Spring into Action: Free Ideas for the New Season

Spring into Action: Free Ideas for the New Season

As we move out from the depth of winter, the days start to get longer, and outdoor activities start to become a reality. Luckily for you, spring does not necessarily mean spending money on a trip down south, and we have brought together an amazing list of things to do for free in spring. This list will allow you to get the most out of the season, and maybe even create some amazing memories.

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#1—Go for a hike

Hiking is something that we all say we do, and then do not even attempt. A good hike not only will allow you to burn off some of that extra energy but will let you relax as you take in the spring season. Take a look at local trails, or state parks around you. These offer a variety of lengths and difficulties and will allow you and the whole family to get out for an afternoon or more. Remember, it might be a little muddy, so proper trail boots are strongly suggested.

#2—Picnic at the park

The art of the picnic has been forgotten as time has gone on, but a picnic can be a great time to reconnect or even get the kids out of the house for the day. Pack a lunch, some snacks, and make your camp for the day at one of the local green spaces. In addition, bring a ball or something to do, and just enjoy the sun, the air, and simply the joy of being outside. Just watch out for those pesky ants that might want to enjoy your picnic as well!

Family picnic at the park

#3—Go for a bike ride

The spring is a time to dust off the old bike and start to enjoy free transportation once again. If you live near water, the spring is a perfect opportunity to take a spin around the lake or ocean front, and take in the sites. Plus, this is an activity that can be done by the whole family together. A group bike ride with an ice cream or snack at the end of it will make memories that last a lifetime.

#4—Spot the cherry blossoms

If you are lucky enough to live in a climate or city that has cherry blossoms, it is time to enjoy them. Every spring like clockwork, the cherry blossoms start to flower. They are truly a beautiful site, and a venture along the trees is always a great idea for a quick and easy date. Some cities have entire streets lined with these trees and it makes for an amazing Instagram photo.

Cherry blossoms united states

#5—Head to the farmers market

With the push to go local, the farmer’s market has started to become a haven for amazing food, and some of the best crafts that one can see. A trip to just see the sights and smells is worth it, and if you end up with a bag full of fresh produce, even better.

No matter what you do in the spring, you can get out and enjoy the sun, and the warm weather. Plus, the fact you can get rid of that bulky down jacket you have been wearing for the last four months is a great relief!