Too High to Handle? Pros & Cons of Wearing Heels

Too High to Handle? Pros & Cons of Wearing Heels

High heels can be the difference between feeling like the belle of the ball or the beast at a social function. Many of us have worn high heels since we were kids, because it’s considered an essential item of clothing in a women’s wardrobe. It’s easy to slip on a pair of heels, see how well they accentuate your figure, and decide to wear them again the following day. However, constantly wearing high heels has some negative impacts on your body. Be sure to read through our list of the pros and cons of wearing high heel shoes, especially if you wear them on a day-to-day basis!

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  • The pros of wearing heels

The pros of wearing heels

Believe it or not, wearing high heels can have positive effects on your body. High heels are known for allowing you to build up muscle in your calves. Wearing flat shoes does not build up your calf muscles to the same extent as walking in high heels does. How this works is that anytime you're walking in high heels, your Achilles tendon is stiffened. This makes your calf muscles bunch up, and work harder than if you were walking around in flats. One of the primary benefits of heels that make us ladies keep reaching back for them is that they make you look good. High heels give shape to your calf muscles which makes you appear both longer and leaner. They also put you in an unnatural position where your backside and chest are both arched out. Knowing that you look good rocking a pair of heels works wonder for your self-esteem!

  • The cons of wearing heels

The cons of wearing heels

High heels are notorious for the amount of stress and damage that they cause to the human body. High heels not only negatively impact your ankles and feet, but also your knees, hips, and lower back. Wearing heels over a long period of time has even been shown to increase your chances of developing hammertoes, bunions, osteoporosis, and spider veins!

  • Ankles—Although shortening your Achilles tendon assists in developing well-defined calf muscles, it may also have a major negative impact on your ankles. Over time, you may find that your Achilles tendon becomes permanently taut and shortened. If this happens to you, you will find that even walking barefoot or in flats will be painful!
  • Knees—Your knees are one of the most important joints in your body, and they are built to withstand all of the walking, running, and jumping that you do on a day to day basis. However, wearing high heels puts a lot of extra stress on your knees. This may speed up the natural rate at which your knees deteriorate and lead to knee issues down the road.
  • Lower back and hips—Whenever you don your high heels, your spine and hips are automatically forced into an unnatural position. As your spine and hips are placed out of alignment, you will have additional stress placed on your lower back, and your hip muscles and tendons will become overworked. This may lead to hip problems down the line or a sore lower back the next morning!

Woman trying on high heels

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