Face the Facts: Stay Away from Fad Diets

Face the Facts: Stay Away from Fad Diets

While it might be time to start trying to live a healthier life, be careful of what diets are out there. Many of them are just fads that should be ignored.

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New year, new me. That’s what a lot of people tell themselves when January 1st comes around. It's around this same time that they also start to notice how much winter/ holiday weight they have put on. Does that sound familiar? Have you made the decision to take a long hard look in the mirror and decide you need to go on a diet? You're not alone. Along with a new year come new diets. But let’s face it, these fad diets are nothing to get excited about. In fact, health experts recommend that you just stay away from them altogether.


What’s wrong with juicing? Well, it’s always good to get more fruits and vegetables into your system, but we might need to go back to the old fashioned way: eating them. Juicing actually just concentrates all the calories into a smaller form. It also takes out all the healthy fibers that fruits and vegetables provide. 

Green juice cleanse


If you type supplements into Amazon or GNC, you are likely to find thousands of pills, tablets, powders, and other forms of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutritional substances. But some doctors state that those extracts might really do nothing for us since the process of extraction changes them so much. We usually don’t get the same benefit, so we would be better off just getting our nutritional needs met with a well-balanced diet. There is also the fact that in many studies, supplements create no significant improvement in health. 



For some people, like those diagnosed with coeliac disease or a gluten allergy, this diet is a must. Many people go gluten-free because they think it will help them cut out carbs, however they aren't likely to be too successful. Many gluten-free alternatives include carbs and sometimes are actually higher in carbohydrate to account for the lack of gluten. This can add up to even more calories than you were eating before! For those who are medically able, it's better to stick to gluten but focus on eating whole grains instead. 


Coconut oil & nuts

This oil seems to have exploded onto the market with people claiming all kinds of health benefits. But the truth is that it's high in saturated fat and can even increase cholesterol levels. Research suggests sticking to liquid oils like olive oil and vegetable oil is better in the long-run. Nuts have many health benefits, but they should be eaten in moderation as they are extremely high in fat and calories. A portion should only be around 3-5 nuts, not the whole bag!

coconut oil

Clean eating

Some aspects of clean eating are beneficial to your health, such as cutting out processed foods, refined sugar, and other foods not in their natural state. But some people go to extremes and cut out gluten, grains, and dairy. They live on more of a raw-food diet. This extreme fixation on food, ingredients, and food labels can lead to Orthorexia Nervosa, also known as the obsession with healthy foods. Some people become so extreme in this process that they cut out many healthy foods that are necessary to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Clean eating


A teatox or tea detox is the practice of drinking certain kinds of tea since they claim to provide many health benefits: improving the skin, losing weight, cleansing your systems and organs, helping digestion, and others. While teas may have some benefits, many teas incorporate extra caffeine, diuretics, and laxatives to give the impression of extra energy and weight loss, which do no favors for your insides!



In this diet, people eat normally for six days and then fast on the seventh, with some people going completely without food. There are individuals who claim there are many benefits of fasting, but it needs to be managed by and discussed with a doctor. Not having enough food can lead to poor concentration, tiredness, low mood, and irregular sugar levels, which only lead you to binge eat on the remaining six days. 

Detox day

No matter what you might read about diets, there isn't one out there that will give you a quick fix. Some of the diets listed above include some positive elements, but many of them go too far in the quest for health and weight loss. Moderation and balance are the keys to a successful and healthy diet.