The 4 Best Flower Bulbs to Plant Now for a Summer Garden

The 4 Best Flower Bulbs to Plant Now for a Summer Garden

It's time to shake off that winter gloom, and prepare for the summer season! Planting flower bulbs in the spring is a great way to start off your summer with a splash of color. Depending on where you live, you should start planting your summer bulbs sometime between February and April. You should hold off on planting your flowers until the danger of frost has passed in your region. After all, the last thing you want is to get your expensive flower bulbs in the ground only for them to get damage from the frost! Before you begin planning out this year’s flower bed, read through our list of the four best bulbs to plant now for a gorgeous summer flower bed that will have all your neighbor’s talking.

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#1—Elephant Ear

Elephant Ear

Elephant ear is an easy-to-grow plant that thrives in half shade/half sun. You can plant your elephant ears anytime in the spring after there’s no chance of frost or even throughout the summer months. For those of us on a tight budget, elephant ear gives you a lot of bang for your buck. One bulb is enough to produce a large leafy plant that will last all through the summer. If you grow your elephant ear in a container, you can even bring it inside of the house during the winter and keep it growing all year long!



There is nothing that compares to a lily in full bloom! You may begin planting your lilies any time after the threat of spring frosts have passed. Lilies are incredibly easy to grow as long as you provide them with full sun all day, and they won't take up much room in your flower bed. Best of all, lilies are a perennial which means that they will come back year after year!



Dahlias are a great flower for an amateur gardener to start out on. They are easy to grow, inexpensive, and can be planted anytime in the spring after there is no danger of frost. You should plant your Dahlias in a location where they will receive sun all day. Simply sit back, kick your feet up, and wait for the fast growing Dahlias to begin blooming! Your blooming Dahlias will be attracting butterflies and hummingbirds all season long which make them a great addition to any flower bed.



For those of us with a garden in the shade, there is no better plant than the caladium. Plants that prefer full sun are a dime a dozen, but shade plants may be harder to find. Caladium grows best in full shade conditions and when planted after the threat of frost has passed. The caladium leaves will keep their color throughout the entire season, and they grow in an absolutely lovely heart-shaped pattern. If you grow your caladium in a container, simply bring it inside during the winter if you would like it to re-bloom next spring.