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Winn Dixie Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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If you live a busy lifestyle and find yourself all too often strapped for time, then why not do your grocery shopping online and relax a little. Order online at Winn-Dixie and get your weekly groceries delivered conveniently right to your door.

  • Get Free groceries when you earn points using the Winn-DIxie Rewards Program. Registering is easy and only takes a minute.
  • Use a Winn-Dixie coupon and save on a whole bunch of different items each week. Save on those weekly essentials or try out something new for less.

There are many benefits in doing your food shopping online at Winn-Dixie. Make your ideal shopping list and let Winn-Dixie’s personal shoppers pick out the best produce for you. Specify your preferences so that you only get exactly what you want with each order, no surprises. You can schedule your delivery for whenever is best for you, no waiting around all day waiting for the door to ring. Doing your grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie will save you money guaranteed. With so many different ways for you to get discounts, you’ll surprise yourself with how much extra money you’ll have at the end of the month. Enjoy new recipes for you and the family to try on a weekly basis at Winn-Dixie. Get inspired for dinner every night using one of the many recipes from around the world. Learn how to make killer spaghetti and meatballs, cook fish like a pro, wow your kids with your delicious burritos.

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More about Winn Dixie

Winn-DIxie isn’t just your typical supermarket, they also have an awesome pharmacy. Get your flu shots and other vaccines at no cost with the majority of insurance plans. Get your prescriptions and all your other medical needs taken care of at the Winn-Dixie pharmacy. For affordable groceries and cheap eats, there’s no better supermarket than Winn-Dixie. Shop online today and reap the benefits. Start enjoying the extra time you’ll have and the extra money in your pocket, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner!

Winn-Dixie is an American supermarket chain and was founded way back in 1925. There are currently approximately 500 stores in the US, with locations in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi. Winn-Dixie offers affordable food shopping to its customers with low prices, frequent promotions, digital coupons and various rewards programs. Read our short guide on how to take advantage of all these opportunities to save and how to really save a buck or two at WInn-Dixie.

How do I redeem my Winn-Dixie coupon?

Whether you’re using a digital coupon or a print out coupon to save at Winn-Dixie, the process is very simple. Just follow these steps below and you won’t run into any difficulties.

  1. Select and “double click” the coupon you’d like to use, you’ll be instantly redirected to the page you need at
  2. On the Winn-Dixie website you can “save” a coupon to use for another time or “add” it right away by clicking the little ‘+’ symbol.
  3. To shop online at Winn-Dixie you must register, so do that if you haven’t already
  4. Do your grocery shopping and add to your “shopping list”
  5. The coupons you previously added should now be in use before you pay
  6. Make your payment
  7. Wait for your delivery and rejoice in your savings

What should I know about Winn-Dixie coupons?

At Winn-Dixie, they’re coupon crazy. Digital coupons to use online and cut-out coupons to be used in-store all available from the ‘coupon kiosk’. Know all there is to know about getting the best deals at Winn-Dixie when you keep reading.

How long does a Winn-Dixie coupon last?

Snooze and you’ll lose at Winn-Dixie. Coupons typically only last for one day, so use them when you get the chance or you risk them expiring. Said this, some coupons last a lot longer and you even have the chance to ‘save’ them for later.

How many Winn-Dixie coupons are available in August 2022?

Are Winn-Dixie digital and cut-out coupons different?

The Winn-Dixie digital, online coupons are exactly the same as the cut-out coupons that you can use at your local Winn-Dixie supermarket. The discounts are identical, so don’t worry about missing out.

How can I not miss out on all the deals at Winn-Dixie?

In order not to miss out on any of the great deals and promotions at Winn-Dixie, you can sign up to the email list or download the Winn-Dixie app. You’ll have access and be kept up to date on all the best coupons, weekly BOGO deals and big markdowns.

Where do I find Winn-Dixie coupons?

Getting your hands on a Winn-Dixie coupon is the key to saving big on your next grocery shop. The only place for the latest and greatest coupons, vouchers and promo codes is right here on our page.

What can I do if my Winn-Dixie coupon doesn’t work?

We know how annoying it can be when there’s a deal right in front of you but it doesn’t seem to be working. Don’t stress, we’re here to help. Have a look below at these questions to help to resolve any issues you may be having.

Has your Winn-Dixie coupon expired?

To encourage shoppers to shop quickly, Winn-Dixie coupons have a super short shelf life. If your coupon doesn’t seem to be working at all. Check the expiry date to find out for sure.

Do you have a Winn-Dixie Rewards account?

Your coupon may not be working if you do not already have a Winn-Dixie Rewards account. Simply sign up to the program to start enjoying digital coupons, it only takes a minute.

Are there ways to save at Winn-Dixie even without a coupon?

While Winn-Dixie supermarkets love a good coupon, it’s not entirely necessary to have a coupon or discount code to save on your groceries. Check out these easy ways on how you can save on every shop even when you don’t have a coupon.

Does Winn-Dixie have a Rewards program?

Yes indeed. Sign up today to the Winn-Dixie Rewards Program and start earning points right away. Earn points to get money off your groceries and discounts on fuel at participating Shell gas stations. You’ll also get sent coupons for the items you love each week.

Should I download the Winn-Dixie app?

If you’re serious about saving on a regular basis, hate missing out on deals and want the latest coupons all in one place, then highly recommend you download the Winn-Dixie mobile app. Keep track of your Reward points and find out what savings you’ve earned this week.

What deals are there at Winn-Dixie?

There are a multitude of exciting deals and promotions at Winn-Dixie. The best of the bunch being the ‘Deal of the week’ promotion. Every Wednesday there’s a super points offer on a special item. You must have a Winn-Dixie Rewards account to use this offer. See the video below for more info.

Are there any kids or baby discounts at Winn-Dixie?

Sign up for the Winn-Dixie ‘Baby Club’ and get even more discounts and benefits. Enjoy exclusive baby related coupons every month, bonus Reward points and a birthday treat. Signing up is easy and stress free.

What should I think about before ordering with Winn-Dixie?

Doing you grocery shopping online will make your life a bunch easier. You’ll have more time with the family and more time to do the things you love. Ordering with Winn-Dixie is super simple and hassle-free, just read through these questions before shopping.

How do I earn Winn-Dixie Reward points?

Earning Winn-Dixie Reward points is easy. They are earned when you purchase qualifying items and on every weekly grocery shop. Look out for ‘deal of week’ items and you’ll earn even more points.

How can I find my nearest Winn-Dixie supermarket?

If you need to find your closest Winn-Dixie supermarket, simply use the search function on their website. Just enter your zip-code and voila, you’ll be shown on a map where you should go.

Does Winn-Dixie stock Kosher products?

Winn-Dixie has one of the largest Kosher product selections in the southeast. Get Kosher meats, bread, dairy, fresh pastries, and frozen food all at your local Winn-Dixie supermarket.

Can I schedule a delivery time at Winn-Dixie?

Doing your grocery shopping online at Winn-Dixie is 100% stress free. You can schedule to have your groceries delivered to your home when it’s suitable and convenient for you.