17 of the Most Popular Inexpensive Cities to Move to before It’s Too Late

17 of the Most Popular Inexpensive Cities to Move to before It’s Too Late

There are a lot of great places to live in the US, but not all of them are great for your finances. Just because you can't live in the biggest cities in the US, doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the best parts of city life. There are many popular inexpensive cities to choose from. Just pick a region of the country and there is a city for you, we promise.

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When you think of exciting and innovative cities across the US, you probably think of the big three: New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The only problem about living in those cities or even in their suburbs is that they are very expensive. They can be nice for a vacation, but many people just can't afford it. But there’s no reason to worry that you might miss out on the best cultural events, the best jobs, or the best of life just because you can’t afford to move to one of those cities. There are many cities in between that are either up-and-coming or already popular—and inexpensive. 



  • Syracuse, New York

Only one place in the Northeast makes the list: Syracuse, New York. With some of the top universities in the US, close to major highways, and only a short trip from Canada, New York City, and other major cities in the Northeast, Syracuse is a great place to settle. Just bring sure you invest in a snow shovel. 


popular inexpensive cities Syracuse

Image: NY Daily News




  • Florida

There are a lot of stereotypes about Florida, some good, some not so good: the humidity, the tourists, the beaches, the gun-loving conservatives, Latin culture, the old people, the list goes on. But Florida is a diverse place, and there might be a place for you if you look hard enough.


  • Daytona Beach

On the Atlantic coast, Daytona and the surrounding area is known for beautiful weather and lively nightlife.

popular inexpensive cities Daytona Beach

Image: TripAdvisor


  • Tampa

Tampa, on the Gulf coast, has some outstanding universities and business centers for people looking to study or find a job. And there is the Florida weather, of course. 

popular inexpensive cities Tampa

Image: TripAdvisor




Polite people, beer, cheese. Three main things the Midwest is known for. Oh, and the accent. But there is only one true way to find out more “aboot” this beautiful area: live there. Wisconsin has some great universities and a thriving music scene, while Ohio is on the edge of the East and has some of the most inexpensive cities in the area. 

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

popular inexpensive cities Cincinnati

Image: TripAdvisor


  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

popular inexpensive cities Milwaukee

Image: TripAdvisor

  • Madison, Wisconsin

popular inexpensive cities Madison

Image: Wikipedia


Many areas of the South are some of the most inexpensive places to live in the entire country. Luckily, there are loads of popular cities to choose from if the South is the place for you.


They say, “Don’t mess with Texas” and when it comes to popular inexpensive cities, that’s true. There are three large cities in the state that are very affordable, especially compared with cities in other areas of the country. 

  • San Antonio

Remember the Alamo. And remember to keep San Antonio at the top of your list of possible inexpensive cities to move to. 

popular inexpensive cities San Antonio

Image: SanAntonio.com

  • Houston

Traffic and weather might not be your friends here, but in terms of city planning and managing things right, Houston has a lot to offer.

popular inexpensive cities Houston

Image: TripAdvisor

  • Austin

Austin is known by many as the Texas city that feels very un-Texas. It has a more eclectic vibe that many try to keep alive with the slogan Keep Austin Weird

popular inexpensive cities Austin

Image: Lennar



The home of Elvis, country music, and the Blues offers cheap living and lots of outdoor activities and cultural events. Each city on our list has a unique flavor—Knoxville for its universities, Memphis for its history, and Chattanooga for its growing tech scene. 

  • Knoxville

popular inexpensive cities knoxville

Image: TripAdvisor

  • Memphis

popular inexpensive cities memphis

Image: TripAdvisor

  • Chattanooga

popular inexpensive cities chattanooga

Image: Wired





The Southwest has beautiful landscapes, lively cities, and cheap living. It’s no wonder people are packing up and moving to some of the biggest cities in the area. 

  • Phoenix, Arizona

popular inexpensive cities phoenix

Image: ABC News

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

popular inexpensive cities Albuquerque

Image: Albuquerque Hyatt





If you head out west, stop at the California border. There aren’t really any inexpensive cities after that.


  • Boise, Idaho

You might be surprised to find Idaho on the list, but in this more remote part of the country, you can find beautiful landscapes as well as a thriving community of hipsters, tech types, and other creatives. 

popular inexpensive cities Boise

Image: West Real Estate

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City has lost a bit of its “sin” over the years and has become a city full of some of the best restaurants and entertainment options in the country. Better yet, it continues to grow and jobs are plentiful.

popular inexpensive cities Las Vegas

Image: TripAdvisor

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

The city might have the image of being quite conservative and focused on Mormon life, but the city is evolving into a diverse place with more in common with major cities across the US than you think.


popular inexpensive cities Salt Lake City

Image: Search Salt Lake


No matter where you want to go, there are popular inexpensive cities waiting for you across the country. Happy packing!