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UniqueSquared.com was first launched in 2007. UniqueSquared.com started a small operation, and has now grown into one of the top ten retailers of audio equipment in the United States. UniqueSquared.com is a major retailer of audio electronic equipment. They sell equipment ranging from speakers to recording equipment. UniqueSquared.com’s staff is full of experts in the field of audio entertainment. They only employ individuals such as DJs, guitarists, singers, songwriters, drummers, keyboarders, and producers. All of their helpful staff members are more than happy to help you find the system that would best fit your needs. UniqueSquared.com’s company motto is “be u, be unique”. They strive to help you find an audio system that would fit exactly what you need it for. They will never attempt to stick you with a cookie cutter audio system for the sake of trying to sell you a product.

Key facts about UniqueSquared.com

Key facts about UniqueSquared.com

  • Launched in 2007
  • One of the top 10 audio retailers in the United States
  • Major retailer of high end audio equipment
  • Employ professional staff members, such as DJs

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UniqueSquared.com is one of the leading audio retail company’s around. They will help you find the exact product that you are looking for, because they employ only the most knowledgable staff members. All of their staff members have years or decades of experience in the music industry, so they know their way around audio equipment. Not only are you paying for name brand audio equipment, but you are also paying for the customer service you will receive from one of their representatives. Although UniqueSquared.com only employs the best of the best, their prices are still very reasonable and competative with other companies. You will find that UniqueSquared.com can beat the prices of department stores and their competators, because they care about their customers. They will only offer you the highest quality audio products at low prices. However, there is a way to save even more money on UniqueSquared.com products. By using a UniqueSquared.com coupon from PromoPony, you could save hundreds of dollars on your next UniqueSquared.com order. You may be able to find UniqueSquared.com coupon codes for 40% off your entire order on PromoPony. You may also be able to find a UniqueSquared.com coupon for 70% off a select item in their catelog. Some customers have even reported finding a UniqueSquared.com coupon on PromoPony for free or reduced shipping costs through UniqueSquared.com. There is no reason not to find a UniqueSquared.com coupon before you place your next order. Simply enter in the UniqueSquared.com coupon during your checkout process to get access to your promotional pricing.

UniqueSquared.com products

UniqueSquared.com products

UniqueSquared.com sells a plethora of audio equipment. All of their audio equipment products come with an extensive warranty, because they are an authorized dealer of top brand products. This means that you do not have to worry about purchasing a product from UniqueSquared.com, because it will be protected against failure for a length of time. Some of the products that UniqueSquared.com offers include:

  • Recorders
  • MIDI controllers
  • Microphones
  • Recording software
  • Audio interfaces
  • Signal processing equipment
  • Studio speakers
  • Consumer speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Pianos/organs
  • Keyboards
  • Guitars
  • Drums
  • Amps
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • Cases and bags

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How do I place an order with UniqueSquared.com?

Once you have found a product you are interested in, click “Add to Cart”. You will be redirected to your shopping cart where you may add or remove product quantities or add a UniqueSquared.com coupon. To add a UniqueSquared.com coupon, enter the UniqueSquared.com coupon code into the promo box and click “Apply”. Once you are done entering in your UniqueSquared.com coupon, click “Proceed to Checkout”. If you do not have an account with UniqueSquared.com, mark “Checkout as Guest” and click “Continue”. Input your billing information and click “Continue”. Select your shipping speed and click “Continue”. You will next be asked to input your payment information. UniqueSquared.com accepts all major credit card, Paypal, and UniqueSquared.com coupon codes. Once you have input your payment method, click “Continue”. You will be asked to review your order one last time. If everything appears correct, click “Submit Order”.

Delivery conditions at UniqueSquared.com

UniqueSquared.com offers free shipping on all of their products, even if you do not have a UniqueSquared.com coupon. Free shipping may take 7 - 10 business days to arrive. You may also pay for faster shipping. UniqueSquared.com offers ground shipping for $14.90 which will take 3 - 5 business days to arrive, 3 day select shipping for $24.64 without a UniqueSquared.com coupon, 2nd day air for $29.29, next day air saver for $72.80, and next day air for $77.25. UniqueSquared.com does not offer Saturday or Sunday deliveries.

Delivery conditions at UniqueSquared.com

Returns at UniqueSquared.com

UniqueSquared.com covers all of their products within a 30 day period. Once you have received the product, you have 30 days to return that product back to UniqueSquared.com. You are not allowed to ship a product back to UniqueSquared.com without recieveing a Return Merchendise Authorization (RMA) from the customer service department. Your RMA is specific to your return request and cannot be utilized by another person, or used to return a different product.

Your product will also come with a manufacturer warranty in addition to the 30 day return period from UniqueSquared.com. Each manufacturer's warranty is different, so you must look into the rules and regulations of your specific manufacturer. If your product arrives defective or breaks within the 30 day period, you may contact either UniqueSquared.com or the manufacturer for a replacement. However, if your product breaks after the 30 day period then you will have to get directly into contact with your customer service representative. UniqueSquared.com will not allow you to return any items that are missing a seriel number, were not purchased from UniqueSquared.com, and are missing their original packaging.

UniqueSquared.com customer service

UniqueSquared.com gives you a couple of different options when it comes to contacting a customer service representative. You may either call their hotline, use the live chat, send them an email directly, or fill out their automated email form listed on their website. The fastest way to reach a representative at UniqueSquared.com is to give their hotline a call. You may reach a representative by dialing 1-800-688-6315 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am - 6 pm Eastern Time. This will put you into contact with an experienced audio technician who can help you on your order. You may also utilize the live chat that is located on their website for a quick chat with a customer service employee. This option is great for individuals who are unable to talk on a telephone, because you are at work or commuting. To use the live chat, simply click on “Live Chat” between the hours of 8 am - 6 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. A customer service representative will be immediately available to chat with you at those times. A slower way of contacting the UniqueSquared.com customer service is to send them an email. If you have a shipping inquiry, you may send an email directly to shipping@uniquesquared.com. You may also use the automated form that is located on the UniqueSquared.com website to send an email inquiry. The form is located by clicking on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the UniqueSquared.com website. You will have to fill in your name, your contact information, and the reason for your inquiry. A customer service representative will get back with you within 1 - 3 business days. If your question is regarding a UniqueSquared.com coupon, make sure to state this clearly on the reason for your inquiry.

 UniqueSquared.com coupon

UniqueSquared.com coupons 2019

UniqueSquared.com is the premier audio retailer. If you are looking for high quality audio equipment at a reasonable price, than you should be shopping at UniqueSquared.com. UniqueSquared.com will never mark up the prices of their audio equipment just to make an easy profit. All of their equipment is name brand and top of the line. They are also a licensed retailer of all of the name brand equipment that they sell. That means that they are not attempting to pawn off third party knockoffs onto their customers. They care about the quality of audio equipment that their customers are receiving. All of their staff members have decades of experience in the audio industry, and they would never sell somebody an intentionally poor audio system. Although UniqueSquared.com is already incredibly reasonably priced, there is a way to save even more money on your next UniqueSquared.com purchase. You may use a UniqueSquared.com coupon from PromoPony to save as much as hundreds of dollars on your next audio purchase. This means that you may be able to afford the next level of audio equipment, because it may now be in your budget. You may be able to save as much as 40% on your entire order by using a UniqueSquared.com coupon. Your UniqueSquared.com coupon from PromoPony will always be current and up to date. UniqueSquared.com constantly releases new UniqueSquared.com coupon codes, so you should check PromoPony to see if there is a new and updated UniqueSquared.com coupon available. You can find your UniqueSquared.com coupon for April 2019 by visiting PromoPony here.