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WIX Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in January 2022

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Redeemed offers: 7
Potential savings: 5%-15% / $50
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$50 Discount Get $50 Off Your Order Up to revocation
15% Discount Get 15% Off Your Order April 17, 2022
15% Discount Get 15% Off Sitewide Up to revocation
10% Discount Get 10% Off Premium Order May 31, 2022
10% Discount Get 10% Off a Wix Premium Plan VIP, Pro, Or Unlimited Up to revocation

More about WIX

WIX launched back in 2006, and it more or less changed how websites are developed. WIX is a leading website builder platform for millions of people around the globe. It is very easy, exciting, and cost-effective junction to build your own professional and stunning website. WIX provides a powerful yet simple solution that made the process of making websites fun and creative. WIX maintain an easy-to-use website builder with tons of capabilities and features to make running your business online easier than ever. The headquarters of WIX are located in New York. WIX website builder does a wonderful job by standing up against of the many popular website builders available everywhere. This time there are over eleven million websites that were being helped and built by WIX.

             Key facts about WIX 

Key facts about WIX

  • Launched in 2006
  • Caters to millions around the globe
  • Cost-effective website development packages


WIX video


WIX features

There are a lot of reasons that make WIX one of the best website developers in the world. You can use WIX coupons to avail these features at discounted prices. The features that the store offers to the clients are:

Easy to use

The most exciting part of the story is that this platform is super easy to use. It is user-friendly so that even people who are not very good at computers can also use it with ease. The major advantage of WIX is its drag and drop feature that made it the most celebrated platform of building websites. Flash is another key feature of WIX that builds static web pages with great classy designs. Flash is very much fun for those who want to exhibit their artwork and photography. You can make your business strong by using and making a website on WIX.

Reasonable price

It is highly affordable which is what makes it so popular. The store has to offer you so many packages in the form of WIX coupons to make your deal more reasonable because a budget is important to keep in its limits. The price range of packages ranges from $5 to $20 per month. WIX coupons are also available to further lower the cost and make the deal more cost effective. The price of the packages is dependent on the end goal that clients have in mind regarding the kind of website they want to create. If you want to get a package, then use WIX coupons to get it at an exclusive discount.

Free version

A few of us have an idea about a free version of WIX. With the free version, consumers can access to all tools and designs that are needed to make your website classy. WIX is a great website builder that gives a professional appeal to users.

Huge collection of professional templates

The super classy huge collection of templates distinguishes it from rest of the websites. Building websites should offer a good collection of templates. This is where other platforms fail, and WIX wins. No matter what the nature is of your website, whether it is for business purposes or just a family website, WIX caters for the needs of its customers from each and every angle. Just sit and see a huge list of templates for selection. Most importantly and excitingly, templates are cost-free so that customers can use them as much as they want. However, if there are templates present on WIX that will cost you money, then you can easily use WIX coupons to get your favorite template while remaining in your budget.

Innovative and up-to-date designs

Innovation is something that makes you stand out in a completely different way. Whatever designs WIX offer are absolutely advanced and very innovative to make the experience of the customer unforgettable. That is why it is said that WIX offers the best service to consumers from its novelty and updating every bit of information.

 WIX editor

WIX editor

An editor on WIX is available and designed to help customers to create rich, highly professional, and beautiful websites. For a superior online experience, there is no other better choice on the internet than WIX editor. If you want to make your story provoke, an editor will be there to introduce a striking and comprehensive story of yours. It gives such a great, functional and performed idea that will make people addicted to your website. Moreover, it is quite easy to customize the website with an editor in the way you want. The WIX mobile editor is also reachable so that can make your experience friendlier, and happier. There is no end to WIX creativity.

Power of artificial design intelligence

Perfection for your website can be obtained through the artificial design intelligence tool. Millions and billions of different combinations of layouts, images, text, contact, form, and much more are waiting for you to pick up what you like. WIX artificial design intelligence is a stunning feature that can make your website the leading destination on the internet and your business powerful.

WIX customer service

In the online world things can sometimes go wrong, but WIX is here to help. By providing a help center, WIX has made it very easy for customers to approach them any time of the day or night. Representatives are also there to assist you for whatever you want. If your website is down, even then you can directly call representatives to figure out the problem and fix it. Moreover, plenty of tutorials and videos are available to show you right way of doing something. If you have any questions, go directly to the forum and submit your queries.

WIX blog         

The WIX blog is another way to make you feel at ease. It caters to your needs by providing information regarding the marketing of your products. WIX is a trustworthy blog that gives detailed information and workable tips for marketing your products. When customers review your product, WIX blog provides all the ins and outs of your product by describing the services of the product and how much it can prove satisfactory for customers. This kind of deal and description moves your business beyond mere selling. Business is a matter of trust and WIX blog is what a business requires. For such a positive experience, make WIX blog your first and foremost subscription.

How to start with WIX?

How to start with WIX?

Firstly, you need to sign up at WIX and make an online account in order to start the process of building your website. Online accounts give you access to files, templates, designs, top-notch features, editing, and publishing. Moreover, if you have got to go in the middle of working, you can save the files, so when you come back, you will start from the point where you left off previously. Also through the online account, a customer can go to billing, payment, vouchers, and different packages.

Secondly, the billing and payment procedure is necessary to complete the process and if you want additional features like Google analytics, statistics, and favicons. It just enhances the value and traffic of your website. So, save a position in the list of ranking search engines, and add additional features.

Thirdly, selecting the right category is the next step after making the account. Categories include music, business, food, online shops, and services, retailing and much more. By selecting the category, suitable appealing templates can be approached related to your needs, and you don’t need to spend hours and hours searching for an appropriate template. Amendments are also possible even when you’ve finished.

Fourthly, the editor will help you to customize your website in the desired way. The editor will offer you plenty of features for giving an eye-catching and professional look to your website. All you just need is to give a click.

Lastly, additional details like extra web pages, font colors and designs can be added to match with your business ideology. Styles vary with your category like for a fashion designing website; font styles should be funky and catchy enough to give a glamorous appealing touch to your website. 

WIX is a wonderful website creator that offers you a big margin to show your creative skills and transform your vision into a reality so make it your first priority for building a stunning website. You can also use WIX coupons in order to get exclusive discounts on the packages they offer and build the website you’ve always dreamed of. 

Valid WIX coupons 2022

In order for you to create the website that you want, you need WIX coupons to get exclusive discounts on the website building packages they offer. You can use WIX coupons to get discounts on the themes they have available or other editing tools that you might need to give your website the perfect look you’re after. You can get WIX coupons from PromoPony. All you need to do is use WIX coupons during checkout. Redeem WIX coupons and you will notice the final price you have to pay cut by up to 50% and even more. If these are any themes up for sale, you can use WIX coupons to get them at even lower prices. PromoPony offers valid WIX coupons. Make sure that you visit the homepage daily because there are always new WIX coupons for you to get. So, if you have meant to create a website, now is the time. Use WIX coupons to get discounts on templates, themes, plugins, etc. and create a website you’ve always wanted.