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Vistaprint Promo Codes & Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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Get Up to 50% Off Wall Calendars
30% Off Business Cards
Get Up to 25% Off Your Order With Minimum Spend
Minimum order value: $250
Get Extra 25% Off Photo Books
Get 25% Off Canvas Prints
Get Up to 25% Off Select Digital Products
25% Off Photo Gifts
25% Off Digital Marketing
25% Off Invitations & Stationery
25% Off Marketing Materials
Grab 15% Off 4 Or More Fast Ship Face Masks Orders
Grab 15% Off Your Order + Free Shipping on $75+
Save $10 Lawn Signs
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on All Business Cards
Free Shipping
Get Free Shipping on Filtered Face Masks
Get Free Business Sample Kit
First Promobox Is $10 With Monthly Subscription
Get Up to 10% Off on Signage
Discount Up to 10% on Clothing & Bags
Get 500 Standard Business Cards From $9.99
Coupon Type
  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
Discount type
  • % Off
  • $ Off
  • Free Shipping
  • Freebie
Offers: 17
Redeemed offers: 53
Potential savings: 15%-50%

Vistaprint is unarguably one of the biggest desktop publishing websites in the world today. And while their services are best suited for small businesses, they are also great for use by individuals. What’s more? They are affordable.

As such, if you are looking to print wedding invitations, business cards, mugs, banners, flyers, and so on, at an affordable price, Vistaprint should be your first port of call. Especially since you can save even more when you make use of their coupons and offers.

Some of the most popular of their cost-saving offerings are:

  • Refer-a-friend: if you refer a friend to the Vistaprint website and that friend spends $40, you are automatically given a $20 coupon code.
  • Free shipping: Vistaprint also has a free shipping coupon that you can use to save costs. Once you have a coupon for this, you can sit back and have your package delivered to your front door for free.
Discount Details Valid until
50% Discount Get Up to 50% Off Wall Calendars Up to revocation
30% Discount 30% Off Business Cards Up to revocation
25% Discount Get Up to 25% Off Your Order With Minimum Spend Up to revocation
25% Discount Get Extra 25% Off Photo Books Up to revocation
25% Discount Get 25% Off Canvas Prints Up to revocation

More about Vistaprint

Vistaprint is an e-commerce company that caters to the printing needs of both businesses and individuals. And while it produces both physical and digital products for use in marketing by all and sundry, its customer base is mostly populated with small and micro-businesses. Vistaprint is one of the pioneering desktop publishing companies. Not only are its services fast, but they are also affordable, which is why they are so perfect for small businesses. Their services cover a wide range of printed media such as wedding invitation cards, branded t-shirts, personalized mugs, mousepads, business cards, marketing materials, and signs, among others.

The company that became Vistaprint was founded as Bonne Impression in 1995. Four years later, in 1999, its operations were moved online, and the name was changed to Vistaprint. And while the headquarters is located in Venlo, Netherlands, it has a total of 13 offices all over the globe and over 5,000 employees.

Although the services of this company are affordable, they can become a way cheaper. This can be done through the use of Vistaprint coupon codes that allow you to save a particular amount (or percentage) on a service. And that is the purpose of this article: to help you save by providing you with and guiding you on using said codes.

How can I make use of the Vistaprint Coupon?

You can make use of your Vistaprint promo code by applying it to the Vistaprint services listed above. It could be that you have a wedding and are looking to print invitation cards. It could also be that you are a small business owner looking to print marketing materials for your business such as flyers. No matter what service you need, having a Vistaprint coupon code will result in you paying lower prices would otherwise be possible.

How do I claim the value of my Vistaprint coupon?

While getting a coupon code is probably the most important step for saving on Vistaprint services, it is not the only one. Several steps must be followed if it is to be useful. The result of this is lesser money being spent on printing the materials you need. This is especially helpful to small businesses that can subsequently divert these savings to other areas so as to drive growth.

Claiming the value of your coupon is quite easy and straightforward. It is a process that can be figured out and embarked upon by any and everybody. It goes thus:

🤔 Ascertain what you require

If you are getting wed soon, you might be looking to print invitation cards, and maybe some souvenirs for your guest. Ascertain just how many copies you need of whatever item you want to print. If you are a small business, then you probably need marketing material, determine the number of people you want to reach with said material, whether it is a business card, a flyer, or a banner.

🔎 Find an applicable coupon

Some of Vistaprint's coupons are specific to certain services. An example is Vistaprint business card promo codes that cannot be used to save on other items. After doing due diligence on what you need and the number, ensure to get a coupon that will allow you to save on those items.

