The Cheapest Ways to Move Anywhere

The Cheapest Ways to Move Anywhere

The next time you have to move, you want it to be a great experience. But usually it ends up being stressful and really expensive. These tips will help you find the cheapest ways to move to any destination.

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Moving to a new city, a new state, a new country, or just a new home in general can come with many exciting opportunities. There are new places to visit, new people to meet, a new job, new restaurants, and lots of new possibilities. Yes, we are making this all sound so wonderful (hopefully you are moving for positive reasons), but there is one thing not so great about moving: the move itself. Not only can it be stressful and tiring, it can be expensive. We have put together some tips for the cheapest ways to move anywhere.

Ready, set, go...

Cheapest ways to move

  • Plan

It's important to make a plan. If you're not the planning type, then make sure you have some extra dollars in your bank account because planning will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Create a moving calendar to know exactly what will happen and when.

  • Purge

When you have to move, it’s cheaper when you don’t have as much stuff. There are many ways to purge some of your extra stuff: sell, gift, or donate. Yard sales, craigslist, and eBay are all great places to get rid of things before you move. You could also give items to friends or donate them to charities like Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or local churches. 

  • Free supplies

If you start planning early enough, you can get free boxes from around various stores in the area or from friends. You can also use supplies you have at home to pack up items. Instead of buying special materials, you can use blankets, sheets, and towels to cover or protect certain items. 

  • Choose the best time to move

In order to save money, avoid the peak moving season. Most people move during the summer or if they have children, when their children are off from school. At theses times, prices go up. So, to save yourself some money, move during the off-season: late fall to spring. 

  • Shop around

When you have different quotes, don’t just leave it at that. Talk to different companies and tell them that you have other offers to see if they will price match or give you a better deal. 

  • Choose the cheapest option

If you decide or need to use transportation, look for the cheapest option. 

  • Rental truck or trailer (U-haul, Penske, Budget)
  • Driving (your own car, unlimited mileage rental cars)
  • Moving containers (U-Pack, PODS)
  • Shipping (U-ship, Fedex, UPS)
  • Train/Bus (Amtrak, Greyhound)
  • Flying (Southwest, JetBlue)
  • Air Cargo (Delta, United, American Airlines)

Moving to a new city (or within 50 miles)

Moving to a new city

Moving close to where you already live is one of the easier moves to make, but it still doesn’t mean it’s cheap. There are some advantages to moving close by that make it more affordable.

  • Use your friends and family

If you're not moving too far away, get your friends and family to help you by driving their vehicles, borrowing supplies, or just doing some heavy lifting.

  • Move in stages

Moving close by means that you can take multiple trips and not have to move everything at once. Take the time you need so that you don't have to hire expensive moving companies. 

  • Stay with friends

Instead of staying in hotels or eating out all the time, hopefully, you have a friend who will help you save money by letting you stay with them. 

Moving out of state (or over 50 miles)

Moving out of state

Moving longer distances adds some challenges and some costs, but there are still ways to get a good deal and make it that bit cheaper.

  • Travel costs

Take a look at your travel costs and see if you can make them cheaper. It’s always a good idea to book flights and hotels well in advance. You can also look into Airbnb for some alternatives. Sometimes they are cheaper than a hotel of the same quality. If you are the adventurous type, you could also try couch surfing. Many people offer their couches to others for free. 

  • Shipping your belongings

Sometimes it can be cheaper to ship your belongings than to carry them with you. Media mail through the USPS is a very cheap option for shipping books and other media.

  • Your car

If you have to drive your own car, get it serviced first. Good tire pressure and engine performance can save you money by lowering your fuel costs. If you would rather not drive, you can ship the car, which sometimes costs less than or just as much as driving, depending on the distance—or you can sell the car and buy a new one when you get to your location. 

Moving abroad (or over 500 miles away)

Moving abroad

This move is often the most difficult and the most expensive. But with some time, effort, and our tips and tricks, you can make the move in the cheapest way possible. 

  • Flights

For any travel, booking earlier is usually better. Find flights as early as possible for the best rates. If you decide to go through a travel agency, see if they will price match different deals you find. Another way to save money is to fly during non-peak hours or to make various stops instead of getting a direct flight. 

  • Accommodation

When you get to your new country, make sure you have cheap places to stay before you move into your new place. When looking for a place, try to find one that is already furnished. This can save you a lot of money since you will not have to buy all new furniture, especially expensive white goods. If you need to buy everything from scratch, try second-hand stores first. 

  • Laws and regulations

Moving abroad comes with the added challenge of new laws and regulations. Save yourself some money and check all the rules about what restrictions, taxes, and customs procedures there are on certain items when you enter the country. 

Whenever and wherever you decide to move, a little planning can go a long way in making it the cheapest move possible.