Top 5 Old Makeup Hacks

Top 5 Old Makeup Hacks

All ladies understand how expensive makeup products are. High-end brands of makeup can, quite literally, cost an arm or a leg! When a single eyeshadow pallet costs half of your monthly rent, you may not want to throw it away even though you haven’t used it in months. However, there are easy ways that you can revitalize that old makeup laying around the house and save yourself some money. The next time that you are looking for a rainy day project, try one of the following 5 tips for reviving old makeup.

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#1—Hack your dry and clumpy mascara

Before you throw your dry and clumpy mascara in the trash, think again! You may be able to get another couple of uses out of it, if you play your cards right. First add 5 – 10 eye drops to the mascara tube. Next, you should soak the tube of mascara in hot water for 5 – 10 minutes, and your mascara will instantly become like-new again. However, you should use caution not to soak the tube of mascara in water that is too hot, unless you want to wear melted plastic on your eyelashes!

#2—Easy fix for broken eyeshadow, foundation, or powder!

There is nothing worse than accidentally dropping your favorite eyeshadow and watching it burst into a million pieces. Before you go crying over spilled milk, there is a way to bring your broken eyeshadow back to life! Simply cover the eyeshadow with plastic wrap, and mash it to fine pieces. Next you should add 5 – 10 drops of 70% alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, to the powder and give it a couple of minutes to soak in. Finally, smooth your eyeshadow over with a spatula until it is smooth. You now have a brand new eyeshadow pallet! This will also work with foundation, powder, or bronzer.

Broken foundation

#3—Clean your fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a pain to cut down to your eye shape, and they are also expensive. You can get a couple more uses out of your fake eyelashes if you clean them properly with rubbing alcohol and a brush. Soak the fake eyelashes in rubbing alcohol and gently scrub them until the mascara comes out of the fake eyelashes.

#4—Create new lipstick shades

If you are bored of the same old lipstick shades, you can spice up your morning routine by blending together multiple shades you have laying around the house. Take whatever lipsticks you would like to blend together and put them on a spoon. Hold the spoon over an open flame until the lipstick melts, and pour the melted lipstick into an empty container. Once the lipstick hardens, you now have a new shade of lipstick!

Old lipstick

#5—Save your broken lipstick

Breaking a new tube of lipstick can be heartbreaking. But have no fear, there is a way to salvage it!  All you have to do is use a lighter to melt the lipstick back together! Lipstick, as we mentioned above, melts very well. Once you have melted the lipstick back together, it will be like it was never snapped in the first place.

Top tip! Check out YouTube for tons of DIY tutorials on making old makeup last longer.