Student or Not, You Can Create Your Own Summer Vacation Student Deals

Student or Not, You Can Create Your Own Summer Vacation Student Deals

Vacations should be fun to plan and a time for relaxation and fun. The one thing that usually gets in the way is money. With these tips, you can make sure your summer vacation plans make use of some of the best student deals.

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The last day before your vacation is just around the corner. You can leave regular life behind and just do whatever you want. Have you figured out where to go yet? Personally, we like an aisle seat—closer to the food cart. Wait, you haven’t planned the trip yet? C’mon. An amazing summer vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little planning and research, you can find a summer vacation student deal or any kind of deal for that matter. So, again, where are you going?

The Places to Vacation

Best student summer vacation deals

The Americas

You don’t have to go very far to find a great summer vacation at an equally great price. Just head south from the United States and there are lots of amazing trips waiting for you in Central and South America. Some countries have not been the safest for tourists in the past, but most are quickly becoming top tourist destinations in the region. 

  • Machu Picchu, Peru 

Summer Vacation Student Deals Peru

Image: Lonely Planet

  • Medellin, Colombia 

Summer Vacation Student Deals Columbia

Image: Vogue

  • Mexico

Summer Vacation Student Deals Mexico

Image: Destination360

  • Belize

Summer Vacation Student Deals Belize

Image: Expedia

  • Nicaragua

Summer Vacation Student Deals Nicaragua

Image: Forbes

  • Guatemala

Summer Vacation Student Deals Guatemala

Image: Intrepid


Europe may not be known as the cheapest continent for a vacation, but if you leave the typical tourist spots in Western Europe behind, there is a lot to explore in the East. Many Eastern European countries are now in the EU and have come a long way since the fall of the Soviet Union. 

  • Varna, Bulgaria 

Summer Vacation Student Deals Bulgaria


  • Czech Republic

Summer Vacation Student Deals Czech Republic

Image: Expedia

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

Summer Vacation Student Deals Bosnia

Image: airbnb

  • Romania

Summer Vacation Student Deals Romania

Image: Expedia

  • Krakow, Poland

Summer Vacation Student Deals Poland

Image: travelocity


Many people, when they think of Africa, think of deserts and safaris. But there is so much more the continent has to offer. There are some risks in some parts of Africa, but with the right planning, you can have a stress-free African vacation.

  • Marrakesh, Morocco 

Summer Vacation Student Deals Morocco

Image: Fodor’s

  • South Africa

Summer Vacation Student Deals South Africa

Image: Expedia

  • Ghana

Summer Vacation Student Deals Ghana

Image: Gadling


Depending on where you are traveling from, the flight to Asia can be long and pretty expensive. But once you make it there, you won’t regret it. Most things are inexpensive and you can plan an amazing Asian adventure on a budget.

  • Cambodia

Summer Vacation Student Deals Cambodia

Image: BBC

  • Vietnam

Summer Vacation Student Deals Vietnam

Image: Friendly Planet

  • Thailand

Summer Vacation Student Deals Thailand

Image: Intrepid Travel


Traveling here, on the opposite side of the world for many people, may not be the cheapest on the list, but it is still cheaper than some other places in the world. Flights will most likely cost you a lot, but New Zealand, in general, is relatively inexpensive. 

  • Auckland, New Zealand 

Summer Vacation Student Deals New Zealand


Getting the Best Summer Vacation Deal

Now that we've given you some great ideas about where to go on summer vacation, it’s time to look at some ways to stay within your budget. 

Getting the Best Summer Vacation Deal

  • Save up—this one is a no-brainer. If you want to have more money to spend on a vacation, save up throughout the year. 
  • Travel off-peak—this one might not be the easiest to do when it comes to summer. Summer is peak travel season in many places of the world. But you can still save some money by choosing your days carefully. Weekends and holidays are usually the most expensive times to fly, so try to book your trip in the middle of the week. 
  • Places to stay—hotels can be quite expensive, especially decent ones. There are many sites like homeaway, airbnb, and couchsurfing that provide alternatives to hotels. You can find private rooms, condos, or simply a couch for either much cheaper than a hotel or even free. 
  • Flights—flights can be the most expensive part of any trip. Many organizations give special student deals to members. Check your university or alumni association to see if there are any deals available. Another option is to look for flights to smaller airports. Sometimes flights to and from airports only a short distance from main transportation hubs can be cheaper.
  • Live like a local—when you're shopping, if you see a lot of tourists, find somewhere else to go. In tourist areas, many businesses increase prices. If you find places in other neighborhoods, you can usually find better deals.
  • Get a pass—many cities have city pass programs where you can get special deals on tourist attractions and restaurants. If you want to take in most of the city sights in a short amount of time, this can be a cheaper option. 
  • Avoid airport shopping—there are emergencies of course, but when you can, avoid shopping at airports at all costs. Don’t shop for food or any souvenirs in the airport. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you get through security if you want water. Pack snacks according to TSA guidelines and you will not have to pay for airport food. 
  • Baggage—make sure to check your reservations and airline rules about luggage. You don't want to go to get on the flight and be surprised with extra fees. 
  • Restaurants—when you get to your destination, take some time to look around at the various places to eat. Travel outside the tourist areas and maybe even try some places where they don’t speak English. You will get some authentic food at some great prices. 
  • Tourist Attractions—some things in a city are iconic and they also usually cost the most. If you can, try to find special deals or free days for museums and other attractions. 
  • Avoiding planes—planes can be the most expensive way to travel, even though they are usually the fastest. But if you have the time, look at prices for trains and buses. They might take a bit longer, but you will save a lot of money on travel. 
  • Show your card—if you have a student ID or are a member of another type of organization, have your card with you and use it when you can. Sometimes you can get special discounts when you least expect them. 
  • Other travel options—sometimes you can find a nice vacation if you work a little or give your time. Interning and volunteering abroad can be great ways to see a new place and add something to your CV.

Whether you're a student looking for great summer vacation student deals, a retired person, or simply want some time away, there are many ways to make an exotic vacation out of the U.S. fit your budget. Bon voyage!