May 15, 2017
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10 Funny Corporate Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now

Some corporate Twitter accounts simply list their products and tweet bland messages about how great they are, but others take things to another level. These 10 funny corporate Twitter accounts are some of the best we've seen both in terms of humor and marketing.

Twitter is a place for everything: important causes, news, trolls, companies, celebrities, politicians, and even Donald Trump. With so much information traveling around in 140 character tweets, we know that not all of it is great or even remotely important. But if you crawl through the madness that is the Twitter-verse, you can find some really useful and genuinely quite hilarious stuff. We have put together a list of some of the funniest corporate twitter accounts we could find. Useful and amusing….we hope.


Funny corporate twitter accounts

  • MeUndies

Pizza—love. A nice pair of undies—love. Put them together and you have just one of the funny products from MeUndies. They take their marketing to the next level with tweets showing the undies in a pizza box and being eaten like a slice. Fun!

Funny Corporate Twitter Accounts MeUndies Pizza underwear

Image: @MeUndies

  • Wendy's

The people at Wendy’s know what they're doing. Just look at their twitter bio:

“We like our tweets the same way we like to make hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.”

That should give you a taste of what you're in for. Whether it’s trolling other brands like McDonald’s, celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, or just nice puns about animals, they are on top of their Twitter game. 

Wendy's tweet

Image: @Wendys

Wendy's tweet

Image: @Wendys

  • Charmin

Bathroom humor can sometimes leave us groaning. It can just seem so...been there, done that. The thing about Charmin is that they make jokes about the bathroom seem new, relevant, and just plain funny. I mean just take a look. We have all probably though these things, we just never say them. Or if we haven't thought them, we probably should be. 

Charmin tweet

Charmin tweet

Charmin tweet

Image: @Charmin

  • Netflix

Netflix has a huge collection of gifs and videos to pull from to help market their programming. They also know how to tap into pop culture and media to create some truly hilarious tweets. Goodbye Netflix and Chill, Hello Netflix and Tweet.

Netflix tweet

Netflix tweet

Image: @netflix

  • Taco Bell

Taco Bell knows they've been a part of quite a few jokes and so they don’t take themselves too seriously. They have some great interactions with customers and they've even turned the bad mornings of customers into some hilarious jingles. 

Taco bell tweet

Taco bell tweet


  • Chipotle

Chipotle has had its share of problems within the last year or two, but that hasn't stopped their funny tweets. 

Chipotle tweet

Chipotle tweet

Image: @ChipotleTweets

  • Old Spice

There are funny polls galore on the Old Spice Twitter feed. They also have great tweets about their products, turning BO into a funny topic to think about. Just look at how they have somehow made sweaty armpits fun. We never would have thought that was possible until now. And we still need some more convincing. Good thing we can always check Old Spice.

Old spice tweet

Old spice tweet

Image: @OldSpice

  • Totino’s

The username for the Totino’s account is Pete Zaroll. After that, how can we not add this to the list? And then to top that, this is the account bio. 

"HOW AM I TWEETING?! I DON'T EVEN HAVE FINGERS!! The official Twitter of Totino's Pizza and Pizza Rolls. Location: Your Couch"

But the tweets and the images they use to promote pizza rolls are almost genius. 

Totino's tweet

Totino's tweet

Totino's tweet

Totino's tweet

Image: @totinos

  • IHOP

IHOP knows how to show off their food with funny and quippy tweets about all things pop culture. Marie Antoinette and Star Wars are just two examples of how they insert pancakes into almost everything.

IHOP tweet

IHOP tweet

IHOP tweet

Image: @IHOP

  • DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno has always had a way of taking on other pizza providers. They have turned to Twitter to take on some of their biggest competition and remind you that their pizza tastes good and doesn’t have to be ordered. And they do it all with style and humor. 

Digiorno pizza tweet

Digiorno pizza tweet

Digiorno pizza tweet

Next time you're in the mood for something amusing because everything else on Twitter has got you down, head over to these funny corporate Twitter accounts for a few laughs. 

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