The 18 Rising Stars of YouTube to Subscribe to

The 18 Rising Stars of YouTube to Subscribe to

More and more we're seeing social media figures show up in other forms of media. They are becoming famous in their own right. To keep up with all things pop culture, it's good to find out who the rising stars of YouTube actually are.

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Not many people are immune to the powers of YouTube. You watch one video and those auto-play videos or recommendations grab you and before you know it, you are 3 hours into a YouTube binge. YouTube and the people who create content are great at grabbing our attention and holding on. It helps that there is pretty much something for everyone. The next time you're on YouTube, check out some of these rising stars. A number of them have subscribers in the millions and are fast becoming the new faces in movies, books, TV, and pop culture.


Squid & Weazy

  • 94,965 subscribers (June 2017)

Squid & Weazy

Image: Red Bull

These two best friends have gained a growing fan-base by playing the video game Battlefield together. They have great chemistry and their videos about trolling enemies and doing crazy stunts are really fun to watch. They are sure to get even better as they recently won the Red Bull Rising YouTube Star 2017 Award.



  • 476,651 subscribers (June 2017)

CNP for short, this channel is for Call of Duty zombies fans. They live stream every day and upload zombie videos as well. 


Marley Thirteen

  • 193,470 subscribers (June 2017)

This funny YouTube gamer blends his style of comedy with a mix of video games like Call of Duty, GTA, and some old school classics too. 


Grace Helbig

  • 3,022,369 subscribers (June 2017)

Grace Helbig

Image: Business Insider

Grace Helbig’s YouTube star has been rising and even brought her fame in other media. Her fun videos and quirky style of humor have landed her book deals, movies, and even her own (sadly canceled) talk show. 


Mamrie Hart

  • 1,211,173 subscribers (June 2017)

Mamrie’s channel is all about drinking. She makes cocktails for people who she says ‘Deserve a Drink’. The puns may make you groan, but with a built-in drinking game based around her bad jokes, there is an added dose of fun on her channel, for the 21 and up crowd of course.


Gigi Gorgeous

  • 2,701,024 subscribers (June 2017)

Gigi is well-known in the LGBT community as a trans woman. She shares her life, loves, and stories about what it’s like to be her in her videos and her YouTube Red documentary. 


Hannah Hart

  • 2,509,488 subscribers (June 2017)

Hannah Hart

Image: The Washington Post

Hannah has a strong following due to her cooking show called ‘My Drunk Kitchen’. As the name suggests, she gets drunk while making some kind of food and many bad jokes. She has many videos about travel as well as about her personal life and sexuality. 


Hannah Hoffman

  • 225,370 subscribers (June 2017)

Check out this channel for some great animations about pop culture and current events. Hannah brings her own comedic and animation style to life, making for an enjoyable binge-viewing session. 


Logan Paul

  • 6,448,279 subscribers (June 2017)

This Hollywood star in the making is on the rise thanks to his daily vlogs and other crazy antics on his two YouTube channels.


Lucas and Marcus

  • 3,436,763 subscribers (June 2017)

These twins have gained a loyal following and they continue to attract new subscribers with their hilarious dancing skills and stunts. 



  • 5,802,979 subscribers (June 2017)


Image: YouTube

As her name suggests, Lauren loves DIY. She loves all things creative and glittery. And she loves sharing them with her fans.  Her fashion and decor how-to videos have attracted the attention of some huge brands: Target, CoverGirl, Tampax, and Pantene. 



  • 1,745,222 subscribers (June 2017)

Four friends talk about recipes and cooking skills, making them one of the most popular cooking channels on YouTube.

Franchesca Ramsey

  • 243,335 subscribers (June 2017)

Franchesca Ramsey

Image: YouTube

Franchesca, also known as ChescaLeigh on YouTube, is a socially conscious YouTuber with parodies, impersonations, and skits on various topics, including race. Her videos attracted the attention of MTV and she has created content for the music channel. 


Paul Gale

  • 88,172 subscribers (June 2017)

Paul’s videos answer the funny questions we all ask about modern life. He jokes about online dating, technology, Starbucks, and other crazy things that we can all relate to. 


Megan Nicole

  • 4,010,337 subscribers (June 2017)

Megan began her YouTube singing career doing covers, sharing her life stories, and performing some original songs. She now has millions of fans and recently released her debut album. 



  • 4,386,020 subscribers (June 2017)

Evan is a pre-teen with three, yes three, YouTube Channels: EvanTubeHD, EvanTubeRAW, and EvanTubeGaming. He first got his start reviewing toys along with his sister but has since gone onto other things like challenges, video games, animations, science experiments, and many other fun activities for kids. 


James Charles

  • 1,247,987 subscribers (June 2017)

James Charles became famous on YouTube based on his amazing makeup skills and his charm. His career has continued to grow so much that be became the first male CoverGirl. This star is sure to continue to rise. 


These rising stars of YouTube are sure to keep rising. Subscribe now to see what makes them so great and to watch their journeys to stardom!