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WIX Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in June 2023

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Get $50 Off Your Order
Get 15% Off Sitewide
Get 10% Off a Wix Premium Plan VIP, Pro, Or Unlimited
Get 10% Off Any Premium Plan
Get 10% Off Your Wix Premiun Plan
Get 5% Off on Sitewide
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Get 10% Off Premium Order
Get 15% Off Your Order
Get 10% Off a Premium Plan
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  • Online Coupons
  • Online Sales
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  • $ Off
Offers: 8
Redeemed offers: 1043
Potential savings: 5%-15% / $50

Looking to build your very own website on the cheap? Check out these great Wix coupons and codes to help you save big.

  • Join now for a free website builder, and start creating the website you want with Wix.com
  • Try Wix for 14 days commitment free and if you’re not totally happy, you’ll get a refund no questions asked.

Check out our awesome Wix savings guide, for all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get the best rates and sweetest deals.

Discount Details Valid until
$50 Discount Get $50 Off Your Order Up to revocation
15% Discount Get 15% Off Sitewide Up to revocation
10% Discount Get 10% Off a Wix Premium Plan VIP, Pro, Or Unlimited Up to revocation
10% Discount Get 10% Off Any Premium Plan Up to revocation
10% Discount Get 10% Off Your Wix Premiun Plan Up to revocation

More about WIX

Wix.com has been around since 2006. An Israeli company with offices all around the world including: Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. Wix aims to empower anyone to create their own website and platform. Today Wix is doing pretty well with more than 3,000 employees in 16 locations and around 180 million registered users, those are some decent numbers. Keep reading our brief but informative savings guide to find out all the ways that saving is easy at Wix.com.

How do I redeem this Wix coupon?

The most difficult part is just finding a Wix coupon. So now that’s done, let’s figure out how to use it. Follow this simple yet effective step-by-step guide and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

  1. The first thing you need to do is “double click” the coupon. This should open up a new page to the deal on Wix.com.
  2. Make sure you’ve written down or “copied” any promo codes.
  3. Now you need to decide what kind of premium Wix plan best suits your needs. Also bear in mind what kind of coupon you have.
  4. Get started and go through the questionnaire so Wix can figure what you expect from them.
  5. Next step is setting up payment, you can apply your promo code now if you have one.
  6. Make sure everything is looking good and you’re satisfied.
  7. Make your first payment.
  8. That’s it, we hope you got a great deal and good luck with the project.

What’s there to know about Wix coupons?

Saving is easy when you have the right tools. Wix coupons may not be easy to find, but when you do get one they’re usually pretty great. Here’s all the information you need to know on saving with Wix coupons.

Where do you find Wix coupons from?

Many wasted minutes can be spent searching the internet for coupons and promo codes. The reality is most of the deals you’ll stumble across will be either expired or totally fabricated. At PromoPony we cut through the cr@p to offer you only coupons that are up to date and actually work.

How much do you save with a Wix coupon?

Every coupon is different and I’m sure you already know, but the discounts at Wix are usually pretty good. While difficult to find, you can get a decent saving on your premium Wix subscription.

How long do Wix coupons usually last for?

There’s no typical amount of time that a Wix promotion or coupon will last for, but from what we’ve seen they don’t stay around for all that long. Try to find an expiration date if you’re interested in a particular offer, otherwise snap it up while you can.

Are there any promotions or coupons available at Wix in June 2023?

Promotions are Wix are quite rare, so always be on your toes to not miss out on the good ones. Expect some great temporary price reductions on the Wix premium plans or some free months. Right now there are {OFFFERS_COUNT} coupons available.

How can I get this Wix coupon to work?

Annoying as it is when a coupon or code you’ve just found doesn’t appear to be working, it isn’t the end of the world. PromoPony are here to help you get back to saving asap, just take a look at these FAQs below.

Has this Wix promotion ended?

