Make Dog Beds Your New Office Accessory for TYDTWDay

Make Dog Beds Your New Office Accessory for TYDTWDay

There are a lot of companies that are starting to allow employees to take their dogs to work with them. Does that sound like your company? If not, maybe you could help set up a Take Your Dog to Work Day.
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Do you hold back a tear every morning when you have to leave Rover, Fido, Spike, or [insert other cliche dog names here] at home while you go to work? Well, it might not be that extreme but going to live a human life at work without the company of a good pet can be a drag. If this describes your life in any way, get excited. Take Your Dog to Work Day is here! On June 23rd, you can (if the boss allows) take your dog to work! If you don’t celebrate this awesome day, then make sure you get all the tips you need to convince your boss and your coworkers to start celebrating this year. 


What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) is exactly what it sounds like: celebrating your dog by taking it to work with you. The day was created by Pet Sitters International and was first celebrated in 1999. Every year, the day is preceded by Take Your Pet to Work Week. That way cat lovers, bird people, and all kinds of other creatures are included.  

   What is Take Your Dog to Work Day?

How to Make the Best of TYDTWDay?

There are the debates and the questions about whether someone is a cat person or a dog person, which pet is better, and which type of person is crazier. But there is a third option: neither. Some people are just not pet people. Before you start a TYDTWDay at your workplace and before you decide to take your dog to work, here are a few tips to follow. 

  1. Check with everyone first. Make sure that every person is on-board first, otherwise bringing pets could cause a lot of problems. Some people are afraid of dogs or have serious allergies.
  1. Get your dog ready. No one wants a sick or dirty animal in the office. If your dog is not well groomed, has fleas, or is visibly sick, leave it at home. 
  1. Puppy proof your work. If you decide to take your dog to work, make sure nothing can be damaged. An office is not set up for curious creatures who can get into small places and find trouble. Before your pet makes their debut, try to make sure floors and other low-to-the-ground areas are safe. 
  1. Know if your dog is ready to be at an office. Some pets are great at home with their small group of people but can be completely different outside their comfort zone. Anxious dogs can easily growl, snarl, bark, or even bite, even though that is not their normal behavior. Make sure your dog is used to different environments and strangers before taking it to work. 
  1. Have a doggy bag. Just like all parents of infants need a baby bag, you will need a doggy bag. You need to make sure you are prepared for everything because there will be little time to run out to get something. 
  1. Feel at home. Try to help your pet feel at home in the office. Bring some favorite toys or put a dog bed in the office. 
  1. Plan breaks and feeding times. When you get to work, look at your calendar and plan some breaks. It does not look great if you have to cancel meetings or leave early because you didn't plan very well for having your dog in the office. 
  1. Don't force people to interact. Don’t force people to stop by and see your dog. Even though yours might be the best, friendliest, smartest dog in the world, it doesn’t mean everyone thinks so. Let the dog people come to you. It won’t take long. 
  1. Have a plan B. It’s always good to have a backup plan in case something happens and you have to do something or your dog needs to leave work early. 
  1. Focus on the work. Even though you have a furry friendly face at work, you still need to get your work done. You don’t want your boss to regret TYDTWDay.

Fun Ideas for TYDTWDay

Fun Ideas for TYDTWDay

If you're planning a TYDTWDay at your office, you can do more than just let dogs be employees for the day.

  1. Find some time to educate. You can use this as an opportunity to teach people about pet-related topics: health issues, the benefits of pet ownership, obedience training, homeless pets, and more.
  1. Adoption. You can invite a local shelter to work to present some of their dogs up for adoption. Some people might be inspired to adopt a new pet. 
  1. Raise money for a cause. You can plan games, auctions, or other fundraising events to donate money to a local shelter, charity, or rescue group. 
  1. Plan a fair. You can help pamper your office pets by bringing in trainers, groomers, veterinarians, and other specialists. 
  1. Takes some photos. To make sure you have lasting memories of the day, hire a photographer to take photos of all the employees with their pets.

Are you all ready to enjoy work with your four-legged friends? Have you found a place for the office dog bed? Sorry cat people, dogs get a day just for themselves. You never know, maybe Take Your Dog to Work Day will become a week, month, year, or even a new company perk!