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Vestiaire Collective Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

HK$125 Off On Your First Order Over HK$1000
Minimum order value: $1,000
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on $300+
Minimum order value: $300
Save $30 Off $300+
Minimum order value: $300
Offers: 0
Redeemed offers: 0

Love luxury looks? You are going to adore the pre-owned styles from the French retailer Vestiaire Collective.

  • Want to know a trick to getting your orders in almost half the time?
  • Learn a secret that will save you an extra $20 on top of your promo code!

For all of the shopping hacks and the discount codes that you are going to love, keep reading right here.

More about Vestiaire Collective

Founded back in 2008, this retailer was the first online consignment shop in Europe. It started out in Paris and has since expanded to 50 countries around the world. The brand now operates out of Hong Kong, Milan, Berlin, New York, London, and, of course, Paris. Every week, there are 25,000 new pieces added. That means that you can shop literally thousands of new pieces of clothing, bags, jewelry, and more every single day.

How Do I Use Vestiaire Collective Coupons Online?

Ready to track down your new favorite outfit? Here is how to use your Vestiaire Collective sales code online to steal a deal.

  1. Visit the Vestiaire Collective retail home to shop all of the newest looks
  2. Click on that piece that you’ve just gotta have and you will be prompted to create an account. You can sign up with Facebook or create an account with the brand
  3. Once you are set up with an account, you will be able to go back to that piece that you were looking at. From there, you can choose to make an offer or add the piece directly to your basket
  4. A pop-up will give you an option to Continue to Checkout or you can close the pop-up. If you feel like looking around a little longer, you can click on the cart icon at the top right of any page whenever you are ready to check out
  5. A pop-up will show you what you have added to your basket and you will have an option to proceed to the checkout or continue shopping. If you want to continue shopping, you can click on the shopping bag icon at the top right
  6. When you go to the basket, you will see everything that you have added to your cart. From there, if everything looks, go ahead and click on the Proceed to Checkout
  7. On the next page, you will see everything that you have added to your shopping bag. Under your list of items, you will see a list of options for shipping. You will also be able to see your options for the automatic renewal of your subscription. When you are happy with all your options, click on Next
  8. On the next page, you will be able to add your billing address as well as your shipping details. Click Validate to move to the next page
  9. On the secure checkout page, you will be able to scroll through everything that you have added to your shopping basket. Keep scrolling down past the subtotal and shipping info, then you will see an empty box that says Promo Code and Gift Card Code. Copy and paste your sales code there then click on Add. You will see a discount on your total price
  10. When you are happy with the lowered price, keep scrolling down past the delivery options and confirm that you are happy with your choice
  11. Scroll a bit further then you see the Payment Methods section. Add in your credit card or opt to sign in via PayPal or Affirm
  12. Confirm that your payment pick by scrolling down to the black Play button at the bottom
  13. Once your credit card has been charged, you will get an instant confirmation via email with all of the details

What Do I Need to Know about Using Vestiaire Collective Promo Codes?

Have some Vestiaire Collective voucher codes that you just can’t wait to use? Alright, let’s take a look at the terms and conditions before you snag a deal.

How Many Times Can I Use a Vestiaire Collective Coupon?

While each discount code is different, there are a few common types. First of all, there are those discount codes that can be used as many times as you want within a set period. These discount codes typically have set expiration dates printed on them. You can share these with your friends and family as many times as you like until they expire.

Secondly, there are those codes available for a limited number of uses. Brands often don’t let you know the specific date of expiration but instead, they release these kinds of “limited time only deals.”

Finally, you will see those discount codes that can be used only one time. You might get these for your birthday from the brand or as part of some special VIP deal. These are only available for a single-use and can’t be shared.

On our website, we only offer the first two types of codes to ensure that they can be used multiple times (so don’t be shy to share this page!).

Can I Use More Than One Vestiaire Collective Coupon Code?

Nope. According to the current terms and conditions of the brand, you can only use one Vestiaire Collective voucher code per transaction. If you have more than one save it for your next order.

Where Can I Find August 2022 Vestiaire Collective Coupon Codes?

Searching for more Vestiaire Collective coupon codes that work? We have you covered! We work with all of the very top brands to make sure you can always save cash on everything that you love. Crazy for a bargain on designer duds? Be sure to put a bookmark on this page and come back whenever you’re looking for a bargain.

Right now, we’ve got valid coupons offers and more to come shortly!

Why Is My Vestiaire Collective Voucher Code Not Giving Me a DIscount?

Having trouble with your Vestiaire Collective discount code? Here are a few quick fixes that will get you on your way again.

  1. Start by double-checking the code. Does everything look right? Copy and paste it one more time. Press delete at the end of the code to be sure you don’t have an extra space at the end of the code.
  2. Certain that your sales code is correct? Check out the terms and conditions. Do you have any restrictions on your discount? Do you have sale items in your cart that might prevent your promo from working?
  3. Confident that all is good with your code but you’re still running into issues? Just shoot a quick email over to and they will get you up and running in no time.

How Can I Save Money at Vestiaire Collective WITHOUT a Coupon?

On the hunt for more bargains from your fave online store? Even if you’ve used all up all those amazing Vestiaire Collective coupon codes for August 2022, you can still save more cash. Here’s how.

What Is Vestiaire Collective Direct Shipping?

One of the best ways to save cash on designer looks is with Vestiaire Collective. This program is a simple option that allows shoppers to send a product directly to you. It’s quicker, greener, and cheaper. Rather than adding a middle man, you can cash $20 on your order by having the seller send it directly to you. On top of saving cash and emissions, you will also get your order about 40% fasters.

Money-Saving Tip: Love designer clothes? The best way to buy is second hand! It is better for your wallets and the environment. It does, however, have a bit of a learning curve. Buying second hand online is different from shopping for new looks. To get started, learn from the best. Youtube is full of dedicated second hand designer clothes lovers. They will give you great tips on nabbing the perfect deal. Just check out this smart shopper:

How Can I Make Sure I’m Buying Authentic Items in Good Condition?

Want to make sure that you are really getting what you paid for? Spend that extra little bit of cash on the Quality Control program. The customer service team from the brand will double-check everything to make sure that it is authentic and exactly what you paid for.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of Shopping at the Vestiaire Collective Site?

Ready for a serious closet upgrade? Before you grab that gorgeous new look, read up on the terms and conditions of buying online with this much-loved retailer.

How Do Vestiaire Collective Returns Work?

Not what you were expecting? Whether it is the wrong size or you are just not happy with what you’ve ordered, you’ve got options. First of all, if you ordered from an individual seller, you can stick the item back online for sale. If you repost it within 72 hours, you can sell it for free (or if you do it within 14 days, they will just add on a small processing fee).

Got your item from a professional seller? You can also repost it for sale or you can send it back to the VC warehouse within 14 days for a complete refund. For complete instructions on sending your product back, check out the brand’s return page to get started.

Is There Vestiaire Collective Free Shipping?

This band works with buyers and sellers in 50 countries around the globe. Every transaction is a bit different and you will find each one varies in cost. You will see the particulars next to the item you are looking at buying.

Looking to get delivery in a flash? Check out the details on the brand’s Express Delivery page to get an idea of your options.

How Do I Get in Contact with Vestiaire Collective?

Got questions about your order? Thinking about becoming a seller? The online store’s frequently asked questions page is a prime place to get started on your search for info. Still can’t find the answer that you’re looking for? Contact the brand at and they will get back to your ASAP.

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