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UberEATS Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in April 2020

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More about UberEATS

UberEATS is Uber for food! UberEATS is a simple food delivery platform that makes ordering a meal quick and easy. It was first launched in August of 2014. as a part of the Uber app in Santa Monica, CA. Back then it was called UberFRESH and it operated with a limited lunch menu of a few selected dishes. In 2015, it changed the name to UberEATS, and the service was expanded to Barcelona, New York and Chicago.  

Today, UberEATS is a stand-alone app operating in 55 cities across the globe, and can be found on 5 out of the 7 continents in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.  

It offers full menus from your city’s best restaurants and prides itself on it’s quick delivery time which is on average 35 minutes for an order, from start to finish. A wide selection of restaurants ensures that if you are craving something, you can order it on UberEATS! The process of ordering is very simple, just download the UberEATS app to your cell phone, order your meal and keep an eye on your food as it makes it’s way towards you. The UberEATS app will charge you a booking fee for using their services. If the area you are ordering from is very busy at the time of your order, an extra fee will be charged to ensure that you get the food you want, when you want it! 

 Key facts about UberEATS

Key facts about UberEATS 

  • A revolutionary food delivery platform 
  • Launched in 2014 
  • Started as UberFRESH – part of the UBER app 
  • In 2015 changed it’s name to UberEATS and started expanding 
  • Today it operates in 55 cities on 5 continents 
  • Average food delivery time, 35 minutes from start till finish 
  • Offering you the choice of full menus from your city’s best restaurants 
  • Order any time of the day 


Save money with a free UberEATS coupon 

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles do not leave us with much free time. Everybody is swamped with various responsibilities, from jobs, to hobbies, to family life, and we rarely have enough time for meal preparation. UberEATS saves precious time by quickly delivering prepared meals of your choice any time of the day. And while a varied range of prices offers something for everyone’s satisfaction, by using a UberEATS coupon you can save up even more. If you open the UberEATS app, tap on the hamburger icon located at the top left corner and then tap on “free food”, you’ll get your UberEATS coupon. Also, you can distribute UberEATS coupon any way you like social media, forums, e-mails, etc. Any time someone uses your UberEATS coupon, you will receive a discount. You can also find a UberEATS coupon on PromoPony. The UberEATS coupon are valid in the cities that have the same currency and can be used only for UberEATS orders. That means that if you travel to a country with a different currency, your UberEATS coupon will not be valid there. To redeem your UberEATS coupon, simply enter in the promo code into the checkout page when you are ready to make a purchase. 

 UberEATS products

UberEATS products 

UberEATS offers something for everyone’s taste. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are craving something rich, filling and comforting, UberEATS has it all. Your city’s best restaurants and their full menus are just a few taps on your cell phone away. You can use UberEATS to order:  

  • Hearty soups and stews 
  • Filling, delicious pizzas and pastas 
  • Creamy, satisfying desserts  
  • Fresh sushi 
  • Quick bites like sandwiches or burgers and fries 
  • Various styles of BBQ 
  • Ethnic cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, etc. 
  • And many, many more 


UberEATS video 



How do I place an order with UberEATS? 

If you have ever used Uber, you will have no problem ordering food over UberEATS.[Text Wrapping Break]The first thing to do is to download the app. You will be able to find it by typing “UberEATS” in the search engine of App Store or Google Play. Select the app by tapping it. An informational display will let you know all the basic information about the app, like the number of times it has been downloaded or the user reviews and average grades. By tapping the “Install” button, you’ll start the installation process. After the installation is finished you’re ready to use the app.  

By tapping on the UberEATS icon, you’ll start the app. The first time you start it the app will ask for your delivery location – your address and the number/floor of your apartment. Also, if you have never used Uber, UberEATS will ask you put in the information from the card you want to charge. Once you have typed in the necessary data, you are ready to place your first order. Firstly, claim your UberEATS coupon. On the upper left corner of the screen there is a hamburger icon. If you tap it a drop down menu will appear. Select “free food” in the drop down menu and claim your UberEATS coupon.  

You can now start browsing through menus of various restaurants available in your area. You select the items by tapping them and then then tapping “Add to basket” button. After you have selected everything you want, finish your order by tapping the green “Payment” button on the bottom of your screen. If you have special dietary restrictions, you will be able to specify them in a dialogue box that the app provides and the restaurants will follow your instructions (for example, no dairy, gluten free, or just a simple “extra cheese” on your pizza). The overall sum, including the booking fee will be calculated.  

At the end of the screen there is a place for you to write in your UberEATS coupon, and once you have done it, the overall price will be adjusted accordingly. After that you can proceed to paying the specified amount.  

 How do I place an order with UberEATS?

Delivery conditions at UberEATS 

There is a general estimation of the delivery time for every restaurant in the UberEATS app, so that while you are ordering you get a sense of how long it would take for your food to arrive. Once you have placed the order, actual delivery time (to the minute) will show up on a map.  

You will be able to follow your food on the map as it’s coming your way. Your delivery man will come directly to your doorstep. If you think it would be easier or quicker to meet the delivery man outside, you can mark it as an option in a little box that appears in the app once you have chosen everything that you want from the menu. 

Tip is not included in the price and you are not expected to give one. What you can do is to give an honest review of the whole experience after you receive your order. This will make things easier for other app users in the future and restaurants with better reviews will get more orders. UberEATS charges a booking fee to cover operational costs. In case UberEATS is busy in certain areas, an additional busy area fee will appear. This fee guarantees that even at the busiest of times, you will get your food when you want it.  

You will be able to see that there is a busy area fee for a special restaurant even before you click on it there will be an arrow icon below the restaurant name. You will also see that the estimated time of delivery for that restaurant will be higher than others. [Text Wrapping Break]Once you click into the restaurant, the app will show you the amount for the additional fee. Busy area fees are calculated in regard to two variables: the amount of people wanting to use the service and the amount of delivery partners in the area. The average delivery takes under 35 minutes.  

 Returns at UberEATS

Returns at UberEATS 

If there is something wrong with the food, you can send it back with the delivery man. Also, leave a detailed review and write down everything that was not good with the food or the service. Restaurants will get more orders if they have good reviews, so it is in their interest to keep the quality of food to the highest standard. It is a system that has proved itself numerous times before. For any bigger problems, you can contact UberEATS via e-mail at 


UberEATS customer service 

If you have any additional questions, problems or have had a bad experience, you can contact UberEATS customer service by sending an e-mail to UberEATS will get back to you as soon as possible and offer their services and expertise. UberEATS customer service team will gladly help you in any way that they can.  

There is a FAQ section at UberEATS website:, where more information on how things work is provided and most of the questions are answered.  

 UberEATS coupons

UberEATS coupons 2020

Save money and time by ordering your meals with the help of the UberEATS app. By using a UberEATS coupon, you will be able to save even more money on your next purchase. And, not only that, UberEATS coupon are designed to share them with friends and family, so that everyone can save money when ordering food. By using UberEATS coupon you will be able to reduce the overall price up to 20%. Find your next UberEATS coupon for April 2020 by visiting PromoPony here.