fees associated with their products. Many TJX Cos chains also do not ship products or allow you to purchase merchandise online.

Delivery conditions at TJX Cos

Returns at TJX Cos

TJX Cos consists of several chain stores, so they do not directly process any returns. If you are interested in returning a product to a TJX Cos chain store, you must go through that store. You can find additional information on specific TJX Cos stores by visiting their web pages. TJX Cos customer service will be able to direct you to your closest TJX Cos chain location if you are unsure of how to locate it on your own. Each TJX Cos chain will have their own specific return conditions, and they vary from store to store. Just because one TJX Cos chain has specific return conditions does not mean that another TJX Cos chain will honor those same returns. If you originally paid for your order with a TJX Cos coupon, different TJX Cos chains may or may not return your TJX Cos coupon. 


TJX Cos customer service

TJX Cos has a general customer service hotline you may contact with any inquires. You can reach their customer service by dialing 1-508-390-1000 Monday through Friday during standard operating hours. You may also send their headquarters a physical letter at 

If you need assistant with a particular order that you have placed at a TJX Cos chain, you need to contact that chain directly. You can find their contact information on TJX Cos’s website by clicking “Contact Us”. 

TJX Cos does have a FAQ available on their website. However, this is a general FAQ relating to their company. This FAQ does not cover common inquiries that they receive at their chain locations. You will need to visit the FAQ of those specific TJX Cos chains in order to find answers regarding orders that you have placed.

 TJX Cos customer service

TJX Cos coupons 2022

Where you are looking for designer clothing or home goods, TJX Cos is the place to purchase them from. TJX Cos has access to incredibly low prices on clothing for the entire family. You may also be able to find a TJX Cos coupon to bring the cost of your purchase down even further. You can find a TJX Cos coupon for January 2022 by visiting PromoPony here.