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People have put their trust in the Western Union Bank for more than 135 years now, as transferring money has never been so easy. Therefore, it does not matter if you want to transfer money inland or abroad, as with Western Union, anything is possible.

Western Union online savings

Western Union deposits and payments

The Western Union Money Transfer functions in two ways; first, you can send money online and, second, you can send money from a branch office. With Western Union Money Transfer, the Western Union online transfer works so that you can send the desired sum from your credit card or Postbank account to a branch office, to the bank account of the recipient or to a mobile phone, using the m-wallet procedure. Then, the recipient has the possibility to use the sum of money as desired. If you want to send the money from a branch office, you must present it as cash. The recipient also has only the possibility to pick up the money from another branch office.

The same process is valid for payments, which you can pick up from a branch office, or receive them directly in your account or on your mobile phone. In all situations, the Western Union Money Transfer only takes a couple of minutes. In this way, you are solvent in every corner of the world.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for at Western Union, you can choose from plenty of other online shops at PromoPony. US Bank, for example, provides an extensive range of options, in which anyone can find what they want.

Western Union fees

The Western Union fees depend on the amount to be sent, how you are sending the money and on the region in which the money transfer takes place. Below, you can see an example for sending $100 within the United States:

Western Union example calculation

You should always take into consideration the fees for the Western Union Money Transfer. In addition, you can only send a maximum amount of $5000 per transaction, using Western Union.

If you have discovered Western Union Bank, create your user account today and sign up to profit from Western Union benefits in the future. Travel without cash and, in case of doubt, just use Western Union to send money. Existing customers can view their Western Union order status online and, thus, they know exactly where the sum of money is currently located. Moreover, Western Union delivers money in over 200 countries in the entire world, so that there are no limits when it comes to Western Union money transfers. So, do not hesitate any longer and log onto Western Union online.

Western Union Coupon 2019

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