One Pot Wonders: Make These Tonight

One Pot Wonders: Make These Tonight

Discover our top 10 favorite one pot recipes from around the web, including tried-and-tested classics from Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and Rachel Ray.

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Cost-effective, healthy and saves you from doing a heap of dishes after a long day? Those are just a few of the fabulous reasons why the editors here at PromoPony are massive fans of one pot dinners. Whether you’ve got a crock pot, Dutch oven, slow cooker or even just a good old fashioned casserole dish, these recipes will ensure that everyone in your house eats well—and if you’re cooking for one, invest in some Tupperware containers and get ready to experience some green-eyed jealousy from your colleagues or friends!  

#1—Martha Stewart’s Beef Stew

A classic dish, this hearty recipe doesn’t cost the earth and can easily feed a whole family.

Martha Stewart’s Beef Stew

Image: Martha Stewart

#2—Cooking Channel TV’s Make-Ahead Paella Casserole

This great online recipe comes complete with instructional videos, so it really couldn’t be any easier!

#3—Country Living’s Corn and Ham Risotto

Swap the fresh corn in this recipe for tinned to save yourself some money or add in some other tinned veg such as peas to up your vegetable intake.

Country Living’s Corn and Ham Risotto

Image: Country Living

#4—Taste of Home’s One Skillet Lasagne

Test kitchen approved by the Taste of Home team, this recipe is fool-proof. Serve with a big leafy salad to get some greens in.

#5—Cook Nourish Bliss’ Mexican Brown Rice Casserole

The brown rice adds extra fibre to this meal, which is great for giving the whole family some healthy slow-release energy.

Cook Nourish Bliss’ Mexican Brown Rice Casserole

Image: Cook Nourish Bliss

#6—Rachel Ray’s No Pain Lo Main

Featured on the Food Network website, this easy-peasy recipe from celebrity chef Rachel Ray is great for bringing some international flavor to the table.

#7—The Daily Meal’s Chicken & Dumplings

Get a taste of the South with this classic recipe which is sure to be a family favorite.

#8—In Pursuit of More’s Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl

A delicious option for the vegetarians and vegans among us, this ramen bowl features rice noodles and tofu.

In Pursuit of More’s Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl

Image: In Pursuit of More

#9—The Food Network’s Moroccan Lamb Tagine

This North African classic is delicious served with fruity couscous for a welcome change to rice.

#10—Betty Crocker’s Chicken Chipotle Sandwiches

Adults and kids alike will love this playful dish! Just don’t forget the napkins…

Betty Crocker’s Chicken Chipotle Sandwiches

Image: Betty Crocker

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to make one of these delicious one pot dishes tonight, but don’t forget to check out our grocery coupons to see if you could save even more money on the ingredients!