Baseball Opening Day: Everything You Need to Know

Baseball Opening Day: Everything You Need to Know

Spring Training is winding down in Florida and Arizona, and now it's time for Baseball Opening Day. Here are three essentials to know before the first pitch!

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Ah, the snow is starting to melt, and the birds are starting to chirp once again. This can only mean one thing, baseball season is just around the corner. Now for those who are fans of the sport, you should already know that Spring Training is in full swing. But for those who are not aware, the MLB splits their Spring Training into two leagues, the Grapefruit League in Florida and the Cactus League in Arizona. The players are starting to warm up, and the games become meaningful on April 1st as the MLB season opens. This article will prepare you for Opening Day and have you ready for another amazing Summer full of afternoon baseball.

Batter up...

Study the rosters

Study the rosters

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The MLB continues to be one of the most active leagues during the off-season, and Opening Day rosters can be filled with some great prospects from the farm team system or free agent signings. You'll be able to find your team's roster and depth chart from their official site, as well as from several sports sites and fan blogs. One of the things you should pay attention to is who is in the starting pitching rotation, and who is coming up in the system in case of injury.

Research your home team's opening day

As you can guess, not everyone’s Opening Day will be the same. If your team is on the road, you will be at home within the first week. Many teams offer some great family activities around the ballparks— make sure to head down a little early to take in the sights and sounds. Additionally, several teams will give away scarfs, hats or other memorabilia for Opening Day, but you will need to be there early to take advantage of the giveaway. Finally, make sure to head down for batting practice. Not only can you grab autographs from some of the stars, but you might even be able to snag a ball or two on the hot corner. The guys are loose and are more likely to give a ball away when the stadium is 9/10 empty.

A food coma is a must

When heading to the ballpark, you better bring your appetite. Some of the best ballpark eats are in your home stadium, you just need to find them. Whether it's the ridiculously good garlic fries at Safeco Field in Seattle, or the amazing chef-inspired hot dogs at Minute Maid Park in Houston, the food is always something to focus on. You can never go wrong with some mini doughnuts and a hot dog from a vendor if you're more of a traditionalist, though. Plus, peanuts are always a necessary purchase no matter the time of day.

The ball parks are being spruced up, the beer kegs being wheeled in, and the diamond being perfected, so the only thing missing is you on Opening Day! Remember, study your rosters, research the activities and when your local team has their Opening Day, and make sure to bring an empty stomach. Now the only thing left is to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game and hear the infamous, “Play Ball!”