June 22, 2017
Andy in Health

7 Easy Fascia Exercises to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If you're looking for a way to achieve your fitness goals, maybe it's time to stop focusing on your muscles and start focusing on your fascia. We all have it and there are some easy exercises you can do to help take your workouts to new levels.
 June 6, 2017
Andy in Health

15 Simple Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

When you think about your health, it can be hard to know what to change or how. And it can be even more difficult to actually have the time and energy to make changes. But improving your heart health doesn't have to be a full-time job or a huge life changer. Just a few simple adjustments and you are on your way to a happy heart!
 April 20, 2017
Andy in Health

A List of the Most Common Phobias and How to Overcome Them

There's no way to actually describe a phobia unless you've had one. You know that there is something that overtakes you and won't let go. But there are ways to overcome them.
 April 11, 2017
Andy in Health

11 of the Best Anti-Snoring Devices in 2017

If you lie awake at night dreaming of doing bad things to your partner because of their snoring, stop right there and check out some of the best anti-snoring devices we could find—they might just save your relationship...
 March 24, 2017
Margaret in Health

Too High to Handle? Pros & Cons of Wearing Heels

High heels can be the difference between feeling like the belle of the ball or the beast at a social function. Many of us have worn high heels since we were kids, because it’s considered an essential item of clothing in a women’s wardrobe. It’s easy to slip on a pair of heels, see how well they accentuate your figure, and decide to wear them again the following day. However, constantly wearing high heels has some negative impacts on your body. Be sure to read through our list of the pros and cons of wearing high heel shoes, especially if you wear them on a day-to-day basis!
 March 23, 2017
Marne in Health

5 Quick Checks to Ensure Your Pet is in Good Health

Pets bring us so much joy—they’re our best friends and companions, they help us remember to get out and exercise, and they’re part of our families. How can you tell if your pet is healthy?
 March 22, 2017
Andy in Health

Save Your Health by How You Sit

If you have a job where you need to sit all day, you might notice that your health starts to suffer. Try these tips to improve how you are sitting and reap the health benefits.
 March 22, 2017
Andy in Health

Men are Finally Joining the World of Pill and Injection Birth Control

For many years, women have been solely responsible for birth control, especially when it comes to the contraceptive pill. But now there is a growing list of research into how men can join the birth control club in the form of an injection or pill. Excited? So are we.
 March 10, 2017
Elizabeth in Health

Let’s Talk Sunscreen: Top 5 SPF Foundations

If you haven’t already heard that protecting your skin from the sun is paramount to both your health and your looks, then it’s time to enlighten yourself! And better yet, find out how to minimize risk while looking great at the same time…
 March 8, 2017
Andy in Health

Face the Facts: Stay Away from Fad Diets

While it might be time to start trying to live a healthier life, be careful of what diets are out there. Many of them are just fads that should be ignored.
 March 3, 2017
Andy in Health

Not Mozart? No Worries! 10 Ways Playing an Instrument is Good for You

There are some people who have the potential to be the next Mozart, and then there are others who have no chance at all. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a prodigy or if you have no talent at all, anyone and everyone can benefit from playing a musical instrument.
 February 28, 2017
Scott in Health

10 Small Changes for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, it can be tough, but it only takes a few little changes in your diet and exercise regime to get the desired results. To help you out, we’ve brought together 10 of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight, no matter your age.
 February 27, 2017
Scott in Health

5 Easy Steps to Getting a Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep can be the difference between peak performance and needing a nap in the middle of the day. It’s the bedrock in which we humans need to operate and can be a major player in anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental illnesses. However, for many a good night’s sleep seems to be impossible. To help you out, we’ve put together five easy steps to ensure a great night’s sleep is not only a possibility but a regular occurrence in your life!
 February 17, 2017
Andy in Health

How to Exercise for Free! No Gym Needed. Really!

How many of you constantly say you’re going to exercise more? And how many of you actually do? Be honest. Like a lot of people, we have great intentions, but life gets in the way and we end up on the couch catching up on some TV in the evening or pressing the snooze button in the morning—we’ve all been there…
 February 16, 2017
Anonymous in Health

How to Reclaim Your Free Time

Where did the day go? How many times have you said that over the last few weeks? With all the pressures of work, family life and keeping up with friends, it's easy to forget to stop and smell the roses. But despite all the competing pressures of modern life, there are some easy ways to free up your time and feel more in control.