12 Funny Instagram Users to Help You Survive Modern Life

12 Funny Instagram Users to Help You Survive Modern Life

Sometimes there's nothing more ridiculous than life itself. So when that happens, it's nice when people on Instagram can help us laugh about it.

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Life got ya down? There’s so much to keep up with. Are you eating the right things and following the best diets? Are you dressed just the right way to keep up with the latest trends? Are you up-to-date on all the celebrity gossip? Do you use all the latest technology? Are your social media accounts updated every day? Do you read inspirational quotes every morning to keep you going? It seems that everywhere we look there are people or things telling us how we should live our lives. These funny Instagram profiles show us that we don’t have to take all these trends so seriously. Life is short. Take it easy and have a laugh sometimes... 


Funny instagram accounts

  • DeliciouslyStella

Forget fad diets and trendy foods, Stella likes to eat what she wants. Her Instagram is full of funny photos about food. All of them go against what you might read on the internet or on the cover of magazines. But she is happy with her life and adds a bit of humor through food.

Funny Instagram DeliciouslyStella

Image: @deliciouslystella

  • BrosBeingBasic

Have you been called basic or has someone else called you basic? It’s probably not the best term, seeing as it describes someone who just fell out of a Pinterest board, but these bros take it to the next level by putting a funny spin on what it means to be basic. 

Funny Instagram BrosBeingBasic

Image: @brosbeingbasic

  • OMGLiterallyDead

Another take on being basic is this funny Instagram account. OMG, did you just literally die when you saw that image? Literally. Dead. No, for real this time, like using the actual definition of the word, literally. All of the images from this user are of a skeleton doing many of the activities that people on Instagram take pictures of themselves doing. The satire is literally killing us. 

Funny Instagram omgLiterallyDead

Image: @omgliterallydead

  • MyDayWithLeo

It’s time for a head swap of sorts. Celebrities might seem like untouchable beings, but when their heads are on the bodies of normal everyday people, they seem much more relatable and funny. 

Funny Instagram MyDaywithLeo

Image: @mydaywithleo

  • FlyArtProductions

Hip hop is a huge deal in music these days. Even if you don’t listen to hip hop, many artists collaborate and incorporate a bit of it into pop and rock music. But sometimes if you really listen closely to hip hop lyrics, they are ridiculous. When you combine them with fine art, they are even funnier. 

Funny Instagram FlyArtProductions

Image: @flyartproductions

  • Unspirational

It doesn’t take too long to find an inspirational quote if you want one. There are thousands of pages on the internet dedicated to them. They are everywhere: on shirts, magnets, calendars, notepads, cards, and the list goes on. It’s like everyone needs an inspirational quote to help them survive each day. For those who need a bit of funny unspiration, these quotes turn the world of inspiration upside down. 

Funny Instagram Unspiration

Image: @unspirational

  • CelesteBarber

Are there still not enough images of celebrities out there? No problem. Celeste Barber recreates famous photos of celebrities in her own unique and often hilarious way. 

Funny Instagram CelesteBarber

Image: @celestebarber

  • Satiregram

How meta is this? An Instagram account about the craziness of Instagram. There are no images of things here, just words to represent images. The account takes all the most cliche things people post about on Instagram and brings attention to them with descriptions of those images.

Funny Instagram Satiregram

Image: @satiregram

  • Siduations

For some people, there is nothing compared to wearing the latest fashion and showing it off. For those who like to laugh at these people, there are the funny photos of Siduations. This user takes photos from high fashion runways and ads around the world and inserts the model into a context outside of fashion. Get ready to laugh at some of the ridiculously unwearable fashion, especially when you see it in a real-world context. 

Funny Instagram Siduations

Image: @siduations

  • LorenzValentino

LorenzValentino has another funny take on celebrity culture. Instead of only using the heads of celebrities, he inserts himself into photos. Dressed in his strange lizard/giraffe onesie, he finds the humor in celebrity photos, many of which take themselves just a bit too seriously.  

Funny Instagram LorenzValetino

Image: @lorenzvalentino

  • BarbieSavior

Barbie is quite the volunteer. She travels all over Africa, volunteering in her own unique way. Somehow she seems to make it all about her. Sound familiar? You have probably seen many Instagram pages that turn volunteer work into a good photo op. 

Funny Instagram BarbieSavior

Image: @barbiesavior

  • QuarterLifePoetry

Some people have a quarter life crisis and some people deal with it by writing funny poetry on Instagram. Check out all the quippy poems about the less than great parts of modern day life. 

Funny Instagram QuarterLifePoetry

Image: @quarterlifepoetry

So next time the world's got you down and you need a little laugh, head over to Instagram and check out these funny users and everything will feel alright again, at least for a little while.