11 Tips for Every Regifting Pro

11 Tips for Every Regifting Pro

When you think of regifting, you might remember that unwanted candle you got for Christmas which you could give to someone else. Or you might think of the classic Seinfeld episode where a label maker gets passed around until one of the main characters says, “I knew it! You’re a regifter!”

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Don’t let yourself get caught in one of these awkward situations. You can regift the wrong way or the right way, so we've put together some sneaky advice to  help you master the subtle art of regifting...

Woman with unwanted gift

#1—Make sure it’s new

You never want to give someone something that looks obviously old, unless it's an antique of course. You also want to avoid regifting used items. It won’t take long before the receiver realizes that you've given them a used gift. Avoid any awkward explanations and ensure you only regift brand new items.

#2—Check it before you regift it

Even if the gift is brand new, make sure to check it for signs of a regift. These could include things like old tape or wrapping paper, a name on the package, a handwritten note, or a logo that reveals that it was free. 

#3—Don’t regift in the same social circles

It can be tempting to regift an item to someone in the same social circle as the person you gave it to, but don’t do it. People talk. It will ultimately get out that you gave a gift from one family member or friend that you got from another family member or friend. Avoid any hurt feelings or drama and just regift it to someone outside the social circle. 

#4—Rewrap it

If you are going to regift something, at least put in some effort. Wrap it up nicely and make it look like you bought it just for them. You don’t want to let on that it’s a regift due to lack of care on your side. 

Wrapping gifts

#5—Tell the truth

If for some reason, despite your best efforts, the receiver finds out that you regifted an item, just own up to it. Don’t lie about it; you'll only make things worse. 

#6—Don’t regift food

Other than unopened bottles of wine or alcohol, it can be tricky to regift food. Never regift fresh items, especially if you don't know where it came from or how long it's good for. If you absolutely need to gift a food item, make sure that you've checked that it looks new and that you've double-checked the expiration date at least a few times. No one is going to be impressed with a gift of expired food! 

#7—Regift to charity

Another option for gifting is to give the item to charity instead of a person. Many organizations sell donated items to raise money for their cause. Others give the donated items to people in need. Either way, you can be pretty sure that your gift will go to someone who really appreciates it.

Donation box for charity

#8—Surprise someone

You don’t have to wait for a holiday or special occasion to regift something. If you have something you don’t want or need, surprise a friend or family member with it. If you really think about the person and what they like, then they will most likely be really grateful for the surprise gift. 

#9—Make it sincere

When you regift an item, make sure you give it some thought. Think about the gift and think about who might like it. Just giving people random items will be a dead giveaway that you are trying to unload your junk onto them. 

#10—Don’t regift personal, meaningful, or handmade items

If someone gives you something that they specifically made for you, that they took a long time to pick for you, or that has some personal meaning, then it’s best not to regift it. Imagine how hurt they would feel if it ever got out that you regifted that special present! 

#11—Put it online

If you're really not sure who to regift something to or how to get rid of it without throwing it away, put it on Amazon or eBay for free or very cheap. That way, at least someone will get it and you won’t have to worry about anyone knowing that you regifted it.

Selling item online

There’s always a bit of danger in regifting. There’s the chance that someone might find out that you regifted what they gave you, but with these tips we hope you can avoid all the negatives of regifting and only reach the state of win-win!