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Woot Coupons & Promo Codes

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

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Up to 80% Off Flash Deals
Save Up to 80% at Electronics Garage Sale
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  • Online Sales
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  • % Off
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Redeemed offers: 4
Potential savings: 80%

Get the greatest deals and the lowest prices using our coupons, on items you’ve always wanted and things you never knew you needed at Woot!

  • Amazon Prime members can get FREE shipping on Woot.com
  • Check out the Woot Daily Deals for one day only crazy low prices, hurry while stocks last!

We’ve got all the ways to make Wolt even cheaper and even more fun, so keep on reading our super savings guide.

Discount Details Valid until
80% Discount Up to 80% Off Flash Deals Up to revocation

More about Woot

Woot was found back in 2004, by a gentleman named Matt Rutledge. As you probably already know they are a subsidiary of Amazon, so being an Amazon Prime member is a good idea if you like the idea of Woot. They are based in Carrollton, Texas and employ more than 140 people right now. Woot’s marketing style is, let’s just say, pretty unique. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

How do you use a Woot coupon?

Looking for a little help redeeming your Woot coupon? Well you’re arrived at the right place, amigo. Just follow our carefully constructed step-by-step guide and you shouldn’t encounter any annoyances….good luck!

  1. Let’s begin by deciding on a deal from the PromoPony selection. Once ready click “Get Deal”.
  2. A pop-up will have appeared with some useful notes, a link to the deal and if you’re lucky enough a promo code!
  3. Click “Continue to Shop” to proceed to Woot.com.
  4. Now for good times, shopping! Make your selections and “Add to cart”.
  5. Once you’ve got what you need, continue by clicking the “cart” icon in the top right corner of the page.
  6. Speed is important when shopping at Woot, even if you have items in your cart, they can still be bought by other “Wooters”, so be quick!
  7. “Proceed to Checkout”.
  8. Now you’ll need to log-in to your Woot or Amazon account. If you have neither, now’s the time to create one.
  9. Before you pay, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a promotional code, click “apply”.
  10. Once all is looking swell and you’re smiling with discount delight, you can go ahead and make your payment.
  11. Wait for a Woot confirmation email and that’s a wrap.
  12. You can use these steps again, each time you want to use a Woot coupon.

What’s to know about saving with Woot coupons and promo codes?

Looking for the inside scoop on how to always get the lowest prices possible at Woot? Stay tuned and we’ll reveal woot you need to know about Woot coupons and more.

Where do you find Woot coupons from?

All your saving needs and discount dreams can be taken care of by PromoPony. We are saving geeks that work very hard to provide the likes of you with the best coupons and deals around that actually work, how about that?! If there’s a Woot coupon worth using, we’ll have posted up on our page.

How long do Woot coupons last for?

If you’re not quick to use your coupon at Woot, you run the risk of missing out. Many coupons at Woot last for just 1-day, that’s their USP. Once a deal expires or stock sells out, that deal is gone, finito, no more. Of course the offer may come back again someday, but if there’s a good price in front of you, just take it!

When are the best Woot coupons released?

The deals and coupons at Woot move at such a fast pace, it’s pretty tricky to stay up to date and not miss out on amazing discounts. Solution, follow them. Not in the street, online. Sign up to the Woot Daily Digest email, check them out on the Woot Twitter feed, become friends with Woot on Facebook, saving is easy when you know how.

What can I use my Woot coupon to save on?

Well, just about anything. With so many Woot coupons, offers and deals happening every single day, you won't have to wait long for your perfect discount. Don’t forget to look out for ShirtWoot coupons and get awesome custom tees at bargain prices.

This Woot voucher doesn’t work, what gives?

Oh dear, we’re sorry to hear that. In order to figure out what’s going wrong with your Woot voucher or discount code, you need to find out if the coupon is no good or if you’re doing something wrong. Right off the bat, look for an expiration date, expired coupons are the leading cause of saving sadness. Next, make sure you’re entering the promo code in correctly. The last thing to consider will be the contents of your “cart”. As mentioned previously, if you’re not quick at the “checkout” it’s possible another Wooter will snap up the last remaining stock before you do.

Can you share all the ways to save without using a Woot coupon?

