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Verizon Fios Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in November 2022

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More about Verizon Fios

Verizon, the company it is now, was created in 2000. However, since Verizon is the product of the Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp merger, it has a history of more than 100 years. Dating back to the first telephone. Verizon has always pioneered technology. The main goal of Verizon is to connect people to technology.  Verizon has been committed to setting the standard in technology and is doing so with the introduction of Fios. Through leadership, visionaries, and great employees, Verizon continues to lead the telecommunication field. 

Fios is not cable, because it is wired differently. Verizon has been the center of the communications field for decades. Fios is internet rethought. It is fiber optic internet. This means that Verizon Fios is operating at “raging” speeds. This means that in the realm of internet, digital voice, and TV, Verizon can’t be beat. The internet is faster, connections clearer, and TV more customized. 

Verizon is a global company that continually delivers the cyber economy directly to our devices.  This cyber economy is dynamic, just like the consumer needs. And each day, Verizon strives to connect us better to the global media exchange. Faster, clearer, stronger is the motto of Verizon. 

 Key facts about Verizon Fios

Key facts about Verizon Fios 

  • 5 times faster than regular cable. 

  • Verizon had 131.6 billion in revenue last year. 

  • More than 162 K employees. 

  • America’s preferred internet, phone and TV provider. 


Save money with a free Verizon Fios coupon 

Fios offers several plans for your TV, internet, and phone needs. These plans start as low as $50 a month. With introductory rates and Verizon Fios coupon codes, the rates can be even lower.  Verizon makes it easy and you can try it risk free. Be part of the ongoing technological revolution. Stop into a Verizon or check out Verizon online to get connected onto one of the largest networks. With the available packages, you can customize the perfect plan for you. You can choose between MBPS plans, starting at 50, as well as customized TV.  Stop paying for what you do not want and start getting what you do with Verizon Fios. Verizon Fios TV allows you to pick the stations that you want to watch and not pay for what you do not. Take advantage of these low prices with the addition of a Verizon Fios coupon. You can find your Verizon Fios coupon online at PromoPony. Simply use the Verizon Fios coupon during your checkout process to take advantage of the promotional pricing. 

 Verizon Fios products

Verizon Fios products 

Verizon offers several products for your communication needs. The inventory goes from “fiber-optic capabilities” to cool new accessories. In store retailers, as well as the website sell a plethora of cell phone accessories. Media packages are available in abundance. The products are specific to the customer.  This means that there are many combinations of plans and rates.  This truly is, your way technology. 

  • Digital Voice. Clearer phone reception. 

  • Fiber-Optic Internet.  5x faster internet. 

  • Customized, pristine TV.  Choose to watch what you want. Pay for what you watch. 

  • Internet, phone, and TV plans starting at $50. 

  • Cell phones of all types, as well as the fastest plans to go with them. 


Verizon Fios video 



How do I place an order with Verizon Fios? 

Though setting up an account with Verizon is easy, it varies for each customer. When you enter the website, there is a tab that says shop. When you click on that, you will see the available packages. This will be specific to each individual. You will need to click on the boxes that apply to you, or the features that you would like to take advantage of at the time. The plans are at a monthly rate. Make sure you enter your Verizon Fios coupon code before you begin the checkout process. Entering in your Verizon Fios coupon ahead of time allows you to better predict what your overall cost will be when you are ready to place your order. 

The website walks you through the easy ordering process. Once again, this will vary depending on your plan and where you are located. Not all Verizon customers will have access to the same plans depending on their location within the United States. This will also vary depending on whether or not you have an account with Verizon. There are prompts for both new and active customers. Verizon uses gray boxes to highlight the important icons relevant to ordering. 

To order online you will need some items handy. You will need a name, valid address, valid email, and a contact number. You should also locate a Verizon Fios coupon on PromoPony to bring the overall cost of your Verizon Fios plan down. If you are opening a new account you may need to complete a credit check and provide your social security number. This will vary person to person and be handles with a Verizon representative. As well as a user friendly website, there are customer service representatives readily available to participate in assistant chat. Any questions will be easily facilitated by a customer service representative.  

 Delivery Conditions at Verizon Fios

Delivery Conditions at Verizon Fios 

If you have everything that you need to setup your FIOS and have already disconnected your previous service, you can have your Verizon Fios kit delivered to your house. For others, a technician can be scheduled. This date is picked by the customer for whenever is convenient for you. A technician will come out and set up the new equipment. This will be coordinated through Verizon Fios when the updates are made and the package selected. The new services must be available in your area and if they are, then installation can be set up at the time that you purchase your new plan. When coordinating with the Verizon representative, you will be informed on whether or not you have all of the essential components. If you do not, they will include it in either the setup kit or on installation day. Situations vary depending on the plans selected and Verizon Fios customer status. Typically, Verizon Fios will be able to facilitate an installation within 1 - 5 business days. If you activate a plan during a busy season, this may be extended an additional 5 - 10 business days, but it is all dependant on how busy the Verizon technicians are. 


Returns at Verizon Fios

The good news about trying out Verizon Fios is that it comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee.  Try out the new fast, ground breaking internet, phone, or TV technology with absolutely no risk.  You can have it in your home tomorrow. If you decide in the allotted time that you do not prefer the newest Fios technology, you may change your plan. Verizon offers 24/7 tech support.  At any time during the day, on any schedule, you can be in touch with a representative. They can walk you through any concerns or assist you any way that you may require. No early termination fees will apply in the first 30 days. You can even terminate through your TV if it is connected to the internet. You will have to read through your contract to find out what your exact early termination rules and fees are. 

 Verizon Fios customer service

Verizon Fios customer service 

Verizon Fios is very organized with its customer support. On the customer support page you will be prompted with several circle icons.  Each icon is a different area of assistance: phone, internet, billing and accounting, etc. You should pick the box that is most appropriate for your problem. Once this is done, the site will continue prompting you, trying to pinpoint the exact issue. Verizon will direct you to the exact department that can handle your issue if you go through this support page. They do not list a phone number for a general customer service hotline directly on their website. 

There is also a virtual assistant available at all times. Forums are also available for frequently asked questions (FAQs). This is a great way to find and share answers. 

 Verizon Fios coupons

Verizon Fios coupons 2022 

If you want to keep up with the times, you have to get to Verizon. Fios is taking over, with internet speeds that are 5x faster than the competitors. Rates start as low as $50 a month and can be even lower with the addition of a Verizon Fios coupon. Do not be the only one in your neighborhood that does not have Verizon Fios. Stay on the forefront of technology and get your fiber-optic internet, digital voice, and customized TV bundle. Grab a Verizon Fios coupon from PromoPony and either visit your nearest retailer or the Verizon Fios website. Be on the forefront of groundbreaking technology by placing an order with the largest retailer of television and phone service today. You can find your Verizon Fios coupon for November 2022 by visiting PromoPony here. PromoPony always has access to the latest and most up to date Verizon Fios coupon codes out on the marketplace!