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WinterSilks Coupons

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More about WinterSilks

WinterSilks is a clothing brand that was introduced in 1978. The company is known for selling some of the most comfortable silk apparel that will keep you warm and cozy. The firm began as a boutique mail-order company that was known for selling some of the most luxurious silk wears that people could find. WinterSilks is a member of the brand, Bluestem Brands, Inc. The company offers its customers a chance to buy a variety of ready-to-wear men and women apparels, some sleepwear and lingerie, along with some other accessories, etc.

The brand offers the majority of these clothing items in silk. However, the company has expanded its range of fabrics and now provides a variety of fabrics to choose from. Also, all these fabrics have some similar qualities; they're skin-friendly, provide comfort and warmth and are incredibly comfortable to wear. The brand even offers its customers the chance to shop for comfort at discounted rates by only using valid WinterSilks coupons. These, WinterSilks coupons help in minimizing the cost of an order and allow you to shop for the products you want without messing the budget you have.

Some facts about WinterSilks

Some facts about WinterSilks

  • Was founded in 1978
  • The brand is inspired by the comfort that one experiences while wearing a pair of long johns.
  • Has an online presence as well as an ever-growing global presence.

More about WinterSilks

Ever wondered about the concept behind the company's available silk wears? Well, years ago, the founder of the brand used to walk from work in sub-zero weather, freezing in the cold. It was until he came upon a pair of some silk long johns and he wore them to work. To his utter surprise the pair of new clothing kept him extremely warm and dry throughout the day, and so he decided to wear them every day. These long johns allowed him to wear his work clothes on top, provided him with comfort and made it easier to walk in freezing temperatures. And so this is how he came up with the idea of introducing silk wear for people to opt for, that would provide them with extreme comfort and warmth during cold weather. The offered silk wear could be worn to work as well as at home.

The company sells both men and women silk clothing, long underwear, some intimates and sleepwear for customers to are. You can get your hands on a pair of these fabulous silk apparels at low rates by simply using WinterSilks coupons. These clothing and accessories are designed while keeping in mind one's comfort. The store features luxurious silk pajamas to silk long underwear and lots of other products that you can shop for at some amazing prices by simply using WinterSilks one at checkout.

Some amazing apparel that WinterSilks offers

Some amazing apparel that WinterSilks offers

WinterSilks offers its customers to take advantage of the WinterSilks base layers for the winters to keep them super warm and cozy without having to bulk on too much. The company has three different types of these special bases layers, the lightweight base layer, the mid-weight and lastly the heavy-weight base layers. These are perfect for people looking for some comfortable and warm clothing. These silk long underwear help by keeping one warm and are luxuriously soft against the skin.

  • The lightweight ones are stretchable, breathable. They keep you warm on the inside while you walk around in cold weather. You can wear them under your everyday regular clothes. They are great to wear when traveling.
  • The mid-weight long underwear is created using silk that is a bit heavier in weight, yet still not too heavy to be uncomfortable. These are great add-ons to wear in the chilly autumn seasons. You can just turn down your thermostats and save energy because if you're wearing this pair of long underwear, you won't need the extra heat.
  • Lastly, the heavyweight base layer is the best option for you to opt for during the extreme winter times. These will keep you keep warm and dry all day long. They are an excellent choice for outdoor activities and great for sleeping in during the winters as well!

The store has some amazing silk apparels. You can easily find yourself some everyday casual silk wear clothing, some cozy bedding, warm accessories, and also a variety of formal attires for special occasions. And since the company is also a part of the Bluestem Brands family, it also provides its customers a chance to shop for lifestyle products that include some home goodies and health products at discounted rates using the WinterSilks coupons.

If you wish to place an order at WinterSilks

If you want to order offline, then you can call the official number on the website or fax the order form to the WinterSilks Fax Line. And if you are ordering online then all you will need to do is selecting the items you like and adding them to the cart. Once you're sure you have them all, proceed to checkout. But before you do that, make sure to be equipped with loads of valid WinterSilks coupons. These coupons will help you in reducing your bill so that by the end of your shopping spree you won't regret spending too much money. You need to redeem your WinterSilks coupons at checkout to get exclusive discounts. Once you checkout you will receive a confirmation email to ensure that your order has been placed at the store.

Also, you may cancel your order if you want to, however, you must do this only if the order hasn't been picked and hasn't been packed up ready to be shipped out. For making changes call the customer team at the official number and be sure to keep your order number right beside you. If you are wondering what payments methods are acceptable here at WinterSilks well then, once you have selected your items, and have used valid WinterSilks coupons, you can then pay for your purchases using your credits cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For mail orders, the company even accepts checks and money orders as well.

Can one return or exchange their purchase?

Can one return or exchange their purchase at WinterSilks?

For all those customers who are not pleased with their purchases, the store offers an option to get a refund or exchange. The returned items must be sent back in their original condition within 90 days of the date mentioned on your receipt. For refunds, you will receive a merchandise credit certification that will be equal to the price of your purchased items, which you can use later on while shopping at this store. To return an order make sure to follow all the instructions listed on the packing slip that has been enclosed with your order. It will take at least 1-2 billing cycles for credits to be processed on your credit card. If you have requested an exchange, you will receive the refund for the returned item. However, you will have to pay the duties that are charged upon shipment. You can return your items at the following address;

Shipping conditions for you to know at WinterSilks

All the in-stock products orders are usually processed within one days’ time, and most of the orders are shipped to the USA within 4-8 business days, excluding holidays. Shipping costs vary across different countries. You can also opt for the 3-day delivery option, or the Next Day delivery, etc. However, do remember that these will cost you some additional fees. The company offers international shipping along with an option to ship purchases to multiple addresses. This way you can buy tons of gifts for your friends and family and can have these packages sent to them. Buying gifts are the best time to redeem WinterSilks coupons because you can benefit from discounts. Also, certain WinterSilks coupons can provide shipping discounts too.

Customer service at WinterSilks

If you've got any questions about your order, about using valid WinterSilks coupons or any other quires all that you have to do is call the customer service team at the official number present on the website. The Customer Service Specialists will respond to all of your questions and will resolve your issues as soon as possible. There is also a number that international customers can use. Clients can also use the Live Chat option on the website to contact customer services.

WinterSilks coupons

WinterSilks coupons for 2022

So before you head out for your shopping spree at this store make sure to be stocked up on some WinterSilks coupons. This is because valid WinterSilks coupons will make shopping at the store a fun and affordable experience. If you don't happen to have any WinterSilks coupons with you already, then you can always find some at PromoPony.

WinterSilks coupons enable you to purchase some of the most luxurious casual and sleepwear from this store. There is no need for you to bulk yourself up in loads of layered clothes during winter. Just make sure to get yourself some long silk underwear from this store to keep yourself comfortable in cold weather. Valid WinterSilks coupons will allow you to get your hands on some of the best innerwear that you can wear at home, to work and even while sleeping.

WinterSilks strive to provide their customers with comfort and luxury products. You can easily get your hands on these luxurious clothing without having to exceed your budget by using WinterSilks coupons and make your life a lot easier. At checkout make sure that you enter the code present on valid WinterSilks coupons to reduce the bill. Keep in mind that you can only use one discount coupon per order. Also, all WinterSilks coupons need to be redeemed at checkout.