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More about US Bank

US Bank was first launched in 1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today, US Bank has over $422 billion in assets which makes it the 5th largest bank in the United States. US Bank is a financial services company which provides banking, loan, and investment services for its clients. They serve both individual and business accounts.

You can find US Bank within 25 states in the United States. They do offer international banking, however these services are limited. Internationally, US Bank serves Canada and some countries in Europe. US Bank customers in the United States may do international business through US Bank. Across the United States, US Bank has 3,133 physical locations and roughly 5,000 ATMs. These locations are mainly focused within the midwest and along the west coast. US Bank is not currently available on the east coast within any state. As US Bank expands, they may become more predominant on the east coast.

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Key facts about US Bank

  • First launched in 1929

  • Provides banking, financial, and investment services

  • Contains over 3,000 physical locations and 5,000 ATMs across the United States

Save money with a free US Bank coupon

US Bank is in the business of helping their customers save money. Whether you are interested in opening a checking and savings account or applying for a loan, US Bank will provide you with the best possible interest rates. Your interest rates on any US Bank loans will always be competitive enough to beat the current average rates. However, not many people realize that you can get your APR even lower by using a US Bank coupon. US Bank coupon codes are available for customers to enter in during their application process. Simply go to PromoPony, copy the US Bank coupon code, and enter it when prompted on your application. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars in interest by using a US Bank coupon!

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How do I place an order with US Bank?

US Bank has a plethora of services to choose from. Some of these services include online and mobile banking for a checking or savings account, credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans.

For those needing to apply for a checking or savings account, click on “Checking and Savings” and then “Apply Online”. You will be prompted to choose from one of their five checking account options. Once you have browsed the various benefits of each account, choose the account that would best fit your needs. You will be brought to a page where you can sign into an existing US Bank account, or choose “No. I don't have an Online Banking account.” and click “Continue” if you do not have a current account. You will need to input your personal, employment, and financial information before you can proceed. This is also the page where you may enter a US Bank coupon if you would like to take advantage of a lower APR rate. If the US Bank coupon is out of date, the webpage will automatically alert you to use a different US Bank coupon. Once all information has been entered click on “Save Application”. You must now review your application for any errors. This is your final opportunity to review the application before it is submitted. Click “Submit Application” once all of the information appears correct.

To apply for a credit card or auto loan, you must begin the application process on their website. You must click on “Apply Now” under either the “Credit Card” or “Loans and Lines of Credit” columns. Both applications appear similar to one another. You will be prompted to enter in your personal, financial, and security information throughout the application. Before your loan can be approved, you must verify your place of employment and earnings with US Bank. US Bank will also give you an opportunity to enter in a US Bank coupon for a lower APR. A lowered APR will save you money over the long run, so it is worthwhile to use your US Bank coupon if you are in possession of a US Bank coupon. For those lacking a US Bank coupon, you can visit PromoPony to receive a current promo code.

US Bank mortgage loan applications are slightly different from their credit card or auto loan applications. A mortgage loan application will only get you prequalified for a home loan. You cannot complete the entire loan process in one sitting. Once you complete the prequalification process, you will have to complete more paperwork before you are fully approved for a home loan. During the prequalification, US Bank will give you an approximation on what your APR will be, but you will not know your specific APR until you are fully approved. 

Order placing at US Bank

Delivery conditions at US Bank

US Bank will let you know whether you are approved or denied on your checking or savings account, credit card, mortgage loan, and auto loan application within a reasonable time frame. You should know instantaneously whether your checking and savings account request has been approved. If it is approved, you will be notified through email on how to proceed with your account. Credit card and auto loan applications are processed within 3 - 5 business days, and a decision will be physically mailed to your house. The letter will state how to proceed if you are approved for a loan, and what the specifics of the loan are. If you used a US Bank coupon for a lower APR, this will be reflected in the paperwork. Your mortgage prequalification will take 5 - 10 business days to be processed. US Bank may require additional paperwork before you are approved.

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US Bank does not accept returns on any of their services. If you are not satisfied with your checking or savings account, you may close it at any time. You may be required to pay additional fees if you are closing an account that has a negative balance. For any balances left in a checking or savings account, you will receive a US Bank coupon for the balance. This US Bank coupon may be deposited within any other bank account. 

Your auto and mortgage loans cannot be closed until the balances are fully paid off. You may not close a loan with an existing balance. Once your balances on the loans are paid off, your loan will be closed automatically. A credit card can be closed anytime that your revolving balance is paid. However, you may keep a credit card indefinitely at a $0 balance with no repercussions.

US Bank customer service

US Bank is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They break their contact information down according to specific departments. Various departments you can reach include:

  • Online and mobile banking

  • Personal banking for general use

  • Checking and savings

  • Check cards

  • Credit cards

  • Home loans

  • Home equity lines

  • Auto loans

  • Student loans

  • Technical support

Customers that are unsure of which department to contact can reach the general customer service hotline at 1-800-872-2657. Representatives are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They will transfer your call to the appropriate department that can field your inquiry.

You may also physically go to any US Bank location for assistance. US Bank hours of operation may be found by clicking “Find a US Bank Location” on their web page, entering in your city, and searching for your nearest US Bank. US Bank locations are typically open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am - 5 pm. However, these times may differ from branch to branch. Entering a physical location may be advantageous for you, because they will typically have US Bank coupons available in the lobby reception area.

US Bank also has a FAQ available for general inquiries. If you do not have the time to call customer service or go to a physical location, a FAQ may be able to answer your question. Their FAQ covers general topics, such as how to use a US Bank coupon.

US Bank coupon 2022

As a large entity in the United States, US Bank offers a full range of services for it’s customers. Not only do they offer a variety of services, but US Bank also has competitive percentage rates on any of their credit cards, auto loans, or mortgage loans. If you are approved for a loan, US Bank will find you the best deal on your loan’s APR. However, there are ways to lower this APR even further. If you visit PromoPony, you can find many current US Bank coupon codes. These US Bank coupon codes may lower your interest rates even further than you thought was possible. US Bank will not advertise these low rates unless you input a US Bank coupon code. This is their way of saving their low interest rates for a select few customers. Before you submit your next loan application, you can find a current US Bank coupon for a August 2022 here.