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TurboTax Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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More about TurboTax

Especially designed for the smart worker, TurboTax, built and coded by developer Michael A. Chipman, TurboTax, developed in mid-1980s, will take over you tax-based workings and provide you with the right numbers in the nick of time. The company, formally independently run, Chipsoft was acquired by Intuit in the mid-eighties and is now based in San Diego, California. Arguably one of the most popular income tax preparation software packages in the United States today—TurboTax is based and built upon principles which make it easy for anyone to use and get the most out of.

TurboTax Logo


Key facts about TurboTax

  • One of the best-selling tax softwares

  • Developed in 1980s

  • Used around the world


TurboTax video


More about TurboTax

Amongst its many competitors are TaxSlayer, TaxAct, Jackson Hewitt and the like. Over the years the company has produced and marketed a number of different versions meant for various other uses as well. These include TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, etc. A premier software, TurboTax can be utilized for both federal and state income tax returns. As mentioned earlier it’s easy enough to use, thus the software is designed in order to guide users step-by-step through their tax returns. Furthermore the software also provides additional support to its users for their self-prepared returns by offering an audit defense form as well from TaxResources, Inc.


As per previous practice, TurboTax federal software is put out and released to the market late in the year while the state software is available in the market pretty much mid-January to mid-February. Newer versions of TurboTax are normally released as soon as the IRS completes revisions to the forms and approves the TurboTax versions—this is done usually late in the year. The same process applies to and is similar for states that collect income taxes as well.

Other than the local US based versions the company also addresses Canadian Tax Returns as well with an entirely separate product which also goes by the name of TurboTax. It also markets a separate French version which is very aptly named—ImpotRapide.


TurboTax versions and features

TurboTax versions and features

With the internet having gone mass market the company has kept up with the trend, and today you are able to download a version suited to your needs via their website. The website is helpful and very current with a number of features which also help you order an online version or a CD of the software. Similarly having categorized their products by both income and individual, you are able to browse through and select versions which maybe suited to your needs and are by your income class.


You are also able to preorder software CDs as per the new tax regime in place and query usage rights along with putting forward questions online and getting answers right there and then as well. The company also supports their customers by offering an online account which allows you to keep simultaneous records and even submit applications there depending upon your requirements. Amongst the many uses and features there are also benefits of using TurboTax:

  • Tax deductions: The software offers a listing and choice of over 350 tax deductions you are able to net off from your original amount to be filed.

  • Error check: Before submitting your return, TurboTax will double check it for any errors to make sure there are no mistakes.

  • Accuracy guaranteed: Calculations are 100% guaranteed, which means your taxes will be done right the very first time over.

  • Fast tax refund: TurboTax allows you to file your return online which means you can benefit from the fastest tax refunds immediately.

  • Audit coverage: Every return is backed by an audit support guarantee which means you are able to get audit guidance from a trained tax professional.

Why choose TurboTax?

It can get very cumbersome at times, first you collect all your receipts followed by a session of going through them, noting everything down and then adding and subtracting each figure as you go along all the way until you figure you what to put down on your return. TurboTax makes that process easy for you, not only that but it allows you the option to browse through your deductions and plus also download the latest version each time, every year round.

Moreover the software is easily accessible as well and lends itself to methods only used by professionals within the industry. In choosing TurboTax you’re not only makes your life easier but also ensuring a hassle-free tax return mechanism with guaranteed audit checks along the way and first acceptance as well. What’s more you can also take advantage of TurboTax coupons as you go along to save some money.


These TurboTax coupons are available throughout the internet but the best ones are at PromoPony. Similarly if you visit their website, TurboTax has market comparable pricing in place as well. TurboTax coupons can be used to pay for an online download of the software or even while you are using a mobile version of the software as well.

TurboTax apps and accessibility

TurboTax apps and accessibilty

We have already mentioned the various features which the product supports, how it benefits the common user and moreover what can you gain from using TurboTax—and that TurboTax coupons can also be availed online in order to gain discounts on various different features of the product as well.


It might also be worthwhile mentioning that TurboTax is available on both Windows and Mac as well. Similarly you can now also download an app through your mobile and use it on the go. TurboTax offers various functions via its iOS and mobile app as well, which includes a refund calculator, a tax forms downloader and the like. You are able to easily search and select the function which better suits your needs.


TurboTax coupons on the other hand are also available via PromoPony. The coupon can be utilized with ease, ordered online and used via a simple code—these are very easy to use and users find the best way to save on filing returns is via TurboTax.


Amongst the many features of the product are its segmentation models as well, in order to better serve the income classification needs of its customers—TurboTax comes in different versions and can be made available for home and business tax prep and well as Military tax prep as well. Of course TurboTax coupons can always be availed via online links and applied to any kind of applications chosen via TurboTax.

Turbotax is a site that is quite handy to its clients because you don’t have to bother to stand in line and go through a huge hustle bustle to get your task done. You just have to click on what type of return you want to file and the other supporting documents and file your return. The website has a whole FAQ section where common questions are already answered. And if there are things that are not understandable, then the client can consult with a customer care agent. By doing so you will get the answer that you want. 


Main categories of TurboTax online

  • Online products

  • CD/download products

  • Mobile products

  • Small business taxes

  • Military

  • Compare products

  • TurboTax Advantage

  • Previous years' products

  • File an IRS extension


Discounts at TurboTax

Turbotax not only provides their customers with offers at any time or medium they want. The company offer various scenarios to save your money including:

  • Discounted code

  • Turbotax coupons

  • Rewards

  • Sale offers


TurboTax coupons for 2022

If you’re interested in shopping at the TurboTax website or want to make use of products offered by the company then you need Turbotax coupons for 2022. Using TurboTax coupons will provide you with the best discounts and you can buy the services or products that you need without having to worry about your budget. You can get all of the TurboTax coupons you need by visiting PromoPony. There are always new TurboTax coupons that you can redeem in order to buy the things you want. Simply use these TurboTax coupons during checkout and you’ll see that the cost you had to originally pay has been cut down by quite a lot. While TurboTax coupons do have their advantages, TurboTax coupons can only be used once. For you to get discounts after already using TurboTax coupons means that you’ll need to get new redeemable and valid TurboTax coupons. You can find valid TurboTax coupons on PromoPony and you can keep using them to get awesome discounted rates.