A List of the Most Common Phobias and How to Overcome Them

A List of the Most Common Phobias and How to Overcome Them

There's no way to actually describe a phobia unless you've had one. You know that there is something that overtakes you and won't let go. But there are ways to overcome them.

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So you’ve faced your fears and clicked a link with the word phobias in the title. That’s a step in the right direction. Don’t worry, though. No trigger warnings needed. We have put together a list of some of the most common phobias (with pictures). But take a deep breath, we made them small so hopefully, you won’t be too scared. Ready to face your fears and overcome your phobias? Here we go. 

Fear of Spiders


List of Phobias - Overcome Arachnophobia

Image: Curejoy

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears—there are even horror movies dedicated to it. It kind of makes sense in a way as spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions and mites are usually dangerous or poisonous. So maybe there is a healthy aspect to this fear? We just hope you aren't getting panic attacks. 

Fear of Snakes


List of Phobias - Overcome Ophidiophobia

Image: Curejoy

Another phobia that has a basis in evolution is the fear of snakes. There are many venomous snakes out there and if we weren’t even a little bit afraid, then we would increase our chances of getting bitten exponentially.

Fear of Heights


List of Phobias - Overcome Acroophobia

Image: Curejoy

Some people might get a little cautious when climbing up to a higher position. There is something healthy about a bit of caution because no one wants to fall. But the problems begin for people who have intense anxiety when they have to deal with heights.

Fear of Open or Crowded Places


List of Phobias - Overcome Agoraphobia

Image: Curejoy

This could be one of the more difficult fears. There are some people who never leave the house because they are so intensely anxious about being around too many people or in large open areas. 

Fear of Small Spaces


List of Phobias - Overcome Claustrophobia

Image: Curejoy

Being in tight quarters or in a place that has a feeling of no escape (elevators, tunnels, caves, airplanes), can be a little awkward, but people with claustrophobia often have panic attack symptoms like sweating, shaking, and a rapid heartbeat. 

Fear of Germs


List of Phobias - Overcome Mysophobia

Image: Curejoy

There are some people who are obsessed with wipes, cleansers, soaps and anything related to germs. They might be afraid to touch certain things or carry around a bottle of gel cleanser wherever they go. People with these types of behaviors taken to the extreme could have OCD. 

Fear of Thunder and Lightning


List of Phobias - Overcome Astraphobia

Image: Curejoy

Dogs have this. Kids have this. Even adults have this. You don’t have to be embarrassed if you do.

Fear of Flying


List of Phobias - Overcome Aerophobia

Image: Curejoy

It’s normal to have a bit of anxiety during turbulence or if there is a bumpy take-off or landing, but some people have so much anxiety they can’t even step on a plane

Fear of Dogs


List of Phobias - Overcome Cynophobia

Image: Curejoy

Along with the other animal-related fears, this one makes sense, especially for people who have been attacked by a dog. 

Fear of Injections


List of Phobias - Overcome Trypanophobia

Image: Curejoy

Often young children have this fear but adults can also have it. This could lead to some embarrassing situations, so if you know you need to be around needles for some reason (most people will be at least a few times in their adult lives), it’s probably a good idea to get this under control. 

Fear of social gatherings


List of Phobias - Overcome Sociophobia

Image: QuickTopTens

People with sociophobia often don’t like social situations and get quite nervous. This is more than just being an introverted person. This includes avoiding social situations due to fear. 

Fear of dentists


List of Phobias - Overcome Dentophobia

Image: Fearof

Most people fear the dentist because they've had a bad experience or multiple bad experiences. A fear of needles or blood does not help as sometimes dental procedures involve one or both. 

Fear of blood


List of Phobias - Overcome Hemophobia

Image: QuickTopTens

Most people with this phobia will faint even at the sight of blood. It's more common in people who've had some kind of traumatic experience. 

Fear of darkness


List of Phobias - Overcome Nyctophobia

Image: QuickTopTens

There are many children who are afraid of the dark and this can continue into adulthood. People will often feel very anxious unless they sleep with some sort of light, if they're afraid of the dark. 

Overcoming your Phobias

Overcoming your Phobias

To know how to overcome phobias, it’s good to know where they come from. We are not born with a set of fears, they develop over time. When something traumatic or scary happens, we usually develop a connection in our brain between that experience and how you felt. If the feeling is strong enough or if it happens repeatedly we can develop a fear or phobia. 

Some people can deal with phobias on their own, while others seek out professional help. It all depends on the severity of the phobia and how much it impacts your life. The next time you're attempting to manage a phobia, try one of these following solutions:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Transform your inner dialogue to change the meaning and image of the fear
  • Connect the image of the fear with the image of something related to an intense positive emotion
  • Go to the extreme version of your fear and conquer it
  • Visualize what will happen if you overcome the fear while it is happening
  • Systematic desensitization helps you get used to the fear in small doses
  • Meditation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Guided Imagery
  • Hypnosis
  • EMDR
  • Exposure therapy
  • Medication
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Phew, you’ve made it through the list of common phobias. If you know you already have one of these phobias and you made it through, then you are well on your way to overcoming it!