Car Hacks For Dummies

When it comes to a car, it can sometimes seem like they eat money! However, did you know that there's some amazing car hacks out there that can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your vehicle? Check out our top tips and tricks to help save you some money on your car. 
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Toothpaste on your headlights

Cloudy headlights are natural for any vehicle, and when it comes to cleaning them, toothpaste offers a sneaky inexpensive solution. If you notice a yellowing of your headlights, simply put toothpaste on the plastic, grab a rag and start rubbing it in. It requires a little elbow grease, but then you only need to to wash it off with some water to have a clear view at night. 

Toothpaste on your headlights

Pool noodle in your garage

When it comes to bashing your car, nothing is worse than doing it in your own garage. Cut a pool noodle in half, and secure it to the side of your garage. This way, when you open your door, you will simply hit condensed foam, rather than cement. 

Tennis ball as a parking guide

No matter how many times you enter your garage, knowing where to stop can still be a bit of a challenge. To avoid any issues, simply hang a tennis ball from the ceiling, and you will always park perfectly. The sound and feel of the tennis ball hitting your windshield will make sure you stop right on time. 

Use a plunger for small dents

This one seems simple, but it's especially important if you're one to ding your car. If you've suffered a small dent in your car's body, simply secure a plunger to the spot, and pull. Much like its job in the toilet, the plunger should pull the dent out, and secure your car's body with ease. 

Use a plunger for small dents

Broken fan belt meets pantyhose

This is a hack which lets you get to the mechanics without the need for an expensive tow. If your fan belt decides to destroy itself, a pair of pantyhose will also work. Secure the pantyhose around the wheels, and get your vehicle to a mechanic ASAP as this is not a permanent solution!

Park your car facing east if you live in a cold climate

They say that time is money, and when trying to get to work in the morning, dealing with frost can be the bane of your existence. To save time, and effort, make sure to park your car facing east. This will allow the sun to work its natural magic, and melt the frost before you even wake up!

Park your car facing east if you live in a cold climate

Use mesh bungee to increase storage

Depending on your car, storage can be a bit of an issue. To solve this, attach a mesh bungee net secured by bicycle straps. This contraption can make all the difference when it comes to storage options within your vehicle. As most car roofs are now curved, you won't have to worry about blocking the view of the driver or the passengers, and instead create an inexpensive extra storage spot for everything from blankets to camping equipment. 

These car hacks will help you to save a little extra cash—but to save even more, check out our automotive coupons! Have you heard of any car hacks that can save you money? Let us know!