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Zenfolio Coupons

All Coupon Codes and Discounts in October 2021

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More about Zenfolio

Zenfolio is one of the most visited and most used providers of online photography presentations and sales. The company started in 2006 and has expanded their services to amateur and professional photographers alike. They offer a wide variety for any photographer to make the most of their craft.

zenfolio Logo

Key facts about Zenfolio

  • Online photography presentations and sales
  •  Offers a variety of products and services for professionals and amateurs
  • Founded in 2006

Save money on your photos and services with a free Zenfolio coupon

Zenfolio knows what it takes to be a great photographer and a great photo lover. They know that photography is a beautiful art form, but that it an also be quite expensive. That is why they aim to provide some of the best prices for photographers looking to showcase their work and start a business and for consumers who are looking to buy photographs.

So, get your camera ready and make sure to upload your photos to Zenfolio. Their prices are so low, it might not seem like they could go any lower, but PromoPony knows how to get you a good deal. With a free Zenfolio coupon from PromoPony, you can save more money than you thought possible. Just enter the coupon code at checkout and you have more money to take your photography to the next level. 

Using a Zenfolio coupon, you can get money off subscriptions, plans, and orders. Some customers have gotten 20 to 30 percent off plans. 

Zenfolio products

Zenfolio knows what photographers need. They have high-quality products and services that will help photographers take their art to the next level and help them connect with photography lovers all over the world.

  • Website - Photographers can create a custom website within minutes and they do not have to have any experience with coding. They have many themes to choose from and customers are able to customize them with their own logos and branding styles. They come with excellent migration tool and upload speeds as well as a photoblog. They have three plans to choose from with prices starting at $5/month. They also offer unlimited storage for all plans.
  • Client services - When photographers create a website with Zenfolio, they can offer many services to clients. Clients can browse, proof, and purchase photos on many devices, mobile included. Photographers can track where visitors log in from and also send branded emails to their client base.
  • Marketing – Photographers can also take advantage of many of Zenfolio’s marketing tools. Photographers get the most of their text with SEO tools, quickly and easily share on social media, and offer coupons and gift certificates. 
  • Printing – Clients and photographers can also use Zenfolio’s partnerships with print labs to receive high-quality prints and products. Zenfolio provides users with a shopping cart and credit card processing. They sell more than 2,000 products as well as digital download licenses. They also provide users with the option of Zenfolio Photo Albums.

Zenfolio Products

Zenfolio services

In addition to their high-quality products, they also offer a variety of services for photographers and customers. 

  • Toolkit – The experts at Zenfolio offer a toolkit to photographers. They can use the toolkit to help with their website design, uploading, plug-ins, transferring photos, presentation tips, and much more. 
  • Labs – Zenfolio has partnered with various labs to give customers photos from some of the best photo labs. They also can help create over 2,000 photo products that customers can buy and sell directly from the website. 
  • Ambassadors – On the Zenfolio site, certain photographers are chosen to be in a select category called ‘Zenfolio Ambassadors’. These are award-wining photographers who use Zenfolio to sell products. 
  • Events – Representatives from Zenfolio are often seen at events and trade shows around the United States and United Kingdom. The ‘Zenmasters’, as they call themselves, are available to answer questions and even have free giveaways at times.
  • Workshops – Along with events, they also hold workshops. They work with professionals in the field of photography to teach students new skills. Some of the events they have held in the past have been photowalks, technique classes, and strategy seminars. They hold these classes in cities all over the world. These classes can be found on the website.
  • Meetups – Local photographers can sign up for meetups in various cities to learn how to create a photography business by following a Zenfolio curriculum.
  • Guides – Zenfolio offers free guides through white papers, case studies, and e-books, to help users find the best ways to grow their business. 

Get the Zenfolio app

If you are looking to access, manage, or buy photos on the go, you can download the free Zenfolio app for your iOS or Android device. There are apps available for photographers and customers. Photographers can use the app to manage their site, photos, and other business activities. Customers can use the PhotoMoments app to view various photos and buy whatever they find interesting. 

Get the Zenfolio appGet the Zenfolio app

Zenfolio video

If you are looking for more information about Zenfolio, you can visit their YouTube channel. If you go to the ‘Playlists’ tab, you can find videos about the shopping experience at Zenfolio, Q & A’s, design and customization tips, client services, photo settings, business skills, tutorials, how-to’s, webinars, and other training videos.

In the video below you can find an introduction to Zenfolio and all of their services.

Placing an order at Zenfolio

Zenfolio has a pretty simplistic ordering process. When you get to the site there are three options across the top: Plans, Features, Selling. No matter what option you pick, Zenfolio will give you more information but will ask you to ‘Get Started’, ‘Let’s Go’, or ‘Sign Up Now’. If you go to Plans an choose a plan you like, you will be taken to a new screen after clicking Let’s Go. There you will see the plan listed and a space for the coupon code. You will also need to enter account information and payment information before you an view the summary and place the order. 

Placing an order at Zenfolio

Delivery conditions at Zenfolio

Deliveries at Zenfolio can be sent to photographers or to customers. If purchases are sent to photographers, they are responsible to sending items on to customers. Photographers can set their own shipping rates, so customers may be charged different rates depending on what they order. Zenfolio offers three shipping options: Standard, Priority, and Overnight. Standard shipping takes a minimum of 10 days to deliver and usually costs around $4.25. Priority packages are delivered in at least 5 days and usually costs about $8.25. Overnight is delivered the next day from Monday to Friday and costs around $13. These prices may not be exact but are estimates provided by Zenfolio.

Zenfolio also offers ‘Boutique Packaging’. When customers choose this option, their prints are placed in a cream colored box with French vanilla tissue paper. The packaged it tied with a chocolate brown bow and the entire box is reinforced with a white finish. For ‘Boutique Packaging’, customers can only order unframed photos smaller than 11x14. This services costs an additional $7.

Returns at Zenfolio

Zenfolio works to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. If customers are not happy with their printed order, they can contact customer service within 30 days and Zenfolio will send a free reprint. Zenfolio will not provide reprints due to customer error: poor image resolution, incorrect exposure, or customizable features. To request a return or refund, customers need to provide customer service with their order number and a reason for the return.

Zenfolio customer service

Zenfolio has multiple ways that customers can reach customer support professionals. They have a form where customers can send an email. Most emails are answered within 4 hours, 365 days a year.
Customers can also search through the support center to find various answers to questions, knowledge base articles, training videos, and other tools and resources. 

For some issues, customers may need to contact a photographer. Their contact information can be found on the homepage or on the support center page.

Zenfolio coupons 2021

Taking pictures is the easy part, well maybe not easy, but not as difficult as the business side of photography. Zenfolio knows what it is like to have to create a business. They can you find the perfect tools to reach customers and have your photos seen by millions of people. But before you get out your camera to run off and take more photos, stop by PromoPony. We can help you get a better deal at Zenfolio. You can find current Zenfolio coupons for October 2021 here.

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