10 Tips for Becoming a Savvy Online Shopper

10 Tips for Becoming a Savvy Online Shopper

For many people, online shopping has completely replaced shopping in brick and mortar stores. And for good reasons sometimes. Who doesn't like to get everything they need with just a few clicks? And better yet, you can stay in bed in your pajamas. While it may seem relaxing and stress-free at first-glance, there are some things to consider which will take you from amateur to savvy online shopper in moments.

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An often-overlooked aspect of online shopping is security. However, we sometimes have to ignore all the aspirational imagery and think about it. When shopping online, security should be your number one concern. Make sure your device has good anti-virus and anti-malware software. It is also important to have other security measures such as a firewall, strong passwords, and multifactor authentication. When you are browsing the website, make sure you have a secure connection and that you delete your cookies after you’re done. Also, check the URL of the website to make sure it has a lock and is https and not just http. 

Online security


Before you buy anything, compare first. There are many sites that will compare things for you. Search everywhere you can to find the best deal. Make sure to include extra costs such as tax and shipping when you order. Some sites won’t give you all the details upfront, so compare carefully.


To get a good deal, use a site such as PromoPony that offers coupons and promo codes for a wide variety of stores. These will help you find amazing deals and save money instantly!

#4—Bundle it

Look out for special bundle deals. These may save you more than buying various individual items that are on sale.


Look for programs that offer cash back rewards. You might have this feature on your credit card or some stores have a special store card or membership plan that lets you earn cashback or other rewards.

Online shopping

#6—Gift cards

One way to get a great deal is to buy gift cards. Many sites sell unwanted or unused gift cards that you can get at a discounted price. This way you can save money by paying less than the dollar amount on the card.


#7—Read first

When you want to buy something from a website, do some reading first. It might seem tedious but make sure you are clued-up on all the vital info, such as the customer service, shipping policy, return policy, and terms and conditions of the website.



To get some of the best deals on various websites, sign up for their newsletters. They will often offer special sales, discounts, and first-look offers. You can also follow your favorite stores on social media. They will often give followers special info or deals.

Sign up to the newsletter

#9—Get the app

Another way to connect with companies and stay ahead of the game is to download their apps. Sometimes you might get special deals or one-time offers when you download or order directly from the app.

#10—Sign up for groups

There are often private shopping clubs that you can join for free. These clubs offer special deals on an everchanging select group of items.

Before you click through to your favorite site and start buying, check out these tips above first to see if you are being the savviest online shopper that you possibly could be!