11 of the Best Anti-Snoring Devices in 2017

11 of the Best Anti-Snoring Devices in 2017

If you lie awake at night dreaming of doing bad things to your partner because of their snoring, stop right there and check out some of the best anti-snoring devices we could find—they might just save your relationship...

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There you are, snuggled in bed, sleeping soundly. And then it comes, that dreaded sound which wakes you up and drives you insane: snoring! Don’t you love it how people who snore never seem to realize they're snoring and never seem to be woken by it? And then when they ask or you tell them that they snore, the answer is always the same: “Oh, I didn't realize that I snored.”

Yeah, right. The people down the block can hear them snoring. So then what? No. Sorry. Murder is not an option. We can only support a nudge, slight kick, or a loud noise. A push out of bed is as far as we can go. But we can assume that your partner probably likes none of these solutions. It’s time to go online and find the best anti-snoring device out there. 

The best of the best

Anti-snoring devices come in all shapes and sizes, but we have put together a list of some of the best.

Best anti-snoring devices

  • SnoreRx

This anti-snoring device is a mouthpiece. It works by moving the jaw slightly forward. This forces the airway to stay open during sleep, eliminating snoring. 

Best anti snoring device SnoreRx

Image: Stop Snoring Solutions

  • ZQuiet

Another kind of mouthpiece, the ZQuiet is a soft alternative that forms to the mouth better. It works by reducing the vibrations that air makes to create snoring. 

Best anti snoring device ZQuiet

Image: Snoremart

  • Good Morning Snore Solution

This is sort of a strange device, but it does work well if you can get over the way it looks. It also sounds weird, but this device works by using suction to keep the tongue at the front of the mouth. Keeping the tongue in this position helps keep the airway clear. 

Best anti snoring device Good Morning Snore Solution

Image: znoring

  • Zyppah

Yet another mouthpiece, but this one is different. For starters, it has a much more appealing design, if you care about those things. But it also uses two anti-snoring strategies: moving the jaw forward and holding the tongue in place. It also has a small hole so that people can still breath through their mouths. 

Best anti snoring device ZYPPAH

Image: Stop Snoring Today

  • AirSnore

The AirSnore anti-snoring device works like many other devices due to the way it keeps the airway clear, but it also adds another trick. The system uses AirSnore Drops, a blend of sunflower oil and eucalyptus oil that help with breathing and sleep. 

Best anti snoring device AirSnore

Image: Snorenation

  • My Snoring Solution Jaw Strap Sleep Pack

This wide piece of stretchable material fits around the head, supporting the jaw. If breathing through the nose is not a problem, but mouthpieces are not a good option, this is one of the best anti-snoring devices.

Best anti snoring device My Snoring Solution Jaw Strap Sleep Pack

Image: Amazon

  • SnoreEX

This anti-snoring device is a bit different from the rest. It consists of a set of cylinders that are inserted into the nostrils during sleep. This keeps air flowing through at a maximum rate. Watch out for that plastic smell though. Some people just couldn’t stand it. 

Best anti snoring device SnoreEX

Image: Amazon

  • IntelliGuard Pro 

In order to increase the comfort of the mouthpiece, IntelliGuard is created from a moldable plastic. Just soak it in hot water for a bit and then bite down and it will fit perfectly to the teeth. 

Best anti snoring device  Intelliguard Pro

Image: Amazon

  • NasalVent 

This device is very similar to SnoreEX. Two cylinders and a little clip open the nasal passages a bit further, making it easier to breathe clearly. And you know what that means—less snoring. 

Best anti snoring device NasalVent

Image: Amazon

  • Breathe Right nasal strips

These strips are very simple to use and fairly inexpensive. They simply get placed over the nose and lift the nasal passages in a way that makes it easier to breathe. The only downside is that they can only be used once. 

Best anti snoring device Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Image: Amazon

  • Anti-snoring pillow

Unlike the other devices, this one will not prevent or eliminate snoring, it will just keep you from having to hit your partner when it occurs. This pillow has a built-in sound sensor. When it detects snoring, it inflates a bag which raises the pillow height by 3 inches. This causes the sleeper to wake up a little and change position, thus ending snoring.

Best anti snoring device pillow

Image: znoring.com

Now, there’s no excuse for violence! Just stick one of these in your partner’s mouth, in their nose, or on their head and you can save yourself some trouble. There are lots of anti-snoring devices on the market. These might be some of the best, but if one of these doesn’t work, keep looking, There are many more that we couldn't list here. So, get shopping and happy sleeping!