👩‍💻 Visit the Vistaprint website

If you have followed the two steps outlined above, then you are ready to use your coupon and get your discount. Visit the website, search for, customize, and then add the items you want to buy to your cart. Thereafter, begin the checkout process.

🤑 Use your Vistaprint discount code

When you begin the checkout process, you will be required to log in. If you do not have login information (and are not interested in creating one), you can choose the "Checkout as a Guest" option. You will be directed to a new page, where you will see "Do you have a promo code?" Select it, fill in your Vistaprint discount code in the box that appears, and get your savings.

What important information should I have about my Vistaprint promo codes?

Welcome to the crux of this article. In this section, you will be provided with several Vistaprint coupons that you can use in saving printing costs. It is important to note that there are more temporary codes than there are evergreen ones. That is to say, you will find more coupons that have a time limit than those that do not. While we have endeavored to provide those that you can access anytime and day, we advise that you search for Vistaprint coupons to avail yourself of other coupons that are valid at that particular point in time.


One of the surest ways to secure a Vistaprint coupon is to refer a friend. To do this:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Vistaprint homepage and click on the "Refer a friend" link.
  2. You will be redirected to a new page on which you will have to input your first and last name, as well as your email in a form.
  3. Finally, share the link with your friend via either Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  4. Once your friend spends $40 on the website after visiting with the link you shared, you will be rewarded with a $20 coupon code.

Email newsletter

As has been mentioned, Vistaprint rolls out new coupons now and then. And taking advantage of these new coupons requires knowledge that they exist in the first place. Enter the newsletter! Vistaprint sends interested customers newsletters which contain information about sales, Vistaprint coupons, and major discounts twice every week. Getting access to this simply requires that you sign up with your email.

Weekly promotions

Vistaprint runs a weekly promotion program that helps its customers save on the items they need.

Free shipping

Vistaprint also offers free shipping on its items. However, this requires the use of a coupon code which might not always be available. There are two ways by which you can get a Vistaprint free shipping coupon code: one is through newsletters sent to customers' inboxes and the other is by scouring sites that provide a regular update of their coupons. 

Website package discount

Along with being a desktop publishing site, Vistaprint also has a website builder. And for the first three months, they offer a 50% off on their website package. If you are looking to take advantage of this offer, the Vistaprint discount code is DIGITAL2020. This deal includes a custom domain name; SSL site security; phone, email, and chat support; search engine optimization; form builder and several other perks that make it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It should, however, be noted that this offer has a time limit which, as at the time of writing this article, isn't known.

What could result in the rejection of my Vistaprint promo code?

It is not unusual for promo codes to be rejected on e-commerce stores. Several reasons exist why this occurs and knowing what they are is certainly useful if they are to be avoided. And avoiding them is essential if you want to have a glitch-free shopping experience. Some of these reasons are outlined below:

  • Check if you entered the correct code as wrongly typed codes will be rejected. Avoid this possibility by copying and pasting the codes directly into the promo code box.
  • Confirm that the code is valid. If it is not, "The promo code you entered is no longer valid" will be displayed in pink text.
  • If the promotion has limitations and conditions, ensure you fulfill them. If you do not, your code will be rejected.
  • Vistaprint only allows one code per order, so if you attempt to use two, rest assured that one will be rejected.
  • Discount codes obtained from the Promotional Products site will not work on the Vistaprint site. The reverse is also true as the Promotional Products site does not accept codes from the Vistaprint site.

What else can I do to cut costs with Vistaprint products?

You can also save money via other avenues, apart from Vistaprint discount codes, such as:

Vistaprint cash

Vistaprint has a cool feature called Vistaprint Cash which allows customers to earn free money during special promotions. This cash can then be used to pay for whatever service you need during your next order from the site.

You should note that there is usually a redemption period during which you can make use of your reward.

If you are not satisfied with Vistaprint coupons, you can check out their competitors and compare their services and offers. A perfect example is the Shutterfly store that offers a wide range of gifts and print collections at affordable prices. 

How hard is it to order on Vistaprint?

Ordering on Vistaprint is an easy venture. Visit the site, select the items you want, customize them, and then checkout. Do not forget to apply your coupon code, though, to get great discounts on your orders.

How can I pay for my Vistaprint orders?

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover Card. You can also pay via check or money order if your bank is located in the United States.

How long does shipping take?

Vistaprint offers three shipping options which are economy, standard, and express. If you opt for economy shipping, you can reasonably expect to get your package in about 8 business days. Standard shipping takes between 4 and 6 business days and the express shipping option takes not more than 3 business days.

Can I get a refund if there is a problem with the product?

Yes, you can. If you have a problem with the order that was delivered to you, you can either have them reprint it, issue an account credit, or even repay the order cost. You should also note that in such instances, they bear whatever shipping cost is incurred.