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Weight Watchers Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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Save $5 Off $50+
Minimum order value: $50
Save $5 Off $50 Orders
Minimum order value: $50
2 For $12 Mini Bars
Up to $42 Off Meetings With Onlineplus
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Offers: 6
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Potential savings: $5-$42

About Weight Watchers

In 1963 the American homemaker Jean Nidetch had the brilliant idea that losing weight while being supported by a group would lead to long-lasting success. Even today, Weight Watchers still sees meetings as a major part of their system because they allow an intensive exchange of experiences and inspire the attendees, especially with the help of the coach and the group.

Discount Details Valid until
$5 Discount Save $5 Off $50+ Up to revocation
$5 Discount Save $5 Off $50 Orders Up to revocation
Coupon 2 For $12 Mini Bars Up to revocation
$42 Discount Up to $42 Off Meetings With Onlineplus Up to revocation
$32 Discount Up to $32 Off 3 Month Subscription Up to revocation

More about Weight Watchers

In 1963 the American homemaker Jean Nidetch had the brilliant idea that losing weight while being supported by a group would lead to long-lasting success. Even today, Weight Watchers still sees meetings as a major part of their system because they allow an intensive exchange of experiences and inspire the attendees, especially with the help of the coach and the group. The core concept of Weight Watchers boasts more than 50 years of field experience and is centered around science-based, conscious eating patterns, more daily exercise and the changing of old habits at your own pace. The company also offers an online course and personal coaching to help any customer in any circumstance reach his or her goal in weight loss. All of this is rounded off by an extensive online shop which provides healthy and delicious food and drinks and much more to support the successful Weight Watchers method.And the best bit is that you can save money too by using a Weight Watchers’ coupon!

Weight Watchers promo code

Key facts about Weight Watchers

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Successful and long-lasting weight loss
  • Offers meetings, online courses and personal coaching
  • Core ideas are conscious eating, exercise and changing of habits
  • Rounded off by extensive online store

Reach your ideal body weight with Weight Watchers

The first steps to losing weight healthily and forming a new you are quick and easy. Find a Weight Watchers meeting, familiarize yourself with the SmartPoints plan and get a personal assessment. You will learn your SmartPoints target, set an activity goal and strengthen your psyche for successful and healthy weight loss. It’s fun and easy and you will always see yourself supported by a group of like-minded people and a professional coach who has been in your shoes before. The perfect start for a new life! To join the Weight Watchers family, simply visit the website www.weightwatchers.com and choose your plan! Just don’t forget to check out PromoPony’s Weight Watchers’ Coupons to see if you can save yourself some money while losing weight.

What is the Weight Watchers approach to diet and exercise?

The Weight Watchers approach boasts more than 50 years of success and has helped millions reach their ideal body weight. If they can, so can you! The approach is holistic, smooth and perfectly adapted to your body and mind. Joining the Weight Watchers family does not mean you will have to starve yourself. You can still enjoy your meals and not a single food will be off limits, simply follow your SmartPoints plan and lose weight. Moreover, Weight Watchers backs you up with over 4,000 delicious recipes which even cover vegetarian, gluten-free, low-carb and almost no-cook preferences. Of course, all recipes are family-friendly, too, so you can enjoy and share healthy food with your loved ones.

The other Weight Watchers core concept of more daily movement will help you feel healthier, as well as fitter and more energetic. Set your own fitness goals and let Weight Watchers guide you, all in a fun way and at your own personal pace. It is not necessary to hit the weights or spend endless hours on a treadmill. Forget about “No pain, no gain”! Play outside with the kids, go for a walk or learn a fun new sport—all of this is valuable and gets you moving more. In addition, your immune system will benefit and your body will release endorphins, also known as happiness hormones.

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Weight Watchers video

Lose weight with Weight Watchers online

Isn't it incredible, how good Halle Berry, Johnny Depp and the other stars and starlets always look? Slim and fit, dressed in beautiful dresses, bikinis and swim shorts. How do they do that? Do they use some new fad diet, such as the low fat diet, the zone diet or the raw food diet? Though those crash diets may be good for a short-term weight loss, the effect will probably not last long and you will fall victim to the yo-yo effect. Be smarter and choose the personalized Weight Watchers approach, which has proven its long lasting effectiveness over many decades. Weight Watchers will guide you through the process and help you develop a smarter and healthier way of eating while you gain fitness as well as inner strength and change habits, all at your own pace.

In case you are a bit shy and don’t like meetings or you simply cannot find the time, follow the Weight Watchers online program and become a happier and healthier you in the comfort of your own home. The course is all digital, features no meetings and supports you powerfully with the SmartPoints plan, includes digital as well as mobile tools and even has a 24/7 chat.

Powered by the Weight Watchers online shop

In any case, don’t forget to check the Weight Watchers web shop on www.weightwatchers.com/us/shop. There you will find a complete collection of healthy and delicious foods and drinks which perfectly fit your Weight Watchers plan. But that‘s not all! The shop also provides kitchen tools, Weight Watchers cookbooks, clothing and much more. As an added bonus, it features a “Sales” section where you will find discounted products, helping you to save big bucks. Or why not buy a Weight Watchers gift card and make someone special in your life happy? In any case, be clever and save big time with Weight Watchers coupons, promotions and discounts!

Weight Watchers product variety

What the Weight Watchers online store offers

  • Food & Drink
  • Kitchen
  • Lifestyle
  • Getting started
  • Sales

Pay less with a Weight Watchers coupon

If you are ready to follow the Weight Watchers OnlinePlus plan, go to the website www.weightwatchers.com and choose your membership. Simply click on your preferred plan and use an existing account to log in or create a new one. After that, enter your payment details and review your order. The Weight Watchers online shop accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. When checking out, be smart and have a Weight Watchers coupon code ready to save yourself some extra cash! Just type your code into the according field and enjoy your membership. Your waistline has to shrink, but your wallet doesn’t’ have to, right? So don’t forget to check out the amazing Weight Watchers’ coupons PromoPony has to offer!

How can I cancel a Weight Watchers membership?

Weight Watchers wants its customers to be fully satisfied and commits itself to trouble-free cancellations. To cancel your subscription you simply have to log in to your Weight Watchers account, where you will find the details on how to complete the cancellation of your actual plan.

Weight Watchers membership

Weight Watcher customer support

Weight Watchers dearly cares for its customers and provides you with help in any way. If you have any questions check the FAQs at www.weightwatchers.com/us/weight-watchers-faqs or contact the customer support by mail, online or phone. All necessary contact details can be found on the web page www.weightwatchers.com/us/shop/Contact-Us.

Weight Watchers coupons 2022

So, you are ready to choose your Weight Watchers plan and start becoming a new person? Be smart and make sure to check PromoPony coupons first! Thanks to its honest and charming eyes, the PromoPony just recently secured loads of amazing Weight Watchers’ coupons, this time for January 2022. You’ve got to love the friendly Pony which is always happy to share those deals with all its friends! Browse PromoPony for amazing deals, coupons and promos in the diet section and subscribe to the PromoPony newsletter to never miss a deal or coupon again. That way you will save big dough and can enjoy other things as well, maybe some stylish clothes for that new, slim body of yours!