Look for an expiration date right away, if you suspect that the coupon you’re trying to redeem may have already expired. Wix coupons tend to have a short shelf life, so don't be surprised if yours is too old to use.

Can I use this Wix promo code?

If you’ve found a cool looking Wix promo code, but it’s not behaving as it should. It could be time to look for another one. Before you do, make sure the promo code hasn’t already expired and that you’ve entered it correctly.

Are there ways to save on a Wix plan without a coupon?

While coupons really do make saving at Wix.com a whole bunch easier, there are still a couple of ways that you can enjoy a great discount or two, even without a coupon or promotional code. Below we’ll run through your best options.

Is Wix free to join?

Wix believes that everybody should be able to start their own business, promote their brand or have a creative platform without financial constraints. That’s why using Wix is totally free. You can do a lot with the free version of Wix, but if you’re serious about getting the best out of your website, going premium is the way forward. Look out for discounts on Wix premium plans where you’ll be able to snag a decent discount.

Does Wix offer a student discount?

Yes they do. The Wix student discount is pretty generous to say the least. Just verify your student status with Beans ID and you’ll be eligible for a 50% discount off yearly plans at Wix.com. It’s easy, fast and the offer is pretty awesome.

What’s there to know about Wix?

Visit Wix and start building your perfect website, the easy way. Create a platform that looks professional and that you can be proud of. Whether it’s for your own business, an online store or for your own personal content, there are a whole host of website templates waiting for you. You don’t need any prior knowledge on website design and no coding is required, Wix does the geeky stuff so you can focus on being creative. If you’re unsure what kind of website or design you want or need, Wix makes it fun and inspiring with their selection of website templates. If you’re building a site to display your photography skills, there’s a template for that. If you need a site to start your non-profit, Wix has a template. Want to begin teaching guitar lessons? There’s a great template to get you started. Keep what you like and edit what you don’t, the templates are just a great way to start instead of being overwhelmed by too many possibilities. Browse through the ‘most popular’ templates and you’re almost guaranteed a great looking website. You can even opt for ‘blank templates’ that have minimal structure if you’re feeling confident and want total control. Without online presence, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot these days. Use the Wix Editor for total creative freedom, Wix ADI for the ultimate aesthetically pleasing page and Wix Partner to get the help you need to maximize your potential. Wix can provide everything you require to be a success online. Wix can also help with the boring, but essential stuff like social media targeting , SEO tools for the best Google visibility and analytics which are crucial in monitoring your performance and progress. All these tools and options will help you to grow when the time is right. Create your very own domain name and unique URL, get the best in website security, get help with a mobile app and even have your website in multiple languages. Starting with WIx is totally Free. Get access to plenty of templates and top grade hosting without spending a penny. The premium packages are where the benefits of using Wix really kick in. We highly recommend you choose one of their premium subscriptions if you’re serious about success. For just a small amount each month the perks of premium are undeniable. No more Wix ads, large or unlimited bandwidth and many other essential perks. Let Wix help realise your dreams. Everyone needs a little help, so why not get it from the very best? Your new online store, awesome blog, artistic platform or whatever you choose is waiting to begin.

Wix has become one of the go-to companies for the best in website and online store design. Their system is super easy, effective and very affordable. Whatever your ambition and whatever your budget, find your ideal solution at Wix.com. For more information, check out this great Wix.com video below.

Does Wix offer a free trial?

The basic version of Wix is totally free of charge, but you’ll have to endure some advertisement. Sign up for one of the Wix premium plans if you're serious about making quick progress. Choose the plan that’s right for you, but if you feel that after 14 days you’re not happy, you can ask for a full refund….easy!

Can I cancel a Wix premium plan?

Once you sign up for a Wix premium plan, you’re given a 14-day trial period to find out if it’s suitable for you. If you decide to cancel within the trial period, a full refund will be given, no questions asked. Unfortunately if you want to cancel after the 14-days, you’ll have to continue paying for the entire year.