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Yard House Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in August 2022

Bonus $10 Card With $50 Gift Card Purchase
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Looking for deals on great American food and draught beer? Order online or head on down to your local Yard House for a rockin’ great time!

  • Enjoy a complimentary appetizer when you join the Yard House EClub. It’s free, easy and only takes a minute.
  • Take advantage of Happy Hour for discounts on cocktails and food at Yard House.

Keep reading to discover all the ways that you can save on your next delicious order from Yard House.

More about Yard House

Yard House is a sports bar chain with more than 80 locations spread across the US. It was founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California. Yard House was recently bought by Darden Restaurants for $585 million. Keep reading our savings guide for all the info you’ll need on how to save each time you visit a Yard House….Enjoy!

How do I redeem a Yard House coupon?

If you need some guidance in redeeming your Yard House coupon, we’re here to help. Go through this step-by-step guide and you shouldn't run into any issues along the way.

  1. Let’s begin by giving that coupon and good “double click”. You will now be automatically redirected to the page you need on Yardhouse.com.
  2. Don’t leave without taking note of any promo or discount codes.
  3. You can choose between visiting your local Yard House, ordering online for pick up or using GrubHub for delivery.
  4. We’ll assume you want to order via the Yard House website and pick up your food.
  5. Make your selections from the menu and “add to cart”.
  6. “View cart” to continue.
  7. This is the point you’ll be able to apply a promo code. Enter and click “apply”.
  8. Click “Checkout” to continue payment.
  9. Confirm your pickup location before paying.
  10. Enjoy your meal!

What tips are there for using Yard House coupons?

If you want the biggest discounts and the coolest offers on your next order from Yard House, a little knowledge will go a long way. Here are some very useful hints and tips that will lead to great things for your taste buds and wallet.

How many coupons can you use per Yard House order?

While you may be lucky enough to find yourself with a handful of coupons and codes, Yard House only permits you to use one promo code per order, so choose wisely. You could in turn make multiple separate orders, but we didn’t tell you that.

How much can I save with a Yard House coupon?

Delicious food and artisanal beers are not cheap, but with a coupon or discount code everything changes at Yard House. Get significant discounts on your favorite beers and super deals on pizzas and tacos.

Are there any promotions happening at Yard House?

Luckily for you, you’ll almost always be able to find a special offer or promo happening at your local Yard House sports bar. Don’t miss Happy Hour for a start! Currently there are deals available.

Where are Yard House coupons found?

You can either decide to go on a seemingly endless Google search, doing your best to filter out the bad coupons. Or you can choose from the best that have been hand selected by the talented PromoPony team. We recommend the latter.

How can I get this Yard House coupon to work?

While it may be very frustrating to not be able to use a coupon you’ve just found, it’s not worth stressing out over. With that understood, we can work towards trying to figure out what’s going wrong.

Has this Yard House coupon expired?

Sadly it’s all too common to discover that a promising coupon you’ve just found, expired 3 years ago today. The good news is that there are plenty more saving options and coupons just waiting around the corner for you.

Can I still use this Yard House promo code?

If a promo code is giving you troubles, you need to show it who’s boss, or run away. To find out which you should do, answer these questions and all will become a lot clearer sooner or later.

  • Have you seen an expiration date?
  • Did you enter the code correctly?
  • Is the deal valid in your state?
  • Are the items in your “cart” eligible for a discount?

Can I still save at Yard House when I don’t have a coupon?

Cheap beers, discounts on ribs and BOGO burgers are luckily still available at Yard House even when you don’t possess a coupon or promotional code. Here are the ways you need to know about.

Does Yard House have a Happy Hour?

We’re glad you asked. Happy Hour is amazing at Yard House, you don’t need fancy coupons of codes, just a hungry belly and a good attitude. Each Yard House location varies on what Happy Hour deals they offer, but expect money off beer, cheap cocktails and significant discounts on tasty food.

What is Wine Wednesdays at Yard House?

Winos unite, for what is a great day….Wine Wednesdays! Each and every Wednesday enjoy 50% off select bottles of wine and $5.99 glasses of wine all day long. Not every Yard House participates in this great weekly event, so check before you head out.

Should I join the Yard House Eclub?

Yes you should. Just by joining you can enjoy a free appetizer, that alone is a good enough motivator. Enjoy a birthday surprise and be kept up to date on all the latest promotions and upcoming events.

When can I get cheap beer at Yard House?

The best time for cheap beers and discounted IPA’s is Pint Night Tuesdays at Yard House. From 6pm to 10pm each Tuesday, all pints and goblets are just $5. Enjoy your favorite beer or use it as a chance to try something new.

If you’re planning on getting your Yard House order delivered you’re going to find these GrubHub coupons very useful indeed.

What’s there to know about Yard House?

Yard House offers 2 things for sure; great food and classic rock n’ roll! Oh and they just so happen to have the world’s largest selection of draft beers. If you love good American food, awesome beer, sports and a guitar solo or two, Yard House is the perfect place for you. Find your local Yard House and discover an excellent food menu that will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds. In the mood for authentic street tacos? Thought so. Yard House serves up tacos that will knock your socks off. The pizzas on the menu are outstanding, so be sure to check them out after a few cold beers. What’s a great sports bar without a killer burger? Order one of the classics or opt for the really great vegetarian Beyond Burger. Get your meat fix with one of the top of the line steaks on the Yard House menu, with an affordable Rib Eye or Sirloin waiting for you. Try the fried chicken tenders, fried calamari, hot wings or truffle fries alongside a tall glass of craft beer and you’re in heaven. If you want something a little on the lighter side, Yard House has a tremendous selection of delicious salads, hearty soups and awesome appetizers. For a party, event or maybe you just darn hungry, order one of the superb Yard House takeout platters. Now let’s talk drinks, Yard House is a bar after all. With more than 100 beers on draft, Yard House is super serious about beer. Order classic everyday beers or try one of the many craft IPA and artisanal beers available. Each Yard House bar has a different selection of beers, so check out your local menu before heading out. Not sure what you like or want to sample a few? Order a six-pack offer and enjoy a variety of beers without getting too wobbly. While Yard House obviously are passionate and focus on beers and ales from around the world, there’s plenty more available on the drinks menu. Winos delight, there’s an excellent selection of fine wines and bubbles to please even the biggest wine snob. Order red wines from all over the globe, fresh white wines perfect for summer evenings or afternoon relaxation, prosecco for good times every time. Yard House has a reputation for amazing cocktails. Margaritas, mojitos, mules you name it. Whiskey drinkers, you haven’t been forgotten, just pick your poison. Yard House is perfect for events and group dining. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, business party or anniversary, make a reservation at your local Yard House. For good times with friends and family, tasty food and great drinks, Yard House is a solid choice.

If you love classic American food, love beers and good vibes, you’ll love Yard House. Take a trip to your local Yard House bar, pick up an order or get it delivered using GrubHub, the choice is yours.

Are there any vegetarian options at Yard House?

There may not be a ton of vegetarian or vegan options available on the Yard House menu, but the few that they do have are excellent. Choose from great soups, tasty salads and even order a Beyond Burger.

Where’s my local Yard House?

Not sure where your nearest Yard House is? No problem, just use the store locator function at Yardhouse.com by entering your ZIP code and address if necessary. With 80+ locations across the US, you’re bound to find one close by.