Well of course since you’ve asked so nicely. While Wooters rely on coupons and offer codes to get big discounts, there are some other ways you should take a look at. Pay attention, here they come!

Does Woot sell refurbished items?

They do indeed. As well as selling refurbished items, Woot also sells “open-box” products. These items are as good as new, usually returned from indecisive customers. Take advantage of these super low prices and get yourself an open-box iPad or iPhone at a fraction of the price.

What are these BOC’s I hear about on Woot?

Simply put, Bags Of Crap. Woot’s sense of humor calls them BOC, but in reality it’s your chance to score some awesome stuff at incredible prices. Limited to one bag o’ crap a month, you could end up with a new TV amongst some crap, or you it’s totally possible that you just bought a bag of crap. It’s all a bit of fun, so if you’re a bit sensitive it’s best to avoid a BOC as they’re non-returnable.

Where can I find the best Woot bargains?

If you’re really, really looking for the cheapest prices on Woot then you must head to their Liquidation Sale section. Here you’ll find great products Woot are desperate to get rid of ASAP. Take the opportunity to enjoy some rock-bottom prices while stocks last.

Does Woot still have the “Deal of the Day”?

While Woot may have been snapped up by Amazon, they still stay true to their humble beginnings and continue to have daily deals. The most exciting Woot deals will be the biggest banners on their homepage, lasting for just one day. Stock sells out really quickly on these offers, so once again don’t hang about twiddling your thumbs.

Should I become an Amazon Prime member?

Yes, yes, yes. While it may seem like a big commitment going Prime, it really isn’t and it’s well worth it. You can sign up for a FREE trial for 30-days remember. Woot offers exclusive savings opportunities to Amazon Prime members as well as free shipping.

Bargain hunters we have a small gift for you. Please accept these excellent Ebay coupons and these awesome Amazon coupons….save away!

Is Woot.com legit?

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Woot. A company with a great sense of humor and with even better deals, on just about anything. Woot was proudly the original site for daily deals until they were bought by the big boys, Amazon in 2010. Now things are really starting to look good for them, they’ve expanded and can now offer more than just one deal per day, how about multiple deals! Woot are known for having the lowest prices around on exciting and well, not so exciting but essential products. Woot introduces a new way to shop online. If you already know what you’re after, Woot is great, but where Woot really gets interesting, is with their daily deals and your chance for super interesting discoveries. Maybe you didn’t know you wanted a new Bluetooth speaker, but with up to 80% off RRP, who wouldn’t? Use one of rather excellent Woot promo codes and save big on a new laptop, find cheap deals on unlocked iPhones, buy a new Xbox for less, get a crazy price on a new HD TV….the list of amazing deals available on Woot just goes on. Don’t think it’s all electrical on sale at Woot, get some of your groceries done, shop for groovy shirts, tools for the garden and home, kitchen appliances and sports equipment. Woot is fun, Woot is funny but best of all Woot is going to help you save a lot of money on a bunch of cool things.

Yes, no need to worry here. They may have a funny name and a strange sense of humor, but remember they’re backed by the big dogs Amazon.com….you’re in safe hands. Shopping at Woot is a joy and you’ll most definitely get a cool deal in the process. Here are just a few things to think about before placing an order.

What are the shipping options at Woot?

First and foremost, Amazon Prime members get FREE standard shipping on all Woot orders and FREE Express shipping on Shirt.Woot orders. Check out the table below for your Woot shipping choices.

Shipping Type Price
Standard $6
2-Day $12
1-Day $24
Shirt.Woot Offers Free
Standard for Prime members Free

What’s the Woot return policy?

Woot allows a 30-day grace period for you to make up your mind. Return an item for a refund or an exchange without any issues, as long as the item is in like new condition. Unfortunately not all items can be returned, such as food and perishables, BOC items, lithium batteries and hazardous materials.

How can I contact Woot?

If you’d like to get in touch with the weird and wonderful Woot team, here’s how. The easiest way is to send an email or to post your issue on the Woot forum. Woot has a great community where any question will either be answered by a fellow Wooter or a Woot customer service representative. If you’re very old-school, you can always write to them at the address below.

Woot LLC

4121 International Parkway

Carrollton, TX